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Destiny 2 is a seasonal game with new content, weapons, and rewards available every few months. If you forgot to claim your rewards before the start of a new Season, you probably thought you were out of luck.

Today, we will cover the two main methods for claiming your rewards from past Seasons in Destiny 2.

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To claim your rewards from past Season Passes in Destiny 2, visit the Previous Season page on to claim from the most recent Season Pass. For older Season Pass rewards, download the Firefox extension.

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How to Claim Past Season Rewards in Destiny 2

Whether you play Destiny 2 every day or sparingly throughout the week, you are bound to level up your Season Pass eventually.

If you happen to take a break right before a new Season begins, you may forget to claim all of those rewards you had waiting for you on your Season Pass.

This could potentially mean missing out on a lot of Upgrade materials, Glimmer, Shaders, Exotic Engrams, and high Power Level armor for all of your characters.

Luckily, there are a couple of ways you can get access to your hard-earned rewards. Previous Seasons

Like many features that should have been added to Destiny 2 already, you can find a website that solves the issue for you.

Bungie has given players access to the most previous Season Pass on their website, allowing them to claim any rewards that they’ve already earned in that Season.

This is a very easy-to-use but hard-to-find page on their website. After logging in to your Bungie account that is linked to your Destiny 2 account, click on your account icon at the top of the page.

From the drop-down menu, click on Season Progress. You will see a recreation of the in-game Season Pass displayed on the page.

You can browse through all of the Season Pass Tiers here. Click on Previous Season near the top-left to view the Previous Season Pass. All of your unlocked rewards will be highlighted with a big blue Claim button.

You can choose which character you want to display, allowing you to get armor and Ornaments specific to that character.

This is a great way to help Power Level your second and third character, as Season Pass armor usually drops at or above your average Power Level.

This is also a great way to get your Deepsight Harmonizers from previous Seasons, as you can’t have more than one in your inventory at a time.

Remember that this will only let you claim rewards that you have already unlocked. You won’t be able to progress your old Season Pass any further than it already is.

Season Pass Extension

While Bungie’s website is perfectly fine for getting your rewards from the most previous Season, it doesn’t let you go any further back to Seasons beyond the last.

The Reddit user ninth_reddit_account created a Firefox browser extension that digs through the same API that the Previous Season Pass webpage uses, grabbing your rewards from every Season back to Season of the Risen.

All you have to do is simply install the extension and head to the same Previous Seasons page on Bungie’s website. Once you are there, clicking on the extension will allow you to change which Season is displayed on the webpage.

From here, the webpage will work exactly the same it normally does, except you will now see all of the rewards from the chosen Season.

For dedicated players, this is a life-saver as there are a lot of Glimmer and upgrade materials that come with every Season Pass. It can be challenging to hold it all in your inventory before the Season ends.

With this extension, they will now have an emergency source of much-needed materials.

As of today, the extension is still functioning as intended. Originally, it was able to pull rewards from every previous Season, though with Season of the Deep, Bungie has since removed the API for many older Seasons.

This means that every new Season now runs the risk of older Season Pass rewards getting deleted. If you haven’t claimed all of your rewards yet, you may want to do so soon.

These are the best, and probably only, ways you can claim your rewards from past Seasons in Destiny 2.

Do you have a lot of rewards waiting for you in previous Seasons? Are there any alternative methods for claiming rewards from older Seasons that you would like to share? Be sure to do so in the comments!

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