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War is inevitable in Stellaris, and knowing how to manage your spaceships effectively can carry you a long way. One tool all players will need to learn is how to combine fleets.

There is strength in numbers, and having your ships travel around in small groups will make them an easy target for your foes.

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Keeping your fleets consolidated in 2-4 stacks is also a much easier way to manage them and will provide you with a much more enjoyable experience.

Fleets are merged in Stellaris by simply selecting the two fleets you would like to merge and clicking the merge fleets button. By default, this is key-bound to G.

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How to Merge Fleets in Stellaris

First thing first, we want to find the two fleets we would like to merge. We can easily find our fleets by using the Outliner menu or by searching for them manually.

Once we have found the fleets we are after, we need to select them both. This can be done by shift-clicking both of the fleets. Once done, you will notice the command interface will show you two separate fleets.

Now that they are both selected; at the top of the command interface, the “merge” button will be highlighted. Clicking that will order the fleets to merge.

They will then cease to be two separate fleets on the outliner menu and will become one larger fleet. The default keybinding for the merge fleets order is “G.”

The fleets you wish to merge do not need to be in the same system to select this option. Even if they are on opposite sides of the galaxy, they can be selected and ordered to merge.

One of the fleets will then begin moving towards the other to execute the order.

A problem a lot of players may run into when trying to combine their fleets is, forgetting about the fleet command limit.

The fleet command limit is a cap on how large your fleet can be, and it can be upgraded throughout a playthrough. You cannot combine fleets if combining them would take you over your fleet command limit.

This is everything you need to know about combing fleets in Stellaris.

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