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You’ve probably heard a lot of people talking about the Quicksilver Storm and now want to unlock it for yourself. Lucky for you, it is one of the easiest Exotic weapons to unlock.

We will quickly cover how to unlock the Quicksilver Storm along with its Catalyst. Let’s get started!

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To get the Quicksilver Storm in Destiny 2, purchase the Lightfall Expansion and then visit Master Rahool to claim the weapon. Visit Banshee-44 to start the quest for the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst.

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How to get Quicksilver Storm in Destiny 2

Quicksilver Storm has quickly become one of the best Primary weapons in the game, providing a lot of versatility and damage potential all in one gun.

This Exotic Auto Rifle periodically fires micro-missiles that home in on targets, dealing a good amount of damage. After landing a few missiles, you will store a grenade charge.

You can store up to three grenade charges. Holding down your reload button will swap your Quicksilver Storm to Grenade Launcher mode and let you fire your stored grenade charges to deal massive damage.

This has led to Quicksilver Storm becoming a top-tier choice for solo end-game content. The base Auto Rifle mode is great for clearing out Minor enemies.

Once you meet a Major or Boss enemy, you can swap to GRenade Launcher mode and dump some serious damage into them. This is definitely a weapon that everyone should have ready.

How to Unlock Quicksilver Storm

Quicksilver Storm was originally the pre-purchase Exotic granted for ordering the Lightfall Expansion and is one of the many reasons to get Lightfall.

Check out our guide on What Expansions/DLC to Buy to find out more.

After purchasing the Lightfall Expansion, head over to Master Rahool in the Tower. He will give you your Quicksilver Storm, along with every other Expansion Exotic and pre-purchase rewards you have waiting.

If, for whatever reason, Rahool doesn’t have your Quicksilver Storm, be sure to check the Exotic Archive next to your Vault in the Tower. It should show up under the Lightfall tab.

How to Unlock Quicksilver Storm Catalyst

The Catalyst for Quicksilver Storm transforms its damage type to Strand, allowing the grenade shots to create Tangles on enemy kills. This makes an already good Exotic weapon insane when paired with a Strand build.

Like all pre-purchase Exotics weapons, Banshee-44 will have the quest to your Catalyst. You will need to defeat 50 enemies on Neomuna with Grenade Launcher shots to complete your Catalyst.

This is one of the easier Catalysts to complete. You can load into a Terminal Overload to farm quick kills or just use Quicksilver Storm during your completion of the Lightfall campaign, and you should have the Catalyst done before you beat it.

That’s how you unlock Quicksilver Storm! While it is locked behind the Lightfall Expansion, it definitely makes up for it.

Will you be getting the Lightfall Expansion for this gun? Let me know in the comments!

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