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Age of Z Origins is an MMO strategy mobile game by Camel Games. The game is available on both Google Play and the App Store for free.

The game revolves around a classic zombie apocalypse theme where you get to experience the rise of humanity from ashes due to a zombie virus outbreak.

Become a new era’s commander, build a city, explore, evolve, and reach the top in the brand new world, that is your mission in Age of Z origins.

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Game introduction

Age of Z Origins revolves around building, strengthening, and upgrading your city while trying to ward off the zombies and neighboring city threats.

In the game, you will have to upgrade, rebuild, and unlock buildings that are crucial for your city’s further development and growth.

You will recruit and save people for more workforce, explore unknown lands for more resources, and reach the apex.

First steps for a powerful city

After you complete the in-game tutorial and have a basic understanding of game controls, you can finally go ahead and start choosing your path as a commander.

For the fastest growth right at the beginning, we suggest you find an alliance.

The more active members it has – the better it is for you.

If you exclude other alliance benefits (alliance shop, special event bonuses, etc.), then one of the most important benefits at the beginning is the help you get from other members to shorten your base or wall upgrading time.

Every time you level up, the time length required increases, so if you wish to grind those levels and grow as fast as possible, make sure to join an active alliance first.

Mail, Log in, and Account Binding

Almost every player out there has faced the unfortunate event of being blocked out, forgetting your password, or maybe even losing your gaming device.

Therefore, before you start on anything, we suggest you bind your new game account to save data in case of such unfortunate events.

When binding your account, you also get various binding rewards, which help you progress faster.

Log in bonuses are also very important because they contain useful items and resources, so make sure to get them while checking in daily for more fast and stable growth.

So, you should obviously also make sure to check your mailbox in Age of Z origins, as it might contain some useful items or resources that expire after a while.

Commander skills

After going through the initial walkthrough and claimed the various bonuses listed above, you will already have some “Skill Points”.

Skill points are a power boosters that you can choose where to allocate it.

Your choices here will also determine your game pace later on.

With them, you can focus on either “War” or “Development” related skillsets.

As the name suggests, “War” related skills will aid you in increasing your troop recruitment, their attack, mobility outside the city, or to put it simply, it will greatly aid you in your exploration, aka the outside zone.

“Development” related skillsets focus on the growth of your city, like building speed, harvesting, etc.

So be sure to allocate your skill points to suit your playstyle from the beginning, as resetting is expensive.

How to get resources

Gathering resources in Age of Z origins is an essential task to keep progressing.

You need resources for almost every action in the game, including upgrading buildings and training troops.

Therefore, gathering resources should be a high priority on your list of things to do when you are looking to progress at a fast pace.

There are several ways to get resources in the game.

The main ways to get resources in the game are by collecting them from your resource-generating buildings, quests & missions, and the different shops in the game.

Other ways to get resources include marching to battles or resources on the world map and participating in events.

Missions, Quests, and Events

By following the missions you’re given in Age of Z Origins, you ensure that you get through the story and plot of the game while getting useful items and resources.

Therefore, we recommend you always check for and complete missions as they help you progress smoothly.

Quests in Age of Z Origins are similar to missions. The only difference is that quests are not necessary to level up your city.

But completing them will help out with obtaining even more resources, various rewards, and XP.

Besides your missions and quests, you should also check out the event section for more useful items and resources and, in some cases, rare or limited items.

Item classification and how to obtain them

Like any other game, Age of Z Origins has color codes for their items to help the player easily determine their worth/rarity.

Item grades are as follows (From the most basic to the highest rarity):

  • Grey/White 
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

Obtaining the grey/white green items in the game is very easy, and you will have them without much effort.

But the difficulty will start to increase on getting blue and above grade items.

This is where events, shops, marching, and officer recruitment become your best shot at getting the powerful items.

Officer recruitment

Officer recruitment is divided into two groups: normal and elite recruitment.

Recruiting new officers is an important part of the game, as they can significantly improve the power of your army.

Here are the rates for pulling the different rarities of officers for each type of recruitment.

  • Purple Officers/Officer fragments: 1.6% (normal), 17.5% (elite)
  • Blue Officers/their fragments: 13.1% (normal), 45.3% (elite)
  • Green Officers/fragments: 30,7% (normal), 0%(elite)
  • Other items: 54.6% (normal), 37.2% (elite)

Officers are classified into three separate categories: Director, Strategy, and Warfare.

Officers are useful as they give you bonuses when appointed.

The higher the level of the officer you appoint – the bigger the bonuses you will receive.

The boosts you receive from appointing an officer varies and can be anything from defense boosts to building speed-ups.

It’s your job to appoint officers that complement your current situation and needs in the game.

You now know the basics of the game and can set out to conquer the world of Age of Z Origins.

We hope that this guide gave you a better insight into the game and will help you grow at a faster pace.

If you have any input for this guide or any other tips or tricks you believe should be included, let us know in the comment section below.

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