Idle War – Resources Guide: How To Get Coins, Soul Shards, Diamonds, etc.

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Gathering resources in Idle War is essential as enemies become increasingly difficult to take down.

Your primary use of resources is to upgrade your heroes in some way, which helps you progress throughout the game.

You will get resources by playing the game normally, but you might want to farm resources that you find yourself needing often.

Therefore, we’ve created this guide to teach you how to get each resource in the game, as well as what the main purpose of these is.

Here is a quick rundown of how to get each resource.

Coins are primarily obtained by collecting idle rewards and doing coin raids.

Like coins, you mainly get soul shards by collecting idle rewards and doing material raids.

You can, however, also purchase soul shards on the market using coins.

Ace crystal can be farmed in the dark tower, gathered from idle rewards, and bought from the market.

Diamonds are harder to come by; you’re going to get most of these from quests, the tavern, arena, and trophies.

Lastly, gear can be obtained from completing levels in the campaign and stages in the dark tower, collecting idle rewards, and the market.

You can upgrade gear in the smithy.

You can find the use as well as more methods to get each resource below.

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How to get coins

The common currency in Idle War is coins.

You need coins for a range of purposes, but most importantly, to upgrade your heroes.

Both level up, promotion, gear forging, and more, costs coins, making the resource incredibly useful.

Chances are that you won’t find yourself in need of coins early on, but as you progress through the game and coin costs rise exponentially, you’re going to need a bunch of coins.

Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to get coins in Idle War.

The main way to get coins in the game is through idle rewards, resources your team collects while you are away.

Coin raids are another excellent way to get coins.

You can access coin raids through the ‘Raids’ button on the right side of the main screen.

Every day, you have two entrances to coin raids.

Other great ways to get coins include completing quests, levels, arena matches, guild raids, and tower stages.

You can also get coins for free daily through alchemy, which just requires you to claim it by pressing the coin icon on the main screen.

Lastly, you can get quite a few coins by using the mine in the guild tab, but you have to wait a while before you can claim the coins.

Idle War coins reward screenshot

How to get soul shards

To level up heroes in Idle War, you need soul shards.

The only use for soul shards is upgrading heroes, but that doesn’t make them less useful.

Later on in the game, you need a ton of soul shards to upgrade heroes, as the soul shard costs for upgrading becomes so high.

Even though you won’t be running out of soul shard a lot at the beginning, you might as well stock up on them because you’ll definitely need them down the line.

You’re going to get most of your soul shard by claiming idle rewards and doing material raids.

However, you can also purchase soul shards at the market for coins, if you need soul shards right now.

You can also get soul shards from quests and the mine.

Idle War soul shard idle rewards

How to get ace crystal

Ace crystal is one of those resources you find yourself always needing.

Even early on, the only thing holding you back from upgrading your heroes further is the fact that you can’t promote them because you have no ace crystals.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended you always take advantage of an opportunity to get more ace crystals.

Ace crystals aren’t the easiest resource to farm, but there are a couple of ways to get it.

The best way to get ace crystals if you need them here and now is to farm stages in the dark tower.

Most stages in the dark tower give ace crystal as a reward.

Besides farming ace crystals in the dark tower, you can also get it from material raids and idle rewards.

You can also purchase ace crystals from the market using coins.

Lastly, if you have a mine in your guild that is at least level 5, then you can get ace crystals from mine orders.

Idle War ace crystal in market

How to get diamonds

The premium currency in Idle War is diamonds.

You can buy all the most useful items and resources with diamonds, including Sources of Life.

Diamonds can be bought with money, but there are also a couple of ways to farm diamonds in the game.

You can’t, however, farm diamonds in the same extent as other resources, because it is the premium currency.

Ways to get diamonds in Idle War include doing missions in the tavern, completing quests, increasing your player level, and collecting trophies.

The tavern will net you a decent amount of diamonds, but you have to wait for missions to complete.

Quests that give diamonds are often easy to complete but give few diamonds.

You should, however, always complete 10 daily quests to get the 100 diamonds reward.

Lastly, participating in the arena is an excellent way to get a steady stream of diamonds, as you receive diamonds in your mail daily when you are active in the arena.

The number of diamonds you get from the arena mail depends on your current arena rank.

Idle War diamonds in tavern

How to get gear

Gathering and upgrading gear is another way to increase the power of your heroes in Idle War.

Gear you find from regular gameplay isn’t the best out there, but you can upgrade it and thereby raise its rarity and stats.

If you’re stuck at a particular level and can’t upgrade your heroes in other ways, try to optimize your team’s gear as it can make a significant difference.

Most of the gear you’re going to be finding in Idle War is from completing levels in the campaign, stages in the campaign, and idle rewards.

The gear you find from these locations is, however, usually of a relatively low rarity compared to your progress.

Therefore, you should look to craft stronger gear in the smithy by combining copies of lower-grade gear.

Another way to get gear is by purchasing it directly from the market and the guild shop.

Idle War gear upgrade smithy

That’s how to get the main resources in Idle War, as well as an explanation of what the purpose of each resource is.

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, you can share it with us in the comment section below.

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