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5 Fortnite Warm Up Course Creative Map Codes

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A great way to get back into the grove before jumping into some Fortnite games is to warm up in creative maps. You can do either edit-courses, aim-courses or a mixture of both. If you are inexperienced with using creative map codes in Fortnite, you can learn everything in this creative mode guide. This post consists of the following warm-up creative map codes

Quick warm-up course

This is a great and quick warm up course for any Fortnite player, even beginners. What makes this course so great, is that it is well-rounded. It features classic edits you’ll need in-game, 90’s and double-ramp building practice, aim-practice, and even a bit of obstacle jumping. If you are fairly experienced with these aspects of the game, you should be able to complete the warm-up in under 5 minutes. Otherwise, it might take you a little longer. This course is created by Fortnite user, CanDook.

Creative Code: 6561-6398-2653

Warm up course by CanDook in Fortnite creative mode

Pure editing courses

This editing course is also great for warming up. Despite it being a single creative map, it actually contains different 3 courses in one map, all of which are pure editing. These courses contain more advanced editing techniques but are great for practicing those edits. You won’t get to warm up any other skills that editing in this course, so you might want to do another course in combination with this one. This course is created by Fortnite user, Selage.

Creative Code: 3847-9331-2064

Editing courses by Selage in Fortnite creative mode

Building + Aim Course

Another great course for warming up in Fortnite is this building + aiming course. In this course, you will find different sections for aiming with all sorts of weapons. There are also pre-built scenarios which require you to edit through a wall and then shoot an object with a shotgun. There are also sections for training ramps, 90’s and other classic builds. If you haven’t tried this course yet, we highly recommend it. This course is made by Fortnite user, CanDook.

Creative Code: 0237-9611-6059

Building and aiming course in creative mode Fortnite

Advanced warm up course

A more advanced warm up course that features advanced editing scenarios. If you are a bit more experienced with editing, this is a great course for warming up. It is an upgraded version of CanDook’s “easier” warm up course. Besides, editing, this course includes aim-training and editing to shotgun scenarios. This course is made by Fortnite user, CanDook.

Creative Code: 5618-2963-5299

Advanced warm up course Fortnite

Mongraal’s edit course

This classic edit map is made by popular Twitch streamer and Youtuber, Mongraal. It is a great course for warming up with many edit scenarious and the ability to practice double ramps, 90’s and more. This map is made by Secret Mongraal.

Creative Code: 0643-0361-6954

Mongraal edit course fortnite

10 Minute Pro Edit Course

This edit course is a great way to get warmed up before heading into arena games or even just regular games. This map contains all the classic edit scenarios. Fortnite user Jems has created this edit course

Creative Code: 0853-7522-8816

10 Minute Pro Edit Course map code Fortnite

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