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Matador 64 made quite a splash when it was added to the Destiny 2 sandbox.

PvP players are very interested in getting a good roll. This guide will show you how you can unlock Matador 64 and get the god-roll.

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To get Matador 64 in Destiny 2, complete the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon.

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How to Get Matador 64 in Destiny 2

With the addition of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary pack, Destiny 2 received a new Dungeon and a new Exotic Quest for the return of Gjallarhorn, one of the best rocket launchers in Destiny 2.

This new Dungeon, Grasp of Avarice, is a very fun Dungeon that has some very good loot drops, including the Eyasluna Hand Cannon, The 1000 Yard Stare Sniper Rifle, and the Matador 64 Shotgun.

The Matador 64 is a very good Shotgun, and many players are looking to get their hands on a god-roll. This Shotgun only drops from the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon and only as a reward for beating the first Ogre Boss encounter or the final Boss.

The first encounter exclusively rewards Matador 64 or Armor pieces, while the final Boss can reward any weapon or armor piece from the Dungeons loot pool.

If you are looking to get the Matador 64, your best bet is with the first Ogre Boss of this Dungeon, though you could try your luck with the final Boss as well.

You will want to complete the first encounter on all three of your characters, if possible, to get the maximum rewards available to you in a week.

Dungeons, just like Raids, only reward you with loot once per completion per week.

If you don’t get a good roll on your Matador 64, or if you don’t get one to drop at all, you will need to wait until the weekly reset to get another chance.

Farming Matador 64

The best way to get a decent Matador 64 is by farming the first encounter of the Dungeon. This is only possible when the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon is on rotation for the Weekly Featured Dungeon.

Featured Raids and Dungeons have an infinite amount of loot drops during the week that they are featured, meaning you can continually complete the first encounter, even on the same character, and still get loot with every completion.

To begin farming Matador 64, you will to grab a couple of friends to help you out.

Start by reaching the Ogre Boss encounter on one of your characters. This should only take about 10 minutes to get through the opening jump puzzle.

Once you are at the Boss, start the encounter and make sure that everyone dies so that the encounter restarts. This ensures that you get the Boss checkpoint for this character.

The next time you load the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon in this character, you will be put in front of the Boss checkpoint.

Now that you have the checkpoint, swap over to the character you wish to complete the encounter on. A Well Warlock, an Arc Hunter with Gathering Storm, or a Thundercrash Titan are all excellent options for this encounter.

After swapping characters, join back on your friends who should still be inside the Dungeon with the Boss checkpoint. You are now ready to complete the encounter.

After killing the Boss and, hopefully, receiving a Matador 64, all you have to do is swap back to your character that has the Boss checkpoint and load into the Dungeon.

Let your friends join your Fireteam and wipe again before swapping to your farming character. Rinse and repeat until you get the roll you want on Matador 64!

How to Beat Ogre Boss

If you are new to the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon or are just struggling with killing the Ogre Boss in one damage phase, then here is a quick rundown of how the encounter should flow.

First, your Loadouts. Make sure your Fireteam has at least one Warlock with Well of Radiance. This is needed for the damage phase to make sure the Boss does not melt your team immediately.

The other two players should focus on pure damage output Loadouts. Hunters are great for this encounter, as you can use a Tether to debuff the Boss and a Gathering Storm with Star Eater Scales for the highest DPS Super in the game.

For weapons, use whatever Primary weapon you want. Make sure at least one player is using Witherhoard, as it is free damage on the Boss. Rocket Launchers are the best DPS option.

If you have it, make sure one player is using Gjallarhorn to buff the other two Rocket Launchers of the group.

Now for the encounter. Once it starts, there will be a Vandal with a Scorch Cannon that spawns on the back platform of the encounter. Kill it and pick up the Scorch Cannon.

Use it to shoot the locks on either side of the arena and open up the garage doors. Hordes of enemies will begin flooding out. Kill them all as quickly as you can, and make sure to pick up all of the Engrams that are dropped.

After picking up an Engram, you will have a timer that kills you if you do not pick up another Engram before it expires.

Make sure everyone on the team gets their timer refreshed before heading to the opposite side of the arena and opening the second set of garage doors using the Scorch Cannon again.

Enemies will spawn just like the first room. Clear them out and make sure every Engram is picked up. You should now have 25 Engrams split between the three of you.

Once you are ready, head toward the crystal at the beginning of the encounter and stand by it.

The crystal will deplete your Engrams. Once it siphons all 25 Engrams, the damage phase will begin. Immediately put down the Well of Radiance, cast Tether if you have it, and use the Gathering Storm Super.

Whoever has Witherhoard will want to make sure they apply it at the beginning of the DPS phase and continually apply it every seven seconds.

Wait for your Gjallarhorn player to fire their first rocket shot before unloading as many rockets as you can into the Boss.

Thrall will continually pester you during the damage phase. A grenade thrown at your feet while in the Well should take care of them.

With the right Loadouts, you should be able to clear the Boss in one phase easily. If you have sub-optimal rolls on your Rocket Launchers, two phases may be necessary.

Just repeat the process and focus on staying alive and getting enough ammo for the second phase.

Is Matador 64 Worth it?

This Precision Frame Arc Shotgun has some very nice base stats and some great Perk combinations, making it one of the best in PvP.

Being an Energy weapon, players can pair their Matador 64 with some of their favorite Kinetic Primary weapons, such as Ace of Spades, The Immortal, and Kept Confidence for a balanced PvP Loadout.

The god-roll for many players is Threat Detector and Opening Shot. Threat Detector is great on Shotguns as you will only ever have them out when in range for Threat Detector to activate.

It gives this weapon a constant Stability and Handling increase, making it feel very snappy.

Opening Shot is one of the best Perks on any Shotgun in PvP.

The extra Range and aim assist that this Perk gives your first shot makes all the difference in a Shotgun duel, allowing you to one-shot your opponent outside of their effective range.

If you are not lucky enough to get the god roll, you can settle for Perpetual Motion in the first Perk column and Killing Wind in the second.

You will be missing out on the additional Range that Opening Shot gives, but having a decent Shotgun is better than no Shotgun.

The true god-roll would also have the Full-Choke Barrel and the Accurized Rounds Magazine for the maximum Range increase.

You can settle for Traits that grant increased Handling or Stability as well, such as Smallbore or Assault Mag. A Range or Handling Masterwork is ideal, though the Perks matter much more than the Masterwork.

That is how you get the Matador 64 Shotgun in Destiny 2.

What are your thoughts on this Shotgun? Are there any tips you would give to new players trying to unlock one? Let me know in the comments!

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