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Little Legends are the characters you play as in Teamfight Tactics. The default Little Legend is the blue translucent blob with white eyes.

There are a ton of other Little Legends in the game, including the popular dabbing penguin.

In this guide, we teach you how to get new Little Legends and how to upgrade them.

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How to get Little Legends

There are currently two ways to get new Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics.

The first one, which doesn’t cost RP, is through the Teamfight Tactics pass missions.

At the time of writing, the Beta Pass is available to all players.

To access it, press the Teamfight Tactics tab at the top of the League of Legends client.

Teamfight Tactics tab in League of Legends client

In the bottom, you’ll find the current reward pass.

You have to acquire TFT Pass Points to move along the pass, and unlock its rewards.

To earn TFT Pass Points, complete weekly missions and claim The Orb of Enlightenment, which requires you to play games.

Weekly missions are usually quite easy to complete.

An example of a weekly mission is ‘Build a 2-star Darius’.

Remember, you have to claim both the Orb of Enlightenment and the weekly missions you complete to receive the TFT Pass Points.

If you don’t do this, you won’t unlock any rewards.

Claim rewards in Teamfight Tactics

The second way to get new Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics, is through the Store. Utilizing this method will cost you RP.

Under the Loot section in the shop, you can buy certain Little Legends straight up for 750 RP.

The Little Legends that are available for direct purchase are Demacian Silverwing, Molten Furyhorn, Pengu Featherknight, Sentinel Runespirit, Shadow Isles Hauntling, and Soft-nosed Molediver.

Buying Little Legends directly guarantees you receive the basic version of the particular Little Legend.

Little Legends in store Teamfight Tactics

If you choose to buy one of the random Egg packages, you receive a random variant of the random Little Legend you receive.

There are currently a total of 6 variants of each Little Legend. If you wish to receive a rare Little Legend, you have to buy the random Egg packages, not the Little Legends directly.

There are two different series of Egg packages, series 1 and series 2. Series 1 contains variants of Demacian Silverwing, Shadow Isles Hauntling, and Molten Furyhorn.

Series 2 contains variants of Sentinel Runespirit, Pengu Featherknight, and Soft-nosed Molediver.

Random Little Legends eggs Teamfight Tactics

How to upgrade Little Legends

To upgrade Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics you need copies of the same variant of the same Little Legend.

Each Little Legend has 3 tiers of star evolution, 2 beside their basic appearance.

The evolution requirements are not the same as in Teamfight Tactics, contrary to some players’ belief.

Here are the requirements for each star evolution.

  • Star evolution tier 1 -> Star evolution tier 2: 1 Copy of the same Little Legend of the same variant.
  • Star evolution tier 2 -> Star evolution tier 3: 1 Copy of the same Little Legend of the same variant.

Getting a high tier star evolution might seem easy enough to acquire.

However, as you need the same variant on top of the same Little Legend, it will likely take you quite a few random pulls before getting a tier 3 star evolution Little Legend.

The basic variants which can be purchased guaranteed directly from the store are obviously much easier to get to tier 3 star evolution.

To acquire all other variants in higher tier star evolution, you need to pull them from the random Eggs.

All Little Legends variants and star evolutions

There are a total of 6 Little Legends, each with 6 variants, and each variant with 3 tiers of star evolution.

Thereby, there are a total of 108 individual Little Legends.

The following is an image of every single Little Legend, their variants, and those variants tiers of star evolution.

All Little Legends variants and star evolution tiers Teamfight Tactics

That’s how to get and upgrade little legends in Teamfight Tactics!

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