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We’re always looking for great writers to help us produce content for our site. Are you the next writer to join our team? Here is all the info you need.

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Game guides, news posts, listicles, etc.
Sufficient expertise means that you know enough about a game that you can write guides for it using only your own knowledge of the game.
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Type of content we seek

When we hire writers to produce content on gamerempire.net, we want them to make clear, to-the-point, well-written content. If it’s a guide, the subject or issue should be covered so that the reader fully understands how to fix their problem or what steps they need to take to achieve something. We want writers to write in a natural tone as if you were explaining something to a friend, just without all the fluff. For posts that are either covering news, a general gaming topic, a buying guide, or a listicle, we want the writer to present the topic and its content in a clear, structured way that the reader understands and enjoys. The best way to get an idea of the types of posts we want on our site is to look at the ones we’ve published thus far.

How we work with writers

Being a writer for gamerempire.net is a paid position. You’re paid for the number of words that you write. That does not mean, however, that you can write as many words as you want in a post and get paid for all of them. We give a range that your post has to be within word-wise. Writers can request more posts to write if they wish to make more money. Usually, we supply the writer with the topic of the posts that we want them to write, and sometimes also the subheadings of the post. As a writer becomes more experienced working for us, they might start coming up with topics and ideas themselves. When you’re a writer for our site, you’re a freelancer, which means that we don’t provide any social benefits, pension, etc. We pay you the full amount for your work, and you are then responsible for any taxes that may apply to you given your country of residence. Depending on the performance of a writer, we may provide a bonus if strong results are achieved. When we try out a new writer, their work may be posted under a common pseudonym on our site, and if we decide to keep working with them, they’ll get their own user, after which they can start formatting their posts directly in WordPress as well. All specific details of a writer’s work will be given directly to them.

Writing guidelines

Here are the overall writing guidelines that all our writers have to follow and comply with:

  • All content must be original and written by the writer
  • Posts must be within the specific word range given
  • Content has to be relevant to the topic of the post
  • Instructions given about structure and headings must be followed
  • The language must be well-written and without grammatical errors

Any additional requirements or guidelines will be given directly to writers individually if needed.

What we’re looking to cover

Our goal is to cover a wide range of content for the gaming world. Here are some of the games that we wish to cover:

  • Popular Roblox games
  • Destiny 2
  • Popular RPG mobile games
  • Rust
  • Lost Ark
  • Steam games with a large number of players
  • State of Survival
  • Clash Royale
  • RAID: Shadow Legends
  • Pokemon GO

While these are some of the games that we would like to cover, we’re open to many games, so if you know a lot about a game that has a decent number of players, we could be interested!

Besides games, we also want to cover:

  • Gaming news
  • Buying guides
  • General gaming guides
  • Listicle posts

Pay rate

Our starting rate for freelance writers is $0.03 per word ($30 per 1,000 words). Your rate can be increased based on the results of your content or if your quality is exceptionally high. Writers with unique skills or much-needed knowledge may be offered a higher starting rate. Payment is made through PayPal or Wise.

We check all content by writers for plagiarism and reserve the right not to pay a writer who violates this guideline.


When you write for us, we pay you to produce content for us, which means that upon you being paid for the job, we obtain the exclusive rights to the content that you have produced. This means we can use it for any purpose and that you cannot publish or sell that content elsewhere. We put each writer we continue to work with after the initial test as the author of the content they’ve produced. We do, however, reserve the right to publish it under another name if we deem it necessary to do so. We can do this as we are the copyright owner. If a writer changes their mind later and doesn’t want their name to be displayed in their post, we can put it under another name for them.


There is no exclusivity required when you work for us. You can write for as many other publications as you want while you work for us, even other gaming sites. You just can’t sell the same content to us and other sites because of copyright issues.