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How strong you are in All Star Tower Defense depends entirely on what characters you have and how much you’ve upgraded.

While in battle, a strategic element also comes into play, which means some people will do better than others with the same set of characters.

However, it is impossible to beat some levels in story mode and reach certain waves in infinite mode if your team is too weak.

In this guide, we give you all the information you need to know about characters in All Star Tower Defense in Roblox, including how to get them, how to evolve characters, how to upgrade them, as well as a list of all characters in the game.

Be sure to check out our All Star Tower Defense codes list for all active codes, as claiming them will enable you to get more characters.

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How to get characters

The main way to get characters in All Star Tower Defense is by summoning.

You can summon characters by clicking the Summon button on the left side of the screen in the game.

This will take you to the summoning window, where you can roll for the characters currently displayed on the screen.

There are two types of summons – Gem Summon and Gold Summon.

As their names suggest, the Gem Summon costs Gems, and the Gold Summon costs Gold.

Learn how to get more gems in All Star Tower Defense here.

Inside both of the summon types, you can either summon one character or ten characters at a time.

Here are the costs of the two types of summons.

Gem Summon

  • 1 Character summon = 50 Gems (50 Gems per character)
  • 10 Characters summon = 450 Gems (45 Gems per character)

Gold Summon

  • 1 Character summon = 150 Gold (150 Gold per character)
  • 10 Characters summon = 1,100 Gold (110 Gold per character)

The selection of characters you can roll in both Gem Summon and Gold Summon reset every hour.

You can see what characters are the best to roll for in our All Star Tower Defense tier list.

Furthermore, you can see the chance of rolling each character that is currently in the pool, with higher-rarity characters having a smaller chance of being rolled, in general.

The second way to get characters in All Star Tower Defense is by completing levels and trials.

Every level in the story mode has a chance to give different characters as a reward.

The characters that you can get from a specific level in the story mode depends on the chapter the level is in.

Here is an overview of what characters you can in the levels in each chapter of the story mode.

Beginner SagaAlien Soldier I60%
Alien Soldier II30%
Alien Soldier III10%
Hidden VillageSound Ninja I60%
Sound Ninja II30%
Sound Ninja III10%
Desert IslandPirate Agent I40%
Pirate Agent II20%
Pirate Agent III20%
Pirate Agent IV15%
Pirate Agent V5%
Hero DomeNomu I40%
Nomu II25%
Nomu III25%
Nomu IV10%
Inner WorldArrancur I40%
Arrancur II25%
Arrancur III25%
Arrancur IV5%
Arrancur V5%
Vampire HideoutVampire I40%
Vampire II30%
Vampire III25%
Vampire IV5%
Outer WallGiant I40%
Giant II30%
Giant III20%
Giant IV5%
Giant V5%
Ant KingdomBug Soldier I40%
Bug Soldier II30%
Bug Soldier III20%
Bug Soldier IV5%
Bug Soldier V5%
VillageDemon I40%
Demon II30%
Demon III20%
Demon IV5%
Demon V5%
Snowy VillageFiend I40%
Fiend II30%
Fiend III20%
Fiend IV5%
Fiend V5%
Magic TownMage I40%
Mage II30%
Mage III20%
Mage IV5%
Mage V5%
Skull IslandWizard I40%
Wizard II30%
Wizard III20%
Wizard IV5%
Wizard V5%
Psychic CityEsper I40%
Esper II30%
Esper III20%
Esper IV5%
Esper V5%
Magic CityCultist I40%
Cultist II30%
Cultist III20%
Cultist IV5%
Cultist V5%
Secret LabHomunculus I40%
Homunculus II30%
Homunculus III20%
Homunculus IV5%
Homunculus V5%

Most of these characters will not replace the ones in your current team but be used as fodder instead.

There are a couple of trials in the game, and these give excellent characters.

Here you can see what characters you get from each trial.

  • Trial 1 = Wish
  • Trial 2 = Yoshaga Kiryu
  • Tiral 3 = MrFlimFlam

You can do the three trials at levels 25, 35, and 45.

MrFlimFlam is a very powerful character in the game, so if you’re close to being able to do trial 3, we recommend you try to beat it, as the character can help you progress further afterward.

How to upgrade characters

In All Star Tower Defense, you can upgrade your characters both in-battle and outside of battle.

When you upgrade your character outside of battle, that upgrade, known as level up, will be permanently kept for that character.

When you upgrade a character in battle, with the money that you earn in that battle, they only remain upgraded throughout the rest of that battle.

To be successful and keep progressing in the game, you need to your characters both in battle and outside of battle.

To level up a character, click the Inventory button on the left side of the screen.

This will bring up a window showing all your characters.

Select the character you wish to upgrade.

In the information window that appears of that character, click ‘Feed’.

You will now see the feeding window for that character, where it displays the selected character’s stats and level.

Click the characters in your character inventory that you wish to use as fodder for the selected character.

When you select characters as fodder, you can see the impact it’ll have on the selected character’s EXP, level and stats if you were to feed the selected character.

All Star Tower Defense Level Up Character

NOTE! – When you use a character as fodder, that character is sacrificed, which means you lose it. So don’t use a character you need or don’t want to lose as fodder!

Once you’re happy with your selection of fodder, click ‘FEED’, and the character you are feeding will be upgraded according to the stats, level, and EXP you could see beforehand.

That’s it! You have now leveled up your character.

The maximum level of characters is 80.

To upgrade characters in battles, click a character you’ve already placed on the battlefield.

This will bring up the window for the character on the left side.

Here you can see its stats, name, and current upgrade rank.

Click the ‘Upgrade’ button on the left side to upgrade the selected character.

Before you can upgrade it, you need to have enough money – you can see how much it costs to upgrade the selected character on the upgrade button.

How to evolve characters

Some characters in All Star Tower Defense can be evolved.

When you evolve a character, it turns into a stronger version of the same character but is viewed as a new, separate character.

You can see whether or not a character you have can be evolved by selecting it in your character inventory.

Click the Inventory button on the left side to open your character inventory.

If a character has the evolve button on its info page in white text, it means that it can be evolved.

Characters whose evolve button is in red text cannot be evolved.

Evolving a character costs copies of the same character and sometimes copies of other characters as well.

You can see what character copies you need to upgrade a character by clicking Evolve on its info page and then checking the characters in the bottom menu.

All Star Tower Defense Evolve Character

Here is a complete overview of all heroes in the game that can evolve.

Many of the characters that you can evolve characters into can also be obtained directly as the evolved version.

However, some extremely powerful characters in the game, including Black Stache (Timeskip), can also be obtained by evolving the previous evolution, in this case, Blackstache.

Here is a list of the characters that can be evolved in the game:

  • Alien Soldier I-II
  • Sound Ninja I-II
  • Pirate Agent I-IV
  • Nomu I-III
  • Arrancur I-IV
  • Vampire I-III
  • Giant I-IV
  • Bug Soldier I-IV
  • Demon I-IV
  • Fiend I-IV
  • Mage I-IV
  • Wizard I-IV
  • Esper I-IV
  • Cultist I-IV
  • Homunculus I-IV
  • EXP
  • Zaruto
  • Wrathdioas
  • Veku
  • KokuRuffy
  • NineNine
  • CaptainLami
  • Kosuke
  • Koro
  • Zio Brundo
  • Zaruo (Sage)
  • Zazashi
  • Veku (Kick Style)
  • Vegu
  • Super Koku
  • Supreme-Leader
  • Ruffy TS
  • Pang (Human)
  • Broul
  • Lami TS
  • Kosuke (Rogue)
  • Koku Black
  • Killer
  • Hirito GGO
  • Masked Captain
  • Gen
  • Zukia
  • Supreme-Leader (Final Form)
  • Whitestache
  • Pang
  • Mikato
  • Blackstache

The list above only lists the characters that can be evolved, which means that the final evolution of characters is not listed.

How to use characters

If you are a new player, you might be confused as to how you can use a character you’ve obtained.

To use a character in All Star Tower Defense, you have to equip it.

You can equip a character by clicking the Inventory button on the left side of the screen, selecting the character you wish to use, and then clicking ‘Equip’ on its info window.

If you have already used up all your character slots on your team, select a character you’ve equipped, and click ‘Unequip’.

The character will be removed from your team, and you can now equip the character you wanted to use.

You can see the specific copies you have equipped on your team by the red ‘E.’ on the icon of the character in Inventory.

The characters you have equipped on your team appear at the bottom of the screen, both in the lobby and in battles.

To build a character in battle, press it, drag it to a location where its indicator is green, and click.

You can only build a character if you have enough money and you haven’t built too many of them already – characters have a limit of how many of the same character you can build.

Ground characters can only be built on the ground, while air characters can only be built on the hills.

All characters list

There are tons of characters in All Star Tower Defense, each with a unique set of skills.

Here is a complete overview of all characters in the game, their star rating, type, deployment cost, and upgrade ranks.

Golden Supreme-LeaderAir65007
Black Stache (Timeskip)Ground66006
Club BeastGround67502
Mikato (Beast Cloak)Ground65004
Whitestache (Final)Ground66505
Zukia (B)Ground67506
The PathGround + Air65006
Ikki (BW)Air55004
Koku Black PinkAir54504
Legendary BorulAir55004
Lucky GreenAir54956
Supreme-Leader (Final Form)Air55004
Troy HondaAir57003
Ultra KokuAir55004
All PowerfulGround56504
Flaming TigerGround56505
Gen (Grown)Ground54509
"God" CaptainGround56006
Hammer GiantGround55002
Humble SwordmanGround54004
Jokato KojuGround55003
Killer (Lightspeed)Ground54504
Kosuke (Eternal)Ground54505
Lami (Wuno)Ground54504
Mysterious XGround57205
Plant ManGround54254
Red Eye WarriorGround56505
Ruffy (4th Form)Ground510004
Stampede (100%)Ground54506
Super BooGround54006
Tatsu (Half)Ground55004
Tony StarkGround54505
Vegu (Mind)Ground54504
Veku (Infinite Power)Ground54754
Yoshaga KiryuGround55004
Zaruto (Beast Cloak)Ground54504
Zazashi (Ultimate)Ground53953
Blinding LightsGround + Air54505
Koku BlackAir43753
Masked CaptainAir44504
Pang (Demon)Air43753
Super KokuAir44504
Bellma (Money Corp)Ground43004
Hirito GGOGround44504
Janji TSGround45003
Koro TSGround43503
Kosuke (Rogue)Ground43253
Lami TSGround43254
Ninenine TSGround43253
Pang (Human)Ground43753
Ruffy TSGround43503
Shirtless MagicianGround43753
Veku (Kick Style)Ground43504
Wrathdioas (?)Ground43754
Zaruto (Sage)Ground43504
Zio BrundoGround43753
Anti MagicianGround34503
Boggi "The Clown"Ground34004
Boulder LiGround33003
Jon JoGround33753
Kid ZarutoGround34503

Characters you can obtain from story rewards are not included in this list, as they are usually not used in battle.

Instead, their main purpose is mostly as fodder for leveling up characters or to evolve other characters.

You can find a list of all these characters in the How To Get Characters paragraph of this guide.

That’s everything you need to know about characters in All Star Tower Defense!

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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