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Amaze! is a puzzle mobile game made by Crazy Labs by TabTale.

The objective of this game is to cover all tiles by swiping the ball left, right, up, or down.

Once you swipe, the ball won’t stop until it hits an edge, which is what makes the game challenging.

In this post, you’ll find walkthroughs on how to complete all levels in Amaze.

Simply click the interval below in which the level you are seeking is.

Table of contents

Level 1-50 Walkthrough

Level 51-100 Walkthrough

Level 101-150 Walkthrough

Level 151-200 Walkthrough

Level 201-250 Walkthrough

Level 251-300 Walkthrough

Level 301-350 Walkthrough

Level 351-400 Walkthrough

Level 401-450 Walkthrough

Level 451-500 Walkthrough

That’s the walkthrough of all levels in Amaze!

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