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As the Spanish Civil War and the Japanese-Sino War start in Hearts of Iron 4, you will likely want to get involved to sway the battle to one side or another.

The best way to get involved in a war is to send Volunteers to directly fight battles and conquer territories for your potential allies, influencing the outcome of the whole endeavor.

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However, there are many moments where you might want to recall your Volunteers, either due to the fact that they got encircled or the war is clearly lost.

Unfortunately, in Hearts of Iron 4, players cannot recall Volunteers back to their country. The only way to get them back is to let the war end or start a war in your own country.

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Can You Recall Volunteers in HOI4?

No, there is no button that you can press to simply return your Volunteers in HOI4 from the frontlines of a foreign country.

Though there are ways to force the Volunteers to come back home, there is no “Recall Volunteers” option to instantly recover them whenever you want.

How to Recall Volunteers in HOI4

There are only two things that can make your Volunteers come back to your country in HOI4:

  • The war ends.
  • A war starts where your country is directly involved.

The easiest way to get back your Volunteers is to quickly win the war for the country you are helping. The moment the war ends, the Volunteers will finally come back to inside your borders. This also works if your side loses.

If you can clearly see that your potential ally is losing, just position your Volunteers somewhere they can’t get encircled and wait for the war to end.

Otherwise, you can force the troops to come back by starting a war of your own. The moment you declare war on a country or a different country attacks you, the Volunteers will start returning home to help in the new war.

This also works if you join the war of an ally from a faction. So, you can recall your Volunteers in HOI4 by being part directly in a war, not just as an outside helper.

How to Recall Volunteers Using Mods

If you just want a simple button to recall your Volunteers in HOI4, then you will need the Recall Volunteers mod. Though this mod is relatively old, it still works with all the new versions that come out.

This mod adds a special button in the Diplomacy menu called “Recall Volunteers,” which allows players to get their Volunteers back from the country they are interacting with.

This makes Volunteers a much more enjoyable mechanic for all and will allow you to personally decide if you want to keep your troops in foreign territories or not, without having to rely on eccentric solutions, like declaring war to get them back.

That’s everything you need to know about how to recall Volunteers in Hearts of Iron 4!

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