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In HOI4, the ruling party is the power that decides exactly how you can actually play the game. Unless you have the right political party taking the decisions in your country, there is no way you can act the way you might want to.

There are three ways to get whatever party you want in power to rule the country: use the focus tree, increase party popularity using a Political Advisor, or just use cheats.

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Generally, cheats are the quickest way to get things done considering you only need to copy paste a code and then press Enter.

To set the ruling party using cheats in Hearts of Iron 4, write “set_ruling_party” and then write a letter representing one of the four parties (f, c, d, or n). Press Enter and then that party will be in charge of the country.

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How to Set Ruling Party in HOI4

The command to add party popularity in HOI4 requires the players to use a simple syntax:

set_ruling_party [ideology group]

Here’s an example of how to use this command to get the democrats in charge: set_ruling_party d.

This cheat can only be used to set who rules the country you’re currently playing as. If you want to also influence another country, change using the “tag” command and then use the cheat.

There are 4 parties/ideological groups in HOI4 and all are represented in this command by their first letter. So, democrats are represented by the letter “d”, communists by “c”, fascist by “f”, and non aligned by “n”.

This means that there are only 4 uses for this command:

  • set_ruling_party d
  • set_ruling_party c
  • set_ruling_party f
  • set_ruling_party n

How to Change the Ruling Party Without Cheats

Though most players reading this likely are looking to do this with cheats, here is how to change your country’s ruling party the way it was intended:

  • Complete National Focuses
  • Hire an ideology-boosting Political Advisor

Using the focus tree, you are very likely to ignore any normal ideology change mechanics that basic countries have to face, and you will just change the country’s ideology just by completing a focus down the branch.

All the countries in the world that don’t have a unique focus tree, either in vanilla or through DLCs, will likely have advisors to help go through the ideology change.

You will then have the choice to either change your ideology peacefully using Political Power and being patient or forcing a civil war to quickly allow your chosen ideology to take over the country.

Generally, we recommend avoiding a civil war since it doesn’t help you at all, and you can just peacefully switch ideologies without any large repercussions.

How to Add Party Popularity With Command

  1. Open the command console by pressing ~ on the keyboard.
  2. Write “set_ruling_party”, press Space, and write the letter representing your chosen party (f, c, d, or n).
  3. Press Enter.

That’s everything you need to know about how to set the ruling party in Hearts of Iron 4!

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