Fortnite Shotgun Only Creative Map Codes

Fortnite Shotgun Only Creative Map Codes

Shotguns are some of the most popular weapons in Fortnite as they for many capture the essence of the game.

Players love close-range encounters and one-shotting enemies with a shotgun.

Luckily, there are several creative maps made by the community, where only shotguns are available.

This post features the following shotgun only map codes.

Shotgun Only FFA

This creative map features a Chinese-inspired city with lots of corners and obstacles to hide behind.

In this map, you can only use shotguns, and the game mode is free for all.

Compared to other shotgun arenas, this map is relatively large, which makes it perfect if you can fill up all 16 player slots.

Fortnite user Selage has created this map.

Creative Code: 8121-9627-4269

Shotgun only map in Fortnite creative mode
Chinese shotgun only creative map Fortnite

Pump It! – Shotgun Arena

Another great shotgun-only map is this Pump It – Arena.

When you spawn in this map, you get to choose the shotgun you wish to use before heading into battle.

This map features jump pads, containers, and more.

Fortnite user Senix has created this map.

Creative Code: 2201-4498-7425

Pump it shotgun arena map Fortnite
Shotgun only arena map in creative mode

Shotgun Joust!

This shotgun-only map is quite unique compared to other shotgun maps.

In Shotgun Joust!, you only have access to the double-barrel shotgun and spawn with only 1 hp.

The map consists of icy tracks and launchers, which encourages in-air one-shotting action.

You have to use the brick from the chest at spawn to make a bridge over the traps.

Fortnite user Swiftor has created this creative map.

Creative Code: 8297-0368-1804

Fortnite creative mode shotgun map
Shotgun joust creative map fortnite

Arena Island

Although this map isn’t necessarily shotgun-only, you can easily make it that by agreeing with your friends to only use shotguns.

This map is also quite unique compared to other FFA shotgun maps, as it is a big enclosed box.

In this map, contrary to other maps on this list, you are able to build.

This brings a whole new element, which is both fun, but also good practice for close-range building and editing.

Fortnite user Xteaw has created this map.

Creative Code: 3466-9095-7889

FFA building creative map Fortnite
Building in FFA shotgun map Fortnite

Shotgun Arena

This shotgun-only map takes places in a giant arena filled with tons of structures to hide behind.

Everyone fights for themselves in this FFA map.

Players are able to build in Shotgun Arena.

Fortnite user Cons-A-Dude has created this map.

Creative Code: 0138-6647-7174

Shotgun Arena map code Fortnite

Shotgun & Bouncer

Do you like shotguns and bouncers? Then this map is for you.

Here you can test your shotgun skills against your friends.

The map is filled with bouncers, containers, and more.

Fortnite user ShewXX has created this shotgun map.

Creative Code: 0110-7258-2915

Shotgun & Bouncer map code Fortnite

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