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There are many interesting apparel items in Rust that you can craft once you discover their Blueprints. However, there are some that were only available through Twitch Drops and special events.

The Ninja Suit in Rust is one of the few special reskins that was only available for a short time in 2021 as a Twitch Drop.

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Still, many players wonder if there is any way to still get this item. Though it is the same item as the Surgeon Scrubs, it doesn’t need a Workbench to craft, and it helps you become almost invisible at night, which makes it superior.

There is no way to get the Ninja Suit in Rust, even from the Steam Market. However, you can get the almost identical Surgeon Scrubs on the Marketplace for around $30.

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Can You Get the Ninja Suit in Rust?

No, you can’t get the Ninja Suit in Rust anymore. The only moment in time when players had the chance to get it was during one week in May 2021 when the developers delivered special Twitch Drops.

Many players at the time weren’t happy with the decision to only give this incredible item for one week. Most new players will never get to wear the Ninja Suit in Rust, and they will likely also never see it in-game.

What players can get is the Surgeon Scrubs, which has the exact same stats as the Ninja Suit. The only difference is how it looks. Though the Scrubs may not be as good at hiding at night, they have really good stats and can be crafted with a Workbench Level 1.

The only way players can still wear the Ninja Suit in Rust now that they missed out on the Twitch Drop is to get it on a Creative server.

How to Get the Ninja Suit in Rust Creative

If you are playing on a Rust Creative server, where console commands are allowed, you can get the Ninja Suit at any time. Here is how to get the Ninja Suit on a Rust Creative server:

  1. Press F1.
  2. Press the Items option.
  3. Type “ninja suit” where it says, “Search all items…”
  4. Hover over the Ninja Suit in the console and press the “ARM” button.

You will now have a Ninja Suit in your hotbar or inventory that you can equip at any time. Though having a Ninja Suit in Creative Mode might not be the most useful thing, you can still see what a cool item the developers decided to leave out of the official game.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Ninja Suit in Rust!

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