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The assault rifle, or, as it is commonly referred to in Rust, the AK, is the best gun that you can use to fight players and NPCs alike.

The AK has incredible capabilities in close range, and it is very versatile. It can even get the job done at long range sometimes if you are a good shot.

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However, the AK is a relatively rare weapon that you can only craft in the late game. Luckily, you can also find it, but in some of the hardest locations to loot.

You can find and get an AK in Rust in the locked crates on the cargo ships and from the Chinook helicopters. Alternatively, you can try the low rates of the elite tier crates.

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Where to Get an AK (Assault Rifle) in Rust

Since the AK is very hard to craft, you will usually get your hands on one either by stealing it from someone or by looting it.

The AK has only 6 sources where you can get it in Rust:

  • APC Crate
  • Elite Tier Crate
  • Heavy Scientist
  • Helicopter Crate
  • Locked Crate
  • Underwater Lab Elite Crate

Best Way to Get the AK

The locked crate has the highest chance to give you an AK, but it is the hardest to get. Locked crates can be identified on the map, as they have special icons. They usually only appear either on the cargo ship that patrols the ocean, or they can be dropped by the Chinook helicopter.

This helicopter is different from the normal patrol helicopter, as it doesn’t attack anyone until it gets close to its destination. Once it arrives, it will drop one single locked crate and will leave.

Locked crates can be unlocked by interacting with them and starting the hack timer. The timer will last 15 minutes, and once it’s done, you will be able to open the locked crate.

The helicopter-locked crate is a much better choice if you don’t want to fight a lot of scientists and players. In this situation, you are more likely to only fight other players. You can also wait while someone else activates the locked box hack and kill them to steal the loot.

Other Ways to Get the AK

Otherwise, you will have to look for elite tier crates. These usually spawn at the Launch Site, Military Tunnel, and Oil Rig monuments.

The only problem is that the AK has an extremely low spawn rate for anything other than locked crates. So, if you want to use the elite tier crates to get the AK in Rust, be prepared to open a lot of them.

That’s everything you need to know about where to get an AK/AR in Rust!

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