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Dead Empire: Zombie War is a new, massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game developed by tap4fun.

The game embellishes a storyline with intriguing gameplay, is filled with unique situations, and experiences where the player must fight along allies to fight off evil zombie forces.

As a commander, you will train troops and recruit female officers to lead your armies to eliminate enemies and achieve peace.

With the combination of strategy and beautiful graphics, Dead Empire: Zombie War is a unique experience to all.

To make sure you get a great start in the game, we’ve prepared this general introduction to the game.

Dead Empire: Zombie War is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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Get started with officers

Before starting your venture to destroy and eliminate zombies, you need to choose what country you want to align with.

The list is of countries to choose is:

  • The United States
  • Soviet Union
  • Germany

Depending on the country you choose, different aspects of the game will be changed. Units and experiences will cater to specific countries.

Once you have chosen which country you want to align with, you get to choose your first officer. You get a choice of three women, each with different strengths, weaknesses, and skills.

The three different officers you can choose at the beginning depends on which country you’ve selected.

You can recruit more officers at the recruitment center building near your base. There, two summon options are available to you, elite and basic.

Free summons will also be gifted to you once in a while, so make sure to use those whenever you have them.

Elite recruitments require a golden recruitment ticket while basic recruitments only require a silver recruitment ticket.

Elite recruitments are much more valuable than basic ones, as you can get legendary officers.

Basic recruitments can only give elite and epic officers as the highest rank.

You will also acquire badges, officer experience, and speed boosts through recruitments.

Talent points

Each officer has a unique skill tree, allowing you to customize their playstyle and improve their capabilities.

If you tap an officer and tap the talent screen, you will see three different aspects your officer excels in. Building around these strengths can be a great idea.

To unlock new skills in your officers’ skill trees, you need talent points, which are obtained by leveling up your officers.

Officers come with different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we recommend you make sure you have a selection of officers that cover the weaknesses of the rest. This will give you a much stronger army.

We also recommend building each officer with a focus on its main strengths. Don’t try to make an officer strong in every aspect, as it’s much more talent point-efficient to upgrade an officer’s strength.

Instead, you should build up another officer if your current army is lacking in a specific department.

Buildings and resources

Other than your officers, it’s important to improve your base as this will allow you to build stronger troops, farm more resources, etc.

Buildings like the Tank Armory are important to build strong troops and gear for your army. However, at the beginning of the game, it can be an advantage to focus on resource generating buildings like farms and mills.

You need resources to upgrade your base further, train troops, and more. Therefore, you can get stuck if you don’t have enough resources at hand.

Resources can, however, also be obtained through missions, battles, etc.

Officer’s club

Dead Empire: Zombie War features a relationship system with your officers, which enables you to make your officers even stronger.

As you build up a strong relationship with an officer, they get bonuses and stat boosts.

The goal in the officer’s club is to raise the trust meter of each officer as much as possible to unlock these bonuses and stat boosts.

You obtain the majority of trust points with your officers through games in the officer’s club.

Collect rewards

There are many rewards to collect for players, especially at the beginning of the game.

New players will be provided a daily login bonus as soon as they start playing. The main login reward is the daily login system, which allows you to claim a gift every day.

Besides login and event rewards, players can collect rewards by completing quests and missions.

If you’re looking to optimize your gameplay as much as possible, you should claim all daily bonuses and complete all daily quests every day.

Joining a guild is another way to earn rewards. In the guild system, you will be rewarded for helping out other guild members.

How to progress efficiently

Progression in any real-time strategy game is a combination of time management and resource management.

You will progress no matter what if you’re just playing the game. However, if you wish to progress faster and more efficiently, check out the following progression tips.

  • Train troops constantly, you can always find a use for them
  • Research a lot to unlock more items and opportunities.
  • Upgrade your officers. They will not only help you in battles but also enable you to get more boosters and useful items.
  • Whenever you have the resources for it, upgrade your buildings. Upgrading buildings is essential to progression in Dead Empire: Zombie War.
  • Complete daily missions to get more resources and items. They are usually very simple and quick to complete.
  • Check out recommended missions for more rewards.
  • Use the campaign mode to upgrade your officers, obtain resources, and more.
  • Join an active guild. This will enable you to earn rewards by helping other guild members as well as get help and gifts from them.
  • Take part in events whenever there is one active. Events usually give useful items and resources.
  • Look for battles and resources to conquer on the world map to earn additional resources and experience.

The graphics in the game are awesome and better than what you find in many other strategy mobile games. Especially the detailed cities based on the era the game is set in makes the experience lively.

Dead Empire: Zombie War is a phenomenal, real-time strategy game with stunning graphics and gameplay. There’s always something new to do and explore for players.

We hope you have an easier time progressing and understand the game better after reading this guide.

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, then you can share it with us in the comment section below.

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