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Age of Apes is a new strategy mobile game by Tap4Fun in which you develop a base for your apes, conquer the land, attempt to get to the moon, and more!

Age of Apes is available on Google Play and soon the App Store.

In the game, you gather resources to build a strong base and train troops to progress through the game.

As the game is a multiplayer-based, you can cooperate with other ape cities or fight those you want to steal resources from.

This guide covers important tips and tricks you need to know if you want to progress through the game fast.

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Basics of Age of Apes

The main storyline of Age of Apes is that your civilization is on a mission to reach the banana in the sky.

To do this, they need to build a rocket powerful enough to fly all the way there.

Throughout your journey, you will be collecting resources, training troops, exploring the land, fighting other ape cities, and more.

When you start the game, you get to choose one of six ape heroes, that will determine which horde your base belongs to.

Each horde comes with its own unique abilities and buffs.

Here is the list of all the ape heroes you can choose at the beginning of the game.

  • Prestigious Royals (Lord Antoine) – +3% Troop Health, +5% Troop Load, -3% Action Point Restore
  • Rogue Gunners (Jessie Fame) – +3% Hitter Defense, +3% Building Speed, -3% Food Gathering Speed
  • Deadly Shooters (Junior) – +5% Shooter Attack, +5,000 Hospital Capacity, -3% Energy Restore
  • Ace Mechanics (Miss Helixis) – +5% Pilot Defense, +5% Research Speed, -3% Healing Speed
  • Bomb Disciples (Sir Gregg) – +6% Wall Breaker Attack, +5% Training Speed, -2% Iron Gathering Speed
  • Razorteeth Hunters (One-eyed Eric) – +10% PVE Damage, +5% Action Point Restore, -3% Marching Speed

You can choose whatever hero suits your playstyle.

But if you’re not sure what hero to pick, we recommend choosing either One-eyed Eric, Junior, or Sir Gregg.

All hordes can, however, be an excellent choice depending on your playstyle.

After choosing your ape hero, you will be taken to your base, where you can train troops, gather resources, build new buildings, and more.

Your objective now is to build a strong base, gather tons of resources, and train a strong army so you can march towards and take down enemies.

The tutorial will also show you how to do all of these basic things as well as how to find missions to complete.

You should always experiment with different setups and fighters to keep up with the increasing difficulty of enemies and stronger players.

Doing this will also give you a truly unique base and army.

Join an alliance

As soon as you start playing Age of Apes, you should join an alliance.

An alliance is a community of players that are allies, who work together to progress faster.

To join an alliance, press the ‘Alliance’ button in the bottom right corner and press ‘Join’.

A list of alliances will now appear. We recommend you join an alliance that already has a decent amount of members.

The benefits of being in an alliance include faster research, getting more resources, and assistance from alliance members.

If you’re enduring a difficult attack, members of your alliance can help you out by sending reinforcements.

These are just some of the benefits of being in an alliance.

Lastly, many players also enjoy being in an alliance solely because of the community feeling it creates.

Collect and train fighters

Fighters are powerful characters that lead your army of troops in battle.

All fighters come with unique stats and abilities, making them all suitable for different setups.

When determining whether a fighter is a good pick for you, you should look at both the active skills of fighters as well as their passive talent skills.

As fighters are such powerful characters, that have such a significant impact on battles, you should seek to upgrade their skills and talent skills often.

You can get new fighters by going to the arena building in your base.

Here you can do both basic arena rounds and premium arena rounds.

The premium has a higher chance of giving fighters and can give fighters of a higher rarity as well.

To do rounds in the arena, you need to collect tickets, which can be obtained through activities such as missions and the shop.

You do also get free basic arena rounds daily and one free premium round every couple of days.

To check out all your fighters and upgrade them, head to the fighter tap by pressing the ‘Fighter’ button in the bottom menu.

Use building speed ups

If you want to progress through the game fast, you should be sure to use building speed ups and all your action points.

Building speed ups allow you to reduce the time it takes to upgrade a building.

Cutting down the time it takes to complete an upgrade significantly increases the rate of your progress.

You shouldn’t, however, just spend your building speed ups on any buildings as some are more important than others.

The best buildings to spend speed ups on are buildings that generate troops and the research lab.

When these two types of buildings are being upgraded, you cannot research nor train troops.

Therefore, it’s a great idea to finish them as fast as possible.

Earlier on in the game, you could also spend building speed ups on your city hall, as you need to level up this building before you can upgrade the rest.

Spend your actions points

In Age of Apes, you need action points to complete actions like marching and attacking mutants.

Action points are valuable as they enable you to complete tasks that generate resources and do battles.

To optimize your progress rate, be sure to spend all your action points daily.

By making sure you get as many battles and tasks done as possible, you speed up your progress significantly.

Whenever you have leftover action points that aren’t being used, they will simply be a waste when you reach the action points cap.

Complete daily quests and campaign quests

A great way to acquire resources and useful items is to complete daily quests and campaign quests.

Campaign quests help you progress through the game by guiding you through content and ensuring you build the right buildings.

Daily quests ask you to do tasks similar to campaign quests but reset every 24 hours.

When you complete a daily quest, you earn a couple of points towards your daily quest rewards.

Upon earning certain amounts of daily quest points, you unlock chests, which contain useful items.

Be sure to complete enough daily quests every day so you can claim all of these chests.

You can access both daily quests and campaign quests by pressing the quest menu icon on the left side of the screen.

That’s everything you need to know about Age of Apes! We hope you are better suited for progressing after reading this guide.

If you have any tips and tricks for the game that you believe should be included in this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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