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Strand is referenced throughout the Lightfall Expansion in Destiny 2. If you need a refresher on what exactly Strand is, this is the guide for you.

We will quickly run through all of the new buffs, debuffs, and abilities that were introduced alongside the Strand element.

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Strand in Destiny 2 is the fifth elemental damage type and the second Darkness subclass that players unlock from the Lightfall Campaign.

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What Is Strand in Destiny 2?

Strand is the newest Darkness power added to Destiny 2 with the release of the Lightfall Expansion. It comes to players in the form of a new subclass.

This Strand subclass provides you with a new Super ability, new grenades, melee abilities, and enhancements to Class abilities. Strand is best known for its mobility and debuffs applied to enemies.

We are first introduced to Strand in the very first mission of the Lightfall Campaign. We learn that Strand is directly tied to the Veil and its Web of Consciousness.

Over the course of the campaign, you will learn more about Strand powers, and after completing the Lightfall campaign, you will gain access to the Strand subclass for yourself.

Every Class has access to the signature Strand Grenade ability, Grapple. This ability will create a grappling point and propel you forward, allowing you to execute a Grapple Melee attack before you land.

Grappling is an excellent movement option and has quickly become a favorite for the community. It is the most common Grenade ability used with Strand subclasses and gains a whole new dimension with the addition of Tangles.

Tangles are the new Strand-based elemental pick-up. Throwing a Tangle will deal area of effect damage to any enemies near the explosion.

Many Aspects and Fragments augment the way a thrown Tangle works, either giving it more damage or additional effects. Many Strand-based builds will focus on the use of Tangles.

Alternatively, you can Grapple onto a thrown Tangle to have it pull you along its arc in the air to give you a massive speed boost. Using your Grapple ability on a Tangle will not put it on cooldown.

Players have used this combination of abilities to soar to new heights and shatter some speedrunning records. It has also become quite a menace inside of PvP.

Certain abilities allow players to create Threadlings, small creatures that seek out enemies and deal area-of-effect damage. These are an excellent choice for ad-clearing and are especially potent when using the Warlock.

Woven Mail is the newest buff that players can gain from Strand abilities. It will give you a 45% reduction to incoming damage, reduced to 25% inside of PvP.

Note that this damage reduction is only applied to damage taken to the body. Headshot damage taken will not be reduced by Woven Mail.

Sever is a debuff that players can apply to enemies to decrease their damage output for a short duration. Killing a Severed enemy will spawn a Tangle.

Some abilities will Unravel a target or grant you Unraveling Rounds. Unraveling an enemy will cause further damage to them to shoot out to nearby enemies as well, perfect for clearing groups of Minor enemies.

Unraveling Rounds also have shield-piercing properties. This makes them the perfect tool for taking out Barrier Champions.

Suspend is the last of the new debuffs that you can apply to enemies. Suspending a target will lift it into the air, held there by threads of Strand.

Suspended PvE enemies can not fire their weapons, while Suspended PvP enemies can only hip-fire their weapons.

Suspending an Unstoppable Champion will stun them, while Suspending a Barrier Champion will keep them from activating their Shield.

Additionally, killing a Suspended enemy has a chance to create a Tangle. Keep this in mind if you are building around constant Tangle use.

As Strand is a completely new subclass, players will have access to many new Aspects and Fragments that change the way their new abilities function.

You can learn more about Aspects and Fragments in our guide on How to Unlock Strand.

In short, you will need Strand Meditations to unlock Aspects, Fragments, and alternative ability options. These can be obtained from just about any activity on Neomuna.

Once you have enough Meditations to unlock a Strand ability, you will need to head to the Poulka Pond in Neomuna to purchase your new ability.

You can then swap out Aspects, Fragments, and abilities in your Character menu the same way you would any other subclass.

Now you are all caught up on what Strand is and the many buffs and debuffs that come with it!

Do you still have some questions regarding Strand? Feel free to leave a comment!

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