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There are some hidden rulers in Hearts of Iron 4 that are extremely overpowered and that require the weirdest circumstances to get.

Kaiserin Victoria is also one of the incredibly powerful rulers that you can get in HOI4, who require a lot of planning. It is almost impossible to get her by accident. You need to know all the steps to do it right.

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Victoria is the only ruler in HOI4 that can form the Holy Roman Empire and get cores on all of the territories of the fallen empire.

In this guide, we will show you step by step how to get Kaiserin Victoria to rule the German Empire in Hearts of Iron 4 and how to form the Holy Roman Empire.

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How to Get Kaiserin Victoria in HOI4

There are a few requirements you will need to meet to get Kaiserin Victoria to rule the UK in HOI4:

  • Oppose Hitler and have the Non-Aligned party rule the country
  • Save the Hindenburg
  • Don’t get Wilhelm II from the Netherlands
  • Send Victoria to the UK

The first two steps to getting Victoria aren’t extremely hard, but not getting Wilhelm II form the Netherlands is almost impossible if you didn’t know that you don’t want him.

Sending Victoria to the UK is also useless if you don’t save the Hindenburg first.

So, since there are going to be a lot of things you will need to do right, here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get Kaiserin Victoria:

Oppose Hitler and Civil War

The first part of your playthrough should be getting rid of Hitler as the leader of Germany. Most players would just rush the Oppose Hitler focus, but that would be a mistake.

What you need to do first is complete the Army Innovations. During this time, train all of your army and try to get a bit of extra Army Experience.

Once you finish the Army Innovations focus, you should have at least 10 Army Experience.

Use that to create two templates: a 2 width Cavalry template and a 2 width Artillery unit. The Cavalry unit will be easy to make and deploy, and it will also work as a Garrison unit.

The Artillery unit is what will actually help you easily win the Civil War. The moment you complete the focus, pick Oppose Hitler and turn all of your troops into the 2 width Artillery template.

These templates will have almost 0 HP and movement. Since your army will be parted into two, half of it going to the Fascist in the Civil War, they will have a full, useless army of Artillery.

The AI doesn’t change templates that often, so they will keep them for the rest of the war.

When the war starts, you will both get 24 divisions for free of Infantry and also the rest of the army. Turn your useless Artillery divisions into normal Infantry divisions and win the Civil War.

Taking Bavaria and the south would be better, since that part can be very annoying to take later on and then advance on Berlin and the north.

While the Civil War happens, you can pick any national focuses that help the economy.

Save the Hindenburg

Around May 1937, the Hindenburg will have its classic event where it explodes. However, if you complete the 50 Political Power decision to Sharpen Air Safety Regulations, the Hindenburg will survive the event.

You will get a special event where you will hear about the “Hindenburg Incident,” instead of the “Hindenburg Disaster”.

This will allow you later on to get rid of the ruler of the country and place Victoria on her rightful throne. However, we still have a few ways to go.

Return of the Kaiser, but not Wilhelm II from the Netherlands

After the Civil War is done, you will have to complete Secure the New State, Revive the Kaiserreich, and Return of the Kaiser to advance the playthrough toward Victoria in HOI4.

The biggest problem now will be the Return of the Kaiser national focus, since this focus will ask the Netherlands for Wilhelm II to come back from their country and rule Germany.

If Wilhelm II comes to power, you won’t actually have the choice to make Victoria a legitimate heir.

So, what we need to do now is completely disband the army so that the Netherlands won’t be afraid of us.

If they aren’t afraid of Germany, they won’t accept to give Wilhelm II over, which is perfect for us.

You will have a choice to declare war on the Netherlands to get Wilhelm II as your ruler or to choose Wilhelm III, who gave up his right to rule.

Well, choose the option to appoint Wilhelm III and prepare to use at least 250 Political Power.

First, you will need to complete the Reinstate Prince Wilhelm’s Right of Succession decision for 100 PP, and then the Modernize Succession Laws decision for 150 PP. This will allow women to inherit the throne, which is perfect for Victoria.

Send Victoria to the UK

Now, to actually get Victoria to rule Germany, you will need to send Victoria to the UK and end the rest of the royal family.

So, what you need to do is go down the national focus path where you befriend the Allies and the UK.

So, complete the Expatriate the Communists, Accept British Naval Dominance, and An Alliance with the Shade national focuses.

When you select to start the An Alliance with the Shade focus, make sure to also increase your relationship with the UK.

Also, hold onto at least 150 PP, since you will need it for a decision. So, after the UK accepts you to join the Allies, you will get a decision to Request Restoration of British Titles.

You can’t choose this option if you don’t have at least 100 relationship with the UK.

You will get +50 from being in the Allies, and +25 from completing the Accept British Naval Dominance focus. However, you will have -10 from your ideology and around -30 from World Tension generated.

When you select to complete the decision, the UK will accept to give you the titles, and you will have the choice to send Victoria first to help with the preparation for the ceremonies.

The royal family will come to the UK on the Hindenburg, and they will all die, allowing Victoria to become the new Kaiserin of the German Empire in HOI4.

How to Form the Holy Roman Empire

To form the Holy Roman Empire in HOI4, you will need to have Victoria rule Germany and conquer France, the Benelux countries, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Czechoslovakia.

The monarchist path that allows you to get Victoria as the Kaisering will get you a war goal on France and Switzerland without being kicked out of the Allies.

On France, you will get a free war goal if they turn Communist, which always happens if you aren’t the Fascist menace that the world was supposed to see.

The best way to conquer the other countries is to work a bit before the war with France.

First of all, you will need to start justifying a war goal on Belgium right from the start of the game. This way, the Allies won’t guarantee their independence.

Austria, you can still conquer diplomatically if you manage to invite them into your faction since this will trigger an event where they can hold a referendum to be annexed by you.

Once you manage to get Victoria to lead Germany, you can start attacking Czechoslovakia.

France will guarantee their independence, and you can get an easy war with them without having to wait for them to turn Communist. At this point, you will likely be kicked out of the Allies, but it won’t matter anymore.

Before you conquer the Netherlands and Luxembourg, it would be a better idea to attack Italy. They will never join the Allies, and you can get their Navy before likely facing the UK when attacking the Netherlands/Luxembourg.

How to Get Kaiserin Victoria with Cheats

Getting Kaiserin Victoria through decisions and events in HOI4 can take a really long time. This is why some players might prefer getting her using cheats.

Well, there is an easy way to get her, and all you need to do is trigger the event where the royal family dies, crowning her as the new ruler.

It doesn’t matter who the leader of the country is at the time, between Wilhelm II, Wilhelm III, or August von Mackensen.

The only thing that you need to make sure to do first is to put the Non-Aligned party in charge.

You can also do this through cheats, but it would be better to do it through the national focus.

So, first, here are the cheats you can use to instantly start the Civil War focus before putting Victoria in charge:

  • Focus.AutoComplete

Use this cheat, open the Focus Tree, select the Oppose Hitler focus, and then enter them again to disable them. Otherwise, the AI will also use these to get past all of their focuses.

Now you should have August von Mackensen in power. You can replace him with Kaiserin Victoria in HOI4 by entering this cheat in the command console (press ~):

  • event wtt_germany.1001

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Kaiserin Victoria in Hearts of Iron 4!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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