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There are three types of warfare in Hearts of Iron IV: Land, Air, and Naval. All of these are extremely important as they can decide all of your wars. If someone dominates you in just one of these types of warfare, you will most likely lose the World War.

Naval warfare is considered by the average HOI4 player the most insignificant part of the game until they lose all of their Convoys due to raids and end up without any resources to make their tanks and planes.

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The best way to make sure that you have all of your resources and that you avoid Naval Invasions is to have Naval Supremacy in your sea regions.

To get Naval Supremacy in a sea region in HOI4, you will need to send your fleet of (preferably) larger ships to complete either the Patrol or Strike Force missions. These give you the highest Naval Supremacy points in a sea zone.

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Why You Need Naval Supremacy in HOI4

Before we go into how to get Naval Supremacy in HOI4, let’s first see why you actually need it. If you don’t have Naval Supremacy in various sea regions, you cannot launch Naval Invasions through those regions.

For most countries, such as the United Kingdom or Japan, Naval Supremacy is a huge part of the game, as you will need to send troops over the seas all the time.

Even countries better at land and aerial combat will need to invest in a navy at some point if they are fighting countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom.

How to Get Naval Supremacy in HOI4

To get Naval Supremacy in a sea zone in HOI4, you will need to have a large navy set to Patrol that region. Usually, as long as there isn’t a larger enemy navy patrolling the area, you should usually have Naval Supremacy.

When you assign some ships to Patrol various sea regions, you will see by clicking on the region that your navy has a number of “points” when it comes to Naval Supremacy.

Just hold your mouse over the colored bar in between the number of friendly ships and enemy ships in the region in the bottom left corner to see this information.

The Naval Supremacy power of the ships is decided by their size. The bigger the ship, the better their points in Naval Supremacy.

There are three naval missions that you can choose in HOI4 that will give you 100% of the Naval Supremacy points in the region from your ships:

  • Patrol
  • Strike Force
  • Naval Invasion Support

The other mission will also help with Naval Supremacy. They will only give a smaller amount of “points”.

Usually, the best mission to get Naval Supremacy is Patrol, as the ships will choose themselves if they engage the enemies or not, and they will also find other ships going through the area.

Battleships at the start of the game will give you around 300 points in Naval Supremacy, while destroyers will give you something around 100.

It doesn’t matter how the battles in the region go. The alliance with the highest score in the naval region will gain Naval Supremacy.

Boost Naval Supremacy with Minelaying

A thing that can help a lot with Naval Supremacy is Minelaying. Though the mission itself will only provide 30% of the ships’ Naval Supremacy points, you will increase the overall effectiveness of your navy in that region.

If you manage to fill up a sea region with 1k mines, you will get 100% extra Naval Supremacy from all of the ships that you send on missions here. They can also damage and destroy ships that pass through that region.

Minelaying is a great way to increase your Naval Supremacy points, and you should always use this mission if you only have one sea region that enemies might go through for Naval Invasions.

Why You Might Not Get Naval Supremacy Even Though You Have More Points

There are players that might have thousands of points in Naval Supremacy in a sea region in HOI4, only for the area to appear red.

This is usually due to a lack of naval intel. If you don’t have at least 40% naval intel in a naval area, you won’t be able to get Naval Supremacy, even if you have thousands of battleships there.

A good way to get naval intel for a region is to create intel networks in countries that own ports next to that area. You can also decrypt the countries’ ciphers to gain a 10% bonus to naval intel in their sea regions.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Naval Supremacy in Hearts of Iron 4!

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