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The main objective for you in Hero Wars is to build the ultimate team so you can beat the toughest levels and win against the best players.

With more than 50 unique heroes in the game, it can be overwhelming when it comes to building the ultimate team.

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In this guide, we give you the tips you need to create an amazing team in Hero Wars, as well as examples of real top-tier teams created by players of the game.

When building your team, you want to have a balance of roles – having a mix of damage dealers, supports, and tanks.

You want to look for synergies and combos between heroes on your team to improve your team’s overall power and utility.

Lastly, you want to use powerful heroes that are sure to fill a specific role well – more details on all of these factors below, as well as examples of teams created by top players.

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Best teams for Campaign and Tower

To help you get some inspiration for creating your team in Hero Wars, we’ve collected examples of real top-tier teams created by players.

If you like any of the teams you see below, you can build it yourself, and you’ll be certain you’ve got your hands on a great team.

You can also tweak any of the teams below if you like elements within any of them.

Here are the best teams to use in PvE in Hero Wars, specifically in the Campaign and in Tower.

The teams are in no specific order in terms of how good they are.

Team 1

Hero Wars Campaign and Tower Team Martha Cornelius Orion Karkh Cleaver
  • Martha
  • Cornelius
  • Orion
  • K’arkh
  • Cleaver

This is a powerful, well-rounded team that has both tankiness, damage, and plenty of support.

You can certainly do well in the Campaign and Tower with this team, given its ability to keep its ground against tough opponents.

Team 2

Hero Wars Campaign and Tower Team Lars Sebastian Celeste Krista Aurora
  • Lars
  • Sebastian
  • Celeste
  • Krista
  • Aurora

The Lars and Krista combo is present on this team, which is an amazing late-game DPS combo.

To help the core of this team that is Lars and Krista, you have plenty of support and frontline defense.

Team 3

Hero Wars Campaign and Tower Team Martha Celeste Qing Mao Yasmine Astaroth
  • Martha
  • Celeste
  • Qing Mao
  • Yasmine
  • Astaroth

A mixture of strong supportive heroes with lots of healing as well as buffing and powerful attacker heroes.

With this team, you get both great damage and amazing sustainability.

Team 4

Hero Wars Campaign and Tower Team Nebula Qing Mao Yasmine Rufus Corvus
  • Nebula
  • Qing Mao
  • Yasmine
  • Rufus
  • Corvus

A combination of great damage and lots of tankiness is what you get with this setup.

To help keep these strong heroes alive, you have Nebula to support, buff, and heal from the backline.

Team 5

Hero Wars Campaign and Tower Team Martha Jhu Jorgen Orion Astaroth
  • Martha
  • Jhu
  • Jorgen
  • Orion
  • Astaroth

An overall solid team with a great balance of damage, healing, crowd control, and tankiness.

The combination of Martha, Jorgen, and Astaroth makes this a hard team to deal with, allowing Jhu and Orion to dish out plenty of damage.

Best teams for Arena

In Hero Wars, you can fight other players in the Arena, which is the PvP system of the game.

If you’re looking to climb in the Arena ranking, then building or optimizing a team for PvP is a great idea.

Here are the best teams to use in PvP in Hero Wars, the Arena.

The teams are in no specific order in terms of how good they are.

Team 1

Hero Wars Arena Team Astaroth Yasmine Keira Celeste Martha
  • Astaroth
  • Yasmine
  • Keira
  • Celeste
  • Martha

With this team, you get a ton of control and healing, which will help out your two main damage dealers Yasmine and Keira.

You get both great damage and excellent defensive stats from the heroes in this team.

Team 2

Hero Wars Arena Team Martha Lars Jorgen Krista Astaroth
  • Martha
  • Lars
  • Jorgen
  • Krista
  • Astaroth

This Arena team is a great combination of damage and sustainability and has the Lars and Krista combination.

By having both Martha, Astaroth, and Jorgen, you have lots of healing, shielding, and enemy energy reduction, all of which make your team tough to take down.

Team 3

Hero Wars Arena Team Jet Sebastian Keira Andvari Corvus
  • Jet
  • Sebastian
  • Keira
  • Andvari
  • Corvus

This is a special team for Arena that has a total of three support heroes.

All the support, control, and healing make the tank of the team, Corvus, a lot stronger and harder to take down while Keira can dish out damage.

Team 4

Hero Wars Arena Team Faceless Jorgen Morrigan Keira Andvari
  • Faceless
  • Jorgen
  • Morrigan
  • Keira
  • Andvari

Here we have another team with plenty of support and control.

All the utility and control this team has paired with Jorgen’s energy stealing creates a great combo for the Arena.

Team 5

Hero Wars Arena Team Jet Sebastian Keira Qing Mao Galahad
  • Jet
  • Sebastian
  • Keira
  • Qing Mao
  • Galahad

A well-rounded, strong Arena team with two supports, two attackers, and a tank.

This team performs very well in many different situations, given its balance.

Balance of roles

In Hero Wars, there are a total of 7 different hero roles, with each hero in the game being one of two of these roles.

Players do, however, usually talk about three overall hero roles instead; tanks, damage dealers, and supports with each of the seven roles belonging to one or two of the overall roles.

When creating your team, you want to keep the three overall roles in mind to balance out your team.

Failing to do so will cause your team to have too much or too little of a certain aspect, such as support or damage.

Hero Wars balance of roles

The general consensus is that a great team consists of three damage dealers, one tank, and one support.

By having this combination of roles, you ensure your team has enough damage to take out enemies while being able to survive hard-hitting skills and continuous damage by having a tank and a supportive hero to back everyone up.

Most players choose to bring a hero with the ability to heal as their support because of the significant increase in your team’s survivability.

Synergies and combos

Another factor to consider when choosing which heroes to bring on your team is synergy.

How each hero interacts and boosts other heroes on your team can be a deciding factor in battle.

For example, if you bring a hero that boosts the magical damage of your team, you’re getting far more total damage output by bringing purely magical damage dealing heroes and likewise with physical damage.

Furthermore, focusing entirely on magical or physical damage allows you to optimize your team’s damage output as most heroes have some skills that help other heroes with the same type of attack as them.

Therefore, choosing either magical damage or physical damage for your team will ensure a higher level of synergy than were you mixing the two.

You should, however, still, look for specific boosts and skills that suit the team you are building.

Some heroes in Hero Wars pair up exceptionally well with other heroes because of skill combos.

Certain skills in the game require some conditions to deal extra damage or apply extra effects such as Lars and Krista with Mark of Water.

Hero Wars Lars and Krista combo and synergy

Lars deals 40% extra damage and applies 20% longer stuns to enemies with the Mark of Water, which Lars himself can apply to enemies.

Krista can do so as well, and at a faster pace than Lars.

Therefore, Lars is way more powerful when Krista is present on the team.

Examples of other powerful hero combos include K’arkh & Kai, and Cleaver & Peppy.

Consider bringing a strong combo on your team to increase your chance of beating powerful teams.

Heroes for your team

Even though many heroes in Hero Wars can be useful on a team, so heroes are simply better at filling a specific role.

Therefore, we recommend you keep the potential and power of each hero in mind when deciding who to bring on your team.

We’ve found that these following heroes do well on almost any team, so consider using these if you get your hands on them.

  • Astaroth
  • Martha
  • Krista
  • Cleaver
  • Lars
  • Jorgen
Hero Wars heroes gallery

You can find more details on these and all the rest of the heroes in the game in our Hero Wars tier list.

Tier lists like ours is a great tool to use for general guidance when building a team.

However, it shouldn’t be the sole reason for creating a particular team.

Simply choosing five S-tier heroes and throwing them together on a team will give you a good team.

Chances are, however, that you’ll get an even better one if you keep the other factors mentioned in this guide in mind as well.

That’s our take on how to build the best team in Hero Wars, as well as examples of teams created by top players.

Using these tips and examples of teams created by top players, you are ready to improve your current team or build a new one from scratch.

If you have any other tips for building a team in Hero Wars that you believe our readers should know, then let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Donghua Anix

    SECOND ARENA TEAM: Martha-Lars-Jorgen-Krista-Astaroth+ALBUS can Defeat: NEBULA-DANTE-MAYA-QING MAO-LUTHER + AXEL.
    Unfortunately, only JORGEN that an be purchased from MERCHANT.

  2. Donghua Anix

    IN SIMULATON BATTLE, Your Team for ARENA NUMBER 1: Astaroth-Yasmine-Keira-Celeste-Martha + ALBUS, IS DEFEATED BY MY PRESENT HEROES:

  3. Rurouni

    So, I’ve discovered a particularly awesome combo is Morrigan and Corvus. It was more ridiculous when Keira was “undead” too, but if you add Kayla to that combo, prepare to start steamrolling

  4. Judy

    Where K’arkh? He can simply defeat Dante.

  5. Qwertzuy

    Dante helped me quite a lot, he is a beast with a purple Caine

  6. Elno

    “A well-rounded, strong Arena team with two supports, two attackers, and a team.”
    You mean a TANK, right?

    1. Scorpion MK

      Hello, level 66 here. I’m hard-core F2P.
      I always use Astaroth + Amira + Maya in the tower.
      At the campaign they’re 8 levels and 1-2 stars stronger than me so I’m bloked at 8-8

  7. a

    It will be useful for noobs like me to add pet info for each team.

  8. KMag7

    Thanks for Your tips, its great.
    Can You add advice about pets for this teams?

  9. Dehydration

    In my opinion if you are building a team and you want it to be powerful K’arkh and rufus make a good combo because K’arkh cam reduce the magic damage of all heros on your team and at violet rank rufus can only be defeated by magical damage.

  10. Astaroth Main

    I can’t even make these teams.
    I only have Astaroth, Martha, Morrigan, Galahad, Lars, Qing Mao, Phobos, Astrid and Lucas, Dante, Luther, Artemis, Aurora, Markus, Thea, Keira, Mojo, Maya, Judge, Lilith, Heidi, Daredevil, Isaac, Rufus, Nebula, Jorgen, Ginger, Ishmael, Arachne, Faceless, Orion, and Andavari

  11. Nonya

    Did you take darts and throw at a board for half of these teams? Martha is hands down the best healer in game in most situations, but she is not much of a healer in the tower. Martha’s team heal doesn’t go off until 18 seconds into the battle, and by then the fight should pretty much be over and she will not have much time to heal leaving your next battle with weakened heroes. Celeste and Maya make a good healing combo if you allow them to build up energy and Celeste can cast a quick heal, and if needed pop Maya’s heal as soon as the battle starts so she is farther back in the battle and her healing flower will be less likely to take damage, thus usually healing the entire battle. Use Astaroth so if you happen to have a team member die you can have the auto rez. From there toss in a few good damage dealers like Keira. I would use Celeste healing in the battle and leave her in healing mode most of the time. Neither Maya of Celeste need much in resources to be good tower healers.

  12. michael

    So basically what you’re saying is that K’arkh is useless?

  13. Moonlight

    Astaroch que vous citer comme un héros incontournable, a la fâcheuse habitude de mourir très rapidement ce qui compromet la réussite des trois étoiles en campagne, et quid de Maya qui pour moi est une véritable guérisseuse , je l’ai jouer avec Ginger passer les trois étape a coefficient équivalent alors que astaroch, galaad, et arachné c’étais fait descendre

    1. Phi'SSS 137

      Moonlight, tu dis ça parce que tu n’as pas encore atteint des niveaux suffisamment élevés. La preuve, tu parles encore des trois étoiles en campagne. A partir du niveau 100 environ (voire avant), la campagne on l’a terminée en principe (avec trois étoiles partout bien sûr) et on peut se concentrer sur d’autres choses (finir les Maîtres d’Outreterre par exemple, ou mener ses héros jusqu’au rang Orange + 4, avec 6 étoiles chacun bien sûr). Moi qui suis au niveau 120 sur mobile, je peux te dire que :
      – Astaroth est un tank incontournable pour plein de raisons. S’il meurt trop rapidement chez toi c’est parce que tu n’as pas encore boosté ses capacités de défense (défense magique, armure, santé…), sans parler de sa compétence “Dernier mot”. Et peut-être parce que tu as trop boosté sa compétence “Allégeance au démon” pour absorber les dégâts des autres sans avoir suffisamment de santé pour assurer derrière.
      – Maya est une bonne guerisseuse… pour des niveaux moyens. Martha est bien meilleure, raison pour laquelle 99% des teams de niveau élevé en ont une. Ma Maya à moi en est encore au niveau 80, c’est mon héros n°12 dans ma liste de priorités. C’est Martha qui est incontournable, et je pèse mes mots. Raison pour laquelle elle est très difficile à faire monter jusqu’à la 6ème étoile.

      Bonnes parties !

  14. Lillith

    Hey! I was wondering if you’d be willing to help me set up a team with the hero’s I have currently. I could send you a screen shot of them or any stats you need! I’d really appreciate it

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