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The Furnace is probably one of the most used items in Rust, as it will help you smelt most raw resources and turn them into extremely powerful crafting ingredients.

Every time you use the Furnace or make some food at a fire in Rust, you will find some Charcoal left over. Though you might be inclined to just get rid of this resource, you would do well to keep a large reserve hidden in a chest.

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Charcoal will become extremely important in the mid to late game, and you will regret getting rid of it in the early game when it was useless.

Charcoal has one simple use in Rust, and that is to craft Gun Powder. To craft Gun Powder in Rust, you will need at least 30 Charcoal.

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How to Get Charcoal in Rust

Though you can gather this resource from dangerous and rare locations in Rust, you will usually get Charcoal from using the Furnace.

Every time you smelt resources in the Furnace, you will also have to place Wood to get the machine started. Every time players burn one of the Wood pieces, they will have a 75% chance to get a piece of Charcoal.

Since you will usually burn through thousands of Wood stacks, you should be able to get enough Charcoal to use in the future. Considering the high chance of getting Charcoal, you should get around 750 Charcoal for a 1k Wood stack.

Other ways you can get Charcoal in Rust is to gather it from fallen Helicopters using a Pickaxe. Or, players can get it from the Unloadable Train Wagon. This is a rare wagon that can appear on the tracks and that you can loot for thousands of Charcoals.

What to Do With Charcoal in Rust

The only thing you can do with Charcoal in Rust is to craft Gun Powder. Since Gun Powder is probably the most important resource in the late game, you should collect as much Charcoal as possible at the start of a playthrough.

You can only craft 10 Gun Powder at a time, and it will cost you 30 Charcoal and 20 Sulfur. For most bullets, you will need at least 10 Gun Powder to craft them, so this means that you will need around 30 Charcoal per bullet.

The only other use that Charcoal has in Rust is to craft the Snowman, which is a Steam Item worth around $1 on the Marketplace. Since this is a special item that only a few players will have access to, we don’t really consider it as something you will use Charcoal for.

That’s everything you need to know about what to do with Charcoal in Rust!

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