Hunting Rifle only creative map codes in Fortnite

Hunting Rifle Only Creative Map Codes In Fortnite

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The Hunting Rifle weapon is a favorite amongst many players. It resembles quickscoping and noscoping as it is experienced in earlier popular titles like Call of Duty. For this reason, several creative maps have been created in which only the Hunting Rifle can be used. For those not familiar with creative mode in Fortnite and the use of map codes, check out our creative mode guide. This list covers the following creative maps

Hunting Rifle – Sky Snipes

In this hunting rifle only map, you’ll battle it out with only 50 hp while flying around the map with low gravity, grapplers, and impulse grenades. This map will not only test your sniping skills but will also bring you a lot of hilarious moments. If you get knocked or fall down to the ground, you’ll be taken out by a sea of traps. Fortnite user Notnellaf has created this map.

Creative Code: 1743-2048-4798

Hunting rifle only creative map in Fortnite
Fortnite creative map code only hunting rifle

Hanamura Hunting Rifle + Deagle Only

Another great creative map for hunting rifle only is this remake of the Hanamura map from Overwatch. In this FFA map, you’ll receive both a hunting rifle and a deagle. Therefore, you should agree with the team you’re playing with to only use the hunting rifle if that’s what you wish to do. This creative map is created by Fortnite user ShuckSourDiesel.

Creative Code: 2468-2345-3440

Hunting rifle ffa map code in Fortnite creative
Hunting rifle creative map in Fortnite

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