8 Cozy Minecraft Fireplace Design Ideas

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In Minecraft, the campfire is a great block with a handful of benefits. You can use a campfire to cook food, create traps, prevent hostile mobs from spawning, and even for decoration.

So, in this article, let’s take a look at some cozy Minecraft fireplace design ideas for inspiration!

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When it comes to building a fireplace in Minecraft, you can use different types of blocks, such as campfires, soul campfires, or lava. Moreover, you can create infinite fire by igniting netherrack (regular fire) or soul sand/soul soil (turquoise fire) with a Flint & Steel.

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8 Cozy Minecraft Fireplace Design Ideas

The Minecraft fireplace design ideas below have a variety of themes. From overgrown, medieval, to an outdoor fireplace, we are sure you’ll find a design that can satisfy your needs.

1. Blacksmith Fireplace

Materials: Stone Brick Stairs, Stone Brick Slabs, Stone Brick Walls, Andesite Walls, Anvils, Cobblestone Stairs, Campfires, Iron Bars, Chains, Lanterns, and a Lava Bucket.

The first Minecraft fireplace design idea on the list is small yet beautiful and easy to build.

Most materials can be found underground by mining stones and cooking them up in furnaces. However, it’s not the case for the anvils on top, since you’ll need 31 iron ingots to craft each.

2. Brick Fireplace

Materials: Brick Slabs, Brick Stairs, Granite Slabs, Granite Stairs, Iron Bars, a Campfire, Stripped Spruce Logs, Bookshelves, Spruce Trapdoors, Spruce Stairs, Spruce Slabs, Looms, and some Flower Pots with Flowers.

What can be better than chilling near a cozy brick fireplace and reading your favorite book? And that’s what this design offers.

About the materials, you can find bricks and granites quite easily in the early stage of the game. And if you already have a nice library room or an enchanting place, this fireplace design is definitely the best fit!

3. Overgrown Fireplace

Materials: Mud Bricks Stairs, Mud Brick Walls, Dripstone Blocks, Iron Bars, Pointed Dripstones, a Lantern, a Campfire, a Flower Pot with Mangrove Saplings, and some Azalea Leaves.

This Minecraft fireplace design idea works best in the dripstone cave biome. Since you already have a lovely terrain and the blocks to work with.

Mud is a new block that was introduced in Minecraft 1.19 update. To get the required mud brick blocks, you have to find mud in the swamp biomes or use a water bottle on a normal dirt block. Although the crafting process is complicated, the result is totally worth it.

4. Nether Fireplace

Materials: Chiseled Polished Blackstones, Polished Blackstone Slabs, Polished Blackstone Stairs, Anvils, Basalts, Smooth Basalts, Twisted Vines, Iron Bars, Soul Sands or Soul Soil, and a Flint & Steel.

If you’re a fan of living in the Nether biome, check out this fireplace design!

To make it Nether-friendly, the required materials can be found directly in the Nether biome, such as Blackstones and Basalts. Alternatively, you can trade with the piglins for iron nuggets to craft anvils and iron bars.

Moreover, remember to use soul sand or soul soil as a foundation so you can ignite a blue flame instead of a regular red one. And to build a portal to the underworld, you can check out those awesome Minecraft portal design ideas.

5. Wooden Fireplace

Materials: Stripped Spruce Logs, Spruce Trapdoors, Spruce Stairs, Spruce Slabs, Spruce Fences, Oak Leaves, Flower Pots, Dead Bushes, a Flowering Azalea Sapling, Candles, Campfires, Gray Stained Glass Panes, and Redstone Lamps.

It’s a huge mistake not to cover a fireplace design made of spruce since it’s the favorite wood type in the game. So here you go.

This is a design you would see in any old movie, with the cozy fireplace inside a house. On top of it are the working Redstone lamps, which can be used for both lighting and decoration purposes.

Remember to use campfires instead of igniting a normal fire if you use this design. Otherwise, your entire fireplace will be burnt into ashes.

6. Ruins Fireplace

Materials: Cobblestones, Stone Slabs, Stone Stairs, Cracked Stone Bricks, Stone Bricks, Stone Brick Walls, Andesite Walls, Iron Bars, Cobbled Deepslates, Campfires, Spruce Slabs, Candles, a Flower Pot with an Azalea Sapling, and an Item Frame with a Clock.

We have a cool-looking Minecraft fireplace design idea for anyone who loves ruins or haunted houses!

By using different types of stones and cracked stone bricks, you can easily bring an ancient feeling to the design. Not to mention that the candles and clock on the top shelf also play a huge role as well.

For maximum output, you should build this fireplace in dark places. Then light up the candles and let enjoy the ghostly atmosphere!

7. Outdoor Fireplace

Materials: Oak Logs, Spruce Slabs, Spruce Pressure Plates, a Campfire, Cobblestones, Gravels, Coarse Dirts, Grasses, Oak Leaves, Rose Bushes, Peonies, and Lilacs.

This is a promising and most efficient Minecraft fireplace design idea on the list so far!

By taking advantage of the existing terrain, you only need to chop down four oak trees and a spruce tree to build this design. Plus, using different blocks to build the ground and placing some leaves and flowers near your camping area can bring the idea to a new level.

In addition, you could use some stone buttons to decorate the campfire area even more.

8. Medieval Fireplace

Materials: Stones, Stone Slabs, Stone Brick Stairs, Stone Brick Walls, Andesite Walls, Stone Brick Slabs, Spruce Logs, Spruce Stairs, Spruce Slabs, Spruce Trapdoors, Spruce Fences, Barrels, Lanterns, a Campfire, and a Flower Pot with a Flowering Azalea Sapling.

The final Minecraft fireplace design idea on the list belongs to a medieval theme, one of the most popular building themes in the Minecraft community.

This design has a steady stone foundation, combined with the spruce pillars and a lot of details from spruce wood, making the fireplace cozier than ever.

For inspiration, you could use this fireplace idea for the tavern’s basement or decorate your castle wall.

Those are the 8 best Minecraft fireplace design ideas!

What’s your favorite design? Feel free to let us know in the comment below!

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