Affiliate Disclaimer

Effective as of the 28th of June 2022 is a free-to-use website but is not free to run as we both have operational costs as well as pay our writers to produce content for our readers. We earn our revenue primarily through display advertisements and affiliate links on our posts and pages.

In this affiliate disclaimer, we explain how our site is supported by affiliate marketing, what affiliate programs we currently participate in, and how it affects your experience when using our site.

How affiliate links on our site work

Some posts and pages on have affiliate links that link to third-party sites and services. When we place an affiliate link to a third-party site or service, it means that we are part of their affiliate program. We may earn a small commission when a reader clicks an affiliate link on our site, visits a third-party site or service, and completes an action like purchasing an item, becoming a customer of a service, or registering an account. Whether or not we earn a commission depends on what actions the visitor we refer takes on the third-party site or service and their geographical location. If we do earn a commission, its size depends on what actions the visitor we refer takes on the third-party site or service, their geographical location, and the specific affiliate program’s terms.

Affiliate programs we use is part of several affiliate programs, from which we may earn a small commission when we refer readers to third-party sites and services through affiliate links. The affiliate programs that we currently participate in are as follows:

  • Amazon Services LLC Associates Program
  • Bluestacks Affiliate Partners
  • Stake Affiliate Program
  • Duelbits Affiliate Program
  • Rollbit Affiliate Program
  • ExpressVPN Affiliate Program
  • Robux Hero Referral Program
  • Swagbucks Referral Program

Why you can trust posts with affiliate links

Affiliate links are a means for us to support and keep our free-to-use site operational and available for everyone. We will, however, not provide inaccurate or biased information for the sake of a better affiliate link opportunity. When we include an affiliate link in a post, we recommend the sites, companies, or services that we believe are the best for the reader in relation to the topic of the post. We strive to be unbiased and keep our editorial integrity, even when affiliate links are present in a post.

If you visit a site or service through an affiliate link on our site, you don’t have to pay more for products than other customers, nor will you have worse terms if you register an account with a service. In most cases, it’s quite the opposite, actually. We are often able to give discounts to customers who purchase products through affiliate links on our site or provide additional benefits and bonuses to readers who register a new account. Whether or not we can provide better deals and benefits depends on our deal with the third-party site or service and their affiliate program.

How you can see where on our site we have affiliate links

We always want to be transparent with our readers regarding how and when we are being compensated. Therefore, just like when we tell you an article is sponsored content, we put a disclaimer at the top of posts containing one or more affiliate links telling you that this post contains affiliate links.

Data and affiliate links

If you click an affiliate link on our site and are taken to a third-party site, you’ll often visit a special URL on their website that tells them that you came from our website. When you reach the URL on the third-party website that identifies you as a reader from our site, a cookie is often placed in your browser so that the third-party site or service can identify you as our referral. When you visit third-party websites through outbound links on our site, you agree to their terms as per our Terms of Service.

When readers that visit third-party websites or services through affiliate links on our website decide to become a customer, register an account, or complete another related conversion action, we may be provided with limited data about their behavior. Data that we may be provided with by the third-party site or service include the referral’s geographical location, purchase order, part of username, commission generated, and other behavioral data. What data, if any, we can view on referrals depend on the affiliate program. All affiliate programs we participate in anonymize the data we can view on our referrals so that we cannot identify any personal information about a referral. The limited data we can view about our referrals are for analytical purposes only and are processed as per our Privacy Policy.