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Idle Angels is an RPG hero collector mobile game by Mujoy in which you collect angels, assemble a team, and fight enemies.

Throughout your adventures, you’ll need to upgrade your angels, gather new ones as well as strategize to take down tough enemies.

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There are many features and quests for you to explore in Idle Angels.

In this guide, we give you tips and tricks to help you progress in the game and get a great start.

Idle Angels is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Table of contents

Game introduction and basics

When you start the game, you will be run through a tutorial on how to collect and upgrade your angels.

Once that’s done, you’re all set to get playing.

You will now enter battles, collect more angels and build up your team, and embark on a romantic and exciting adventure with your angels ready to be summoned.

This game’s primary purpose is to work through the story while collecting and leveling up your angels.

You will explore new areas and find angels of various types, and you will earn ample rewards for your efforts.

Your job is to act as the mind behind your team and find new combinations that can take out strong enemies.

Below you will find how to get your angels and upgrade them plus our top five tips and tricks to enhance your Idle Angels experience.

This list will provide you with time-saving strategies to help give you the best game possible.

How to get angels

During the tutorial, you will be shown exactly how to summon new angels to join your lineup.

It’s a matter of going into your summon menu and selecting your free summons daily.

After that, the summons will cost gems or summoning scrolls.

You can get summoning scrolls through gameplay, completing quests, and participating in events.

Another way to get angels in the game includes unlocking them from going through the campaign and gathering shards.

Upgrade your angels

Upgrading your angels is an essential task to keep progressing in Idle Angels.

You can make your angels stronger in various ways.

You can give them equipment, you can increase their level by spending experience points, and you can awaken their abilities by collecting certain items.


You can increase your angels’ power by giving them equipment.

You will gain gear as you fight monsters and bosses.

Once you have gathered some, you can equip it for your angels.

Level up

You can level your angels up, increasing their stats, by expending experience points.

You will gain points from sources, including completing stages and collecting AFK rewards.

To level up an angel, go to the info section on your that angel’s page and click level up to watch their stats rise!


You will collect special items and lesser angels by defeating enemies, completing quests, and doing your daily summons.

You can use these items and angels to awaken angels, making them more powerful.

This process unlocks more abilities for angels.

Five tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you on your way in Idle Angels.

Smelt equipment

Smelting is a great way to make use of leftover equipment.

When smelting equipment, you get smelt points, which you can use to craft new and more powerful equipment or artifacts.

By regularly smelting your leftover equipment, you can build a better army of prepared angels!

Consider your lineup

You can deploy up to six angels on your team at a team, depending on your character level.

When you reach level 20, you use all six slots on your team. While playing the game, you might experience getting stuck at a stage.

Changing up your lineup can help solve this, even if you simply use the same angels again, so try different combinations.

Redeem gift codes

Redeeming gift codes is a fast and easy way to get a lot of useful items quickly.

The rewards you can get from codes include summoning scrolls and diamonds.

Therefore, you should always make sure to claim all active codes, as they will give a boost to your progression.

For active codes, check out our Idle Angels Gift Codes List.

Limited summon events

Limited summon is an event where players can summon an SSR angel during the duration of the event.

The SSR angel is different during each period, and you can participate by visiting the events center.

This event refreshes at 11 am each Wednesday.

Claim your rewards

To keep your progress going at a steady pace, make sure to claim your idle rewards before the maximum capacity is reached.

Even if you don’t have time to play the game, just quickly going in and grabbing these rewards will help you a lot in getting stronger.

Now, you are ready to take on the world of Idle Angels, and hopefully, you will be able to progress faster after reading this guide.

If you have any tips or tricks for the game that you believe should be included in this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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