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It’s not easy to decide which heroes to aim for, upgrade, and bring onto your team as resources are valuable, especially when you reach late-game.

Because of this, we’ve created this guide that gives you an overview of the individual potential of the best heroes in Idle Heroes.

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This tier list is great guidance when deciding whether or not to continue using a hero, so you don’t throw all your resources into a hero that you can’t use late-game.

Some of the heroes that are generally considered the very best in Idle Heroes include Sword Flash Xia, Scarlet Queen Halora, Lord of Fear Aspen, Fairy Queen Vesa, Rogan, and Drake.

If you manage to summon or get your hands on any of these through other means, we recommend you start using them, as they’ll be very strong in team compositions late-game, and can certainly fill a position on the right team.

These are not the only great heroes in Idle Heroes – find more information on these and many other heroes in the full tier list below.

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Idle Heroes tier list

In the following tier list, the best heroes are ranked in tiers from S-D, representing their individual potential, which is based on factors including the value they bring to a team, current meta, power, and utility.

This tier list can be of great help if you’re struggling to decide which heroes to spend your resources on throughout the game.

To get a better understanding of the following tier lists, we’ve made the following explanation going through what you need to know about the ranking of heroes.

Not all heroes from the game are listed in this tier list.

If a hero isn’t listed below, we either don’t believe it is good enough to get the lowest rank, D, or we don’t have enough information on it yet.

Because of this, the tier assigned to a hero should be interpreted relative to the other heroes in the tier list, not all heroes in the game.

Even though a tier list is an excellent guide for choosing which heroes to upgrade, you should consider other factors other than just individual potential when creating your late-game team.

All heroes with void imprints are ranked in the following tier list as well as some powerful heroes that don’t but are powerful enough to be of great use to you.

All heroes in our tier list are assigned one of five ranks, S, A, B, C, or D. Here is a quick rundown of what each tier represents.

S Tier – Heroes in the S tier are the best in the game. These heroes perform exceptionally well and should be used if you pull any.

A Tier – Heroes in the A tier perform well above the average hero. These heroes are very strong and will help you significantly throughout your journey.

B Tier – Heroes in the B tier perform as you’d expect. They aren’t particularly strong but aren’t weak by any means either. B-tier heroes can be a great addition to your team if you need a specific set of abilities, etc.

C Tier – Heroes in the C tier perform below average with little potential for late game. As you want to replace these heroes sooner rather than later, you shouldn’t upgrade them too much.

D Tier – Heroes in the D tier are the weakest and least useful in the game. We don’t recommend spending resources on these heroes as you want to replace them as soon as you get something better.

A + or – means the hero is better or worse than their assigned tier. Thus, an S+ hero is even better than S-tier heroes.

Sword Flash - Xia Hero Icon Idle HeroesSword Flash - XiaS+TranscendenceAssassin
Scarlet Queen - Halora Hero Icon Idle HeroesScarlet Queen - HaloraS+TranscendenceRanger
Rogan Hero Icon Idle HeroesRoganS+ForestAssassin
Fairy Queen - Vesa Hero Icon Idle HeroesFairy Queen - VesaS+TranscendencePriest
Lord of Fear - Aspen Hero Icon Idle HeroesLord of Fear - AspenS+TranscendenceWarrior
Drake Hero Icon Idle HeroesDrakeSDarkAssassin
Asmodel the Dauntless Hero Icon Idle HeroesAsmodel the DauntlessSTranscendenceWarrior
Star Wing - Jahra Hero Icon Idle HeroesStar Wing - JahraSTranscendenceMage
The Sun Devourer - Eos Hero Icon Idle HeroesThe Sun Devourer - EosSTranscendenceMage
Holmes Young Hero Icon Idle HeroesHolmes YoungSFortressMage
Eloise Hero Icon Idle HeroesEloiseSShadowRanger
Xiahou Hero Icon Idle Heroes2x XiahouA+ForestWarrior
Ignis Hero Icon Idle HeroesIgnisA+AbyssPriest
Andrea Hero Icon Idle HeroesAndreaALightPriest
Carrie Hero Icon Idle HeroesCarrieADarkRanger
Elyvia Hero Icon Idle HeroesElyviaAForestPriest
Amen-Ra Hero Icon Idle HeroesAmen-RaADarkPriest
Tix Hero Icon Idle HeroesTixAShadowMage
Eos Hero Icon Idle HeroesEosALightMage
Waldeck Hero Icon Idle HeroesWaldeckAAbyssRanger
Inosuke Hero Icon Idle HeroesInosukeAFortressRanger
Aspen Hero Icon Idle HeroesAspenADarkWarrior
Russell Hero Icon Idle HeroesRussellBLightRanger
Ithaqua Hero Icon Idle HeroesIthaquaBShadowAssassin
Penny Hero Icon Idle HeroesPennyBFortressRanger
Fiona Hero Icon Idle HeroesFionaBFortressPriest
Delacium Hero Icon Idle HeroesDelaciumBAbyssMage
Aida Hero Icon Idle HeroesAidaBLightMage
Morax Hero Icon Idle HeroesMoraxBAbyssWarrior
Flora Hero Icon Idle HeroesFloraBForestRanger
Garuda Hero Icon Idle HeroesGarudaBForestWarrior
Natasha Hero Icon Idle HeroesNatashaBAbyssAssassin
Gloria Hero Icon Idle HeroesGloriaCForestMage
Sherlock Hero Icon Idle HeroesSherlockCcFortressMage
Kroos Hero Icon Idle HeroesKroosCAbyssPriest
Valentino Hero Icon Idle HeroesValentinoCFortressMage
Cthugha Hero Icon Idle HeroesCthughaCAbyssRanger
Annabelle Hero Icon Idle HeroesAnnabelleCShadowPriest
Gustin Hero Icon Idle HeroesGustinCShadowPriest
Belrain Hero Icon Idle HeroesBelrainCLightPriest
Horus Hero Icon Idle HeroesHorusCShadowWarrior
UniMax-3000 Hero Icon Idle HeroesUniMax-3000CFortressWarrior
Heart Watcher Hero Icon Idle HeroesHeart WatcherCForestAssassin
Phorcys Hero Icon Idle HeroesPhorcysCDarkMage
Faith Blade Hero Icon Idle HeroesFaith BladeCLightAssassin
Saja Hero Icon Idle HeroesSajaCFortressAssassin
Onkirimaru Hero Icon Idle HeroesOnkirimaruCShadowWarrior
Tussilago Hero Icon Idle HeroesTussilagoDLightAssassin
Nakia Hero Icon Idle HeroesNakiaDAbyssAssassin
Xia Hero Icon Idle HeroesXiaDFortressAssassin
Tara Hero Icon Idle HeroesTaraDLightWarrior
Jahra Hero Icon Idle HeroesJahraDShadowMage
Oberon Hero Icon Idle HeroesOberonDForestMage
Michelle Hero Icon Idle HeroesMichelleDLightRanger
Amuvor Hero Icon Idle HeroesAmuvorDDarkAssassin
King Barton Hero Icon Idle HeroesKing BartonDAbyssWarrior
Mihm Hero Icon Idle HeroesMihmFDarkMage

The current Idle Heroes tier list is made by Idle Heroes YouTuber, Barry Gaming.

Best attacker heroes

It’s especially important to have sufficient damage on your team in Idle Heroes.

Compared to other similar RPG mobile games, most top players use more attacker heroes and fewer tank heroes in Idle Heroes.

Attacker heroes’ primary objective is to dish out as much damage as possible and apply damage over time debuffs.

Even though attackers often have low defensive stats, we still recommend bringing a handful of attacker heroes.

Here are some of the best attacker heroes in Idle heroes for – both in PvE and PvP.

Scarlet Queen – Halora

Idle Heroes Scarlet Queen - Halora

Scarlet Queen – Halora, one of the only two heroes of the Transcendence faction, is a monster in PvP.

She is a ranger that specializes in dishing out enormous amounts of damage to the enemy team, bringing down the enemies’ damage, as well as boosting her allies.

Her active skill, Crimson Abyss, deals damage to all enemy players and applies a bleed to them.

Furthermore, this skill also applies Abyssal Corruption on enemies affected, making them deal 10% less critical damage and take 15% more critical damage.

But that’s not all of Halora’s damage reduction. Her passive Queen’s Edict makes her basic attacks reduce enemies’ critical damage while increasing Halora’s own critical damage.

Scarlet Queen – Halora possesses self-healing through her passive skill, Ultimate Queenship, which heals 4% of her maximum HP per round per ally that survived that round.

This means she can heal herself passively up to 24% of her maximum health every round.

Lastly, her passive skill, Royal Guard, buffs all her allies’ damage dealt by 15% while making them her guards.

When Halora is attacked by an enemy skill or basic attack, all of her guards retaliate, dealing damage to the attacker.

The combination of these skills not only greatly increases the damage output of your entire team but also makes Halora a powerful attacker with self-healing abilities.


Idle Heroes Delacium

Delacium is a mage of the abyss faction with amazing offensive stats and high-damage skills that makes him incredible in PvE.

Because of Delacium’s passive skill, Durative Weakness, his basic attacks deal damage to three random targets at once, making him great at taking down multiple enemies.

This skill deals extra damage per different debuff the target carries.

His energy skill, Ray of Delacium, is also an AoE attack, damaging four random enemies at once with immense power.

Like Durative Weakness, this skill also deals extra damage per different debuff the target carries.

This skill also has a 70% chance to extend DoTs, attribute reduction, and control effects currently on the target by two rounds.

Delacium’s last passive skill, Transmissive Seed, replicate three random DoTs or attribute reduction effects from one random to two other random enemies at the end of a round.

This skill further increases the damage dealt by his remaining skills.

Like Skerei, some players have found Delacium to be even more powerful if you bring multiple copies of the hero at ones.

Up to three Delaciums have been confirmed to be very powerful.

You can, however, still just use a single Delacium on your team as usual, in which case he is still one of the very best attacker heroes in the game.


Idle Heroes Carrie

Carrie is a ranger of the dark faction who relies on the power of her powerful magical beast and the energy of enemies.

If you’re on the lookout for an amazing damage dealer for your PvP hero, then Carrie is a hero to consider.

Her attacks revolve around raising the energy of enemies and the inflicting Devouring Mark or Outburst of Magic, which deals damage based on the amount of energy an enemy possesses.

Carrie’s passive skill, Darkness Befalls, gives her 30% control immune and a 40% chance to dodge enemy attacks, helping her survive for longer in battle.

When Carrie is taken out, she will stick around for four more turns as a shadowy spirit.

The spirit attacks enemies based on the enemies’ lost health.

If the shadowy spirit manages to collect enough layers of spirit power before the four turns, then Carrie will revive at 100% HP and 100 energy.

Best tank heroes

Even though tanks don’t play as big a role in Idle Heroes as in other RPG mobile games, some tanks are still very useful for your team.

The primary objective for tank heroes is to absorb damage from teammates. Preferably, the tank can also boost the defense of its allies.

We don’t recommend bringing too many tanks, as you need to have sufficient damage.

We have, however, seen some great teams with one or two tanks.

Here are some of the best tanks in Idle Heroes – both in PvE and PvP.


Idle Heroes Garuda

If you’re looking for a powerful, well-rounded tank for PvE, then Garuda is a hero you should consider.

She is a warrior of the forest faction who is not only tanky but also deals significant damage.

Garuda’s kit revolves around Feather Blade, a layer she and allies can generate while Garuda is on the field.

When Garuda uses her active skill, Fatal Feather, all layers of Feather Blade will be consumed, each of which deals extra damage to one random target.

Feather Blade layers are generated when an ally dies through Unbeatable Force.

But, the main source of Feather Blade layers will come from Instinct of Hunt that generates a layer of Feather Blade each time Garuda assists an enemy in attacking, which she does every time they use an active skill or basic attack.

Garuda’s defensive stats themselves are high and are further boosted by her passive skill, Eagle Power.


Idle Heroes Sigmund

Sigmund is a powerful warrior of the fortress faction with great defensive stats who is not only tanky but also deals a significant amount of damage.

His passive skill, Burning Counterattack, makes Sigmund counterattack any enemy that has less armor than him who attacks him.

As Sigmund has quite a bit of armor, he will counterattack most enemies.

The more Sigmund tanks, the more damage he deals because of his counterattack.

Therefore, you should bring healing or other supporting abilities to keep Sigmund alive for longer.

Besides his counterattack, Sigmund deals significant damage with his skill, Flame Bombardment, which also reduces the armor and block of affected enemies by 30%. This skill burns the target for four rounds.

If the target reaches three layers of burn before they run out, the target will take extra one-time damage.


Idle Heroes Tara

Though Tara is not among the best heroes in PvP in Idle Heroes, he is still the best tank in PvP after the introduction of the Void Imprints system.

Tara’s kit revolves around stacking layers of Power of Light onto enemies while having high defensive stats and skills for your team.

When an enemy has two layers of Power of Light applied to them, Seal of Light is activated, restricting that enemy from releasing their passive skills for two rounds.

Both Tara’s active skill, Seal of Light and passive skills, Power of Seal and Fluctuation of Light, give Tara a chance to apply Power of Light to enemies upon using skills and basic attacks.

Combined with Tara’s great defenses through both his base stats and his passive, Immense Power, he is able to sustain throughout a fight and apply lots of crowd control.


Idle Heroes UniMax-3000

Notice: Because of the change to PvP and the introduction of the Void Imprints system, the following information about UniMax-3000 only applies before you reach the point of using Void Imprints in PvP.

UniMax-3000 is one of the very best tanks for PvP in Idle Heroes. He is a warrior of the Fortress faction with high defensive stats and skills to match.

Contrary to Sigmund, UniMax-3000 focuses more on tanking damage and healing rather than slinging out tons of damage.

UniMax-3000’s energy skill, Iron Whirlwind, deals significant damage to the backline and has a 50% chance to taunt affected enemies for two rounds while increasing damage taken.

To keep UniMax-3000 alive for longer, which is especially needed because of his taunt, he can heal himself through his passive skill, Frenzied Taunt, which restores his own health when he uses basic attacks.

This skill also steals enemies’ attack if they damage UniMax-3000, and has a chance to taunt them.

Lastly, UniMax-3000’s Energy Overload skill enables him to heal at the end of rounds, and at round 4, remove control effects on him while boosting his critical damage and making his attacks unavoidable for a while.

All in all, Unimax-3000 is a solid tank that you should consider when you’re creating your PvP team.

Best support heroes

Not all support heroes bring a lot of damage themselves, but the buffs they give your team can greatly increase your team’s damage output.

Idle Heroes have some very strong support heroes, which is why most players choose to bring several on their team.

There are different types of supports, some who focus on healing, some who focus on buffing, and some who focus on applying crowd control.

Here are some of the best support heroes in Idle Heroes – both in PvE and PvP.

Heart Watcher

Idle Heroes Heart Watcher

Notice: Because of various patches and changes, including the introduction of the Void Imprints system, the following information about Heart Watcher isn’t completely accurate anymore. She is still a good hero, but far from as good as she as.

Heart Watcher is considered one of the very best heroes in the game because of her incredible ability to increase your team’s damage output.

She is an assassin of the forest faction who specializes in damaging enemies and applying debuffs.

The hero is so powerful that you won’t find many top players who don’t have Heart Watcher on their late-game PvE team.

Not only does Heart Watcher deal a lot of damage, but she also applies Watcher Mark, which increases the damage an enemy takes.

The effect stacks up to 300%, making your entire team deal way more damage to targets with Watcher Mark.

For sustainability, Heart Watcher heals 280% of damage dealt when an attack is critical through her passive skill Life Regain.

Because of Heart Watcher’s Watcher Mark and damage, she is seen as a must-have on any PvE team by top players.


Idle Heroes Amen-Ra

Amen-Ra is not only one of the best support heroes, but one of the best heroes in general in PvP after the introduction of the Void Imprint system.

She is a priest of the dark faction who combines crowd control and healing in a unique combination of skills.

Her active skill, Shadow Defense, damages all enemies and has a 70% chance to petrify each target for two rounds, making them unable to use any skills or attacks.

When using Shadow Defense, Amen-Ra also applies two layers of Guardian Shadow to allies, which makes them negate 100% of the next attack they take and turn it into healing instead.

Each layer of Guardian Shadow can negate damage once.

To increase the overall damage output of your team, Amen-Ra deals extra damage to one random enemy every time an ally releases a skill.

Lastly, her passive skill, Healing Charm, causes her basic attacks to inflict a Healing Curse, which turns the next healing effect that the enemy receives into damage equal to healing effect instead of healing.


Idle Heroes Belrain

Notice: Because of the change to PvP and the introduction of the Void Imprints system, the following information about Belrain only applies before you reach the point of using Void Imprints in PvP.

Belrain is a priest of the light faction who is sure to keep your team alive for longer and deal more damage.

She is generally considered one of the best support heroes for PvP because of her immense healing and damage buff.

The majority of Belrain’s healing comes from her skill, Sanctity Will, which restores the HP of 3 random allies when basic attacking.

This skill prioritizes allies with the lowest HP.

Belrain’s energy skill, Holylight Sparkle, deals damage to four random enemies and increases the attack, speed, and healing effect of four random allies while having a 40% chance to remove all control effects on the affected allies.

When Belrain gets taken out by the enemy, she restores the HP of all allies by 400% of her attack for four rounds.

Belrain is, without a doubt, an incredible support hero for your PvP team.

That’s our take on a tier list of the best heroes in Idle Heroes as well as the best attacker, tank, and support heroes in both PvP and PvE.

If you have any input for this tier list, then you can share it with us in the comment section below.

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