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Cows are an amazing source of resources in Stardew Valley, as they give you Milk every day and allow you to craft that expensive Cheese to sell.

However, there is an improved version of the Milk that you get from Cows, known as Large Milk, which will make you a lot more money and will make you a millionaire in no time.

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Unfortunately, most players have no idea how to get Large Milk or Eggs in Stardew Valley, as the game never explains it properly, and you have to discover by experimenting.

To get Large Milk in Stardew Valley, you need to have high Friendship/hearts with the Cow, and you need it to have a high Mood as well. If specific requirements based on Friendship and Mood are met, the Cow will produce Large Milk that day.

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What is Large Milk in Stardew Valley

Animals such as Cows and Chickens can produce an improved version of their normal product, which is named the Large Milk/Egg.

The value of the Large Milk is close to 50% more valuable than normal Milk.

Normally, you would turn Milk into Cheese for profit. The Large Milk is very useful since it can be turned into gold quality Cheese.

Usually, you would have to leave the Cheese in a Cask to let it age and reach a higher quality level.

However, with Large Milk, you can instantly get the gold quality Cheese and only have to leave it to age to reach iridium quality.

How to Get Large Milk in Stardew Valley

To get Large Milk from Cows every day in Stardew Valley, you will need to make sure that they have a high Mood and Friendship.

The game gives you a chance every day to get Large Milk from Cows if you have at least 200 Friendship points with them.

The equation to calculate your daily chance to get Large Milk in Stardew Valley is:

  • (Friendship + (Mood * Mood Modifier)) / 1,200

Friendship with your Cow can go from 0 to 1,000. You can increase friendship with your Cows by petting them every day, making sure they have food, and milking them.

Mood is based on how well you take care of them. Mood can go from 0 to 255. Generally, if you take really good care of your animals, you will get both high Friendship and Mood with them.

The Mood Modifier is a stat based on Mood. If the Cow has more than 200 Mood, the Modifier will be 1.5. Between 200 and 100 the Mood Modifier will be 0, and below 100 it will be negative.

How to Get Large Milk Every Day

If you look at the previous stats, you can generally tell that it should be possible to get Large Milk every day in Stardew Valley.

What you need to do is have the maximum number of hearts with your Cow (5) and at least 200 Mood.

Eating grass outside instantly sets the Mood of the Cow to 255, and it will stay there if you don’t make any mistakes.

So, if you want to get Large Milk every day, increase your friendship with your Cows to 5 hearts and then keep them inside until you can grow some grass close to their Coop.

Let them out one day to eat everything and then lock them back inside.

If you feed and pet them every day, you should easily keep Mood over 200, assuring that you get Large Milk every day.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Large Milk in Stardew Valley!

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