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In Project Zomboid, one of the fundamental aspects of the game is the passage of time, with each day representing a crucial opportunity to gather resources, build structures, and fortify your base against the undead.

However, the question remains: How long is a day in Project Zomboid?

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Understanding the mechanics of the game’s time system is beneficial and can significantly impact the chances of survival.

By default, a day in Project Zomboid lasts 24 in-game hours, which equals 1 hour in real life.

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How Long is a Day in Project Zomboid?

If you survived Project Zomboid for a long time and unfortunately died for a reason, a pop-up appears to indicate the number of zombies you killed and the number of days you survived.

We can easily observe how many days we live in this post-apocalyptic world, but how long is the day in Project Zomboid compared to our time?

By default, 24 hours in Project Zomboid are equal to an hour in real-time. This value is applied to all game modes, including Playstyle and Challenges.

You can’t change any settings in Challenges, but you can do it in Playstyle, including changing the day length.

If you play in Custom Sandbox game mode, you can adjust the day length according to your liking. Locate the Time section in Sandbox Options, then select Day Length, and feel free to adjust the day length from the fixed options in the list. This setting is applied in both multiplayer and single-player.

Besides, you can also change the day length of Apocalypse, Survivor, and Builder modes using the Save Presets box at the bottom.

To change it, click on the Save Presets box and choose the available game mode, then locate the Day Length setting again and select the duration you want. When you’re done, click Save, name your new preset, and enjoy your new world.

What is The Most Optimal Day Length in Project Zomboid?

It seems that most players aren’t fond of the default day length. They prefer to change it to 2 hours instead of 1.

In general, deciding how long a day varies depending on your gameplay style and experience. However, 2 hours in real-time is the best for most, even beginners.

First, it’s worth noting that 24 hours in the game are equal to 1 hour in real-time, which also means that 30 minutes are for the day, and 30 minutes are for the night. Therefore, those numbers will increase/decrease relatively when you increase/decrease the day length.

The day length impacts how fast you get hungry or thirsty and the moodles duration. With a more extended game day, it will take longer to feel hungry or thirsty.

Also, all normal actions take the same amount of time, for instance, physically moving, reading books, foraging, farming, sitting down, climbing, etc. So an increase in day length lets you do more things.

Moreover, adjusting the day length to 2 hours makes you much more mobile. The longer the day, the more zombies you can kill and the more houses you can loot. Live in the game is easier when you have more resources and gain experiences faster.

That’s how long a day is in Project Zomboid!

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