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Gems are one of the two currencies in All Star Tower Defense.

You need gems to do regular summons in the game, making them very useful.

The fastest way to get gems in All Star Tower Defense is by first redeeming all active codes, then do daily tasks, and then do either regular Story Mode or Infinite Mode to complete tasks, depending on where you are in the game. Find more information on this below.

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How to get gems fast

Gems are an essential currency you need to get stronger in All Star Tower Defense, as they are needed to do summons.

Summons gives you characters in the game, and if you’re after the best characters in All Star Tower Defense, then you need to do a bunch of them.

This means that you also need a bunch of gems, and most players prefer to obtain them as fast as possible.

So here is a rundown of how to get gems fast in All Star Tower Defense.

The first step is to make sure you have redeemed all active codes and claimed the daily login bonus.

Almost all codes give gems as a reward, and all you need to do to get the rewards of the code is to claim them.

You can find all active codes in our All Star Tower Defense Codes List.

After you’ve redeemed the codes, the next thing you should do is complete all your daily tasks.

You can find all your daily tasks by pressing the ‘Tasks’ icon on the left side of the screen and then selecting the ‘Daily Tasks’ tab to the right of the tasks window.

Daily tasks are small, simple missions, such as summon X number of times or finish X number of missions.

At the beginning of the game, there might be some daily tasks that you cannot complete, including level a unit to level 20, so just do the ones that you can.

After doing your daily tasks, the fastest way to get gems depends on how far into the game you’ve progressed already.

If you’ve just started playing, you should now progress through the Story Mode, which will make you stronger and earn you 20 gems upon completing a new level, 4 gems for repeated levels.

Once you’re strong enough and have reached level 45, go do the first three trials in Trial Mode, and if possible, find someone to help you with it, as it’ll make it much easier.

After beating the first three trials, or just the first and second if you can’t beat the third yet, you should now have sufficient characters to start farming Infinite Mode to complete tasks.

The Infinite Mode is a game mode where you defend against an endless number of waves of enemies.

Almost all the regular tasks in the game can be completed the fastest by doing the Infinite Mode.

By farming the Infinite Mode, you can quickly complete a lot of regular tasks, as you get a lot of EXP, can deal a ton of damage, and evolve characters.

Here is an overview of the different regular tasks that give you gems in All Star Tower Defense.

  • Reach Level X = 15 Gems
  • Deal X Damage = 15 Gems
  • Defeat Wave X in Infinite Mode = 10 Gems
  • Collect X Different Units = 30 Gems
  • Evolve X Units = 40 Gems

When you complete a regular task, you will instantly get a new regular task with the same objective, just with a higher value or level, which is why the quests above are marked with X instead of a number.

The last method to getting gems in All Star Tower Defense is by utilizing the ‘FREE Gems/Coins’ area, also known as the Time Chamber.

In here, you get 5 gems every 500 seconds or 10 gems every 500 seconds if you are a premium member.

This is not a lot of gems per hour, but if you are doing something else or sleeping, you can earn a decent amount of gems by keeping the game running in the Time Chamber.

To not get disconnected after 20 minutes in the Time Chamber, you do need to use either auto-clicker software or a macro that writes in the chat automatically.

That’s how to get gems fast in All Star Tower Defense!

If you have any input for this guide, then let us know in the comment section below.

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