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At its core, Anime Fighters Simulator revolves around collecting characters, also known as fighters, both for the purpose of fighting and for upgrading other characters.

Through the journey in the world, you’ll encounter many new fighters, and maybe even a secret fighter or a divine fighter that is not visible in the index until you obtain them.

There are several things that you need to know about characters and the process of obtaining them to progress faster in the game.

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In this guide, we cover everything that you need to know about characters in Anime Fighters Simulator, from how to get them to which ones to focus on for progress.

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What are fighters

Fighters, also known simply as characters, are the characters that you can collect in the game.

You can equip up to five fighters on your team at a time, depending on your upgrades.

At the beginning of the game, you can only equip three.

The power of the characters that you have currently equipped determines how powerful you are, as your DPS depends on their damage and the damage of your tap attack.

The damage of your tap attack is determined by the total power of your currently equipped fighters.

Collecting new fighters and upgrading the ones that you are currently using to increase your DPS is the single most important thing that you can do to progress faster.

You can see what fighters you have as well as change what characters you are currently using by clicking the character icon on the left side of the screen.

There are eight different rarities in the game that characters can be. They are as follows, ranked from weakest to strongest:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
  • Crafted
  • Secret
  • Divine

Characters that you obtain from later worlds scale better and better in terms of damage compared to their level.

Therefore, you’ll sometimes find that a mythical character from a later world is stronger than a crafted character from an earlier one, for example.

Check out our Anime Fighters Simulator tier list for more information on how powerful the different characters from each world are.

How to get characters

You’ll be spending a lot of your time in the game collecting characters to improve your team’s damage output.

The main way to get characters in Anime Fighters Simulator is by opening from stars located in each world.

Each star has its own index of characters that you can get from it that are unique to that world.

Summoning characters, also known as opening stars, costs Yen, the in-game currency, and the later the world is, the more Yen a single star open costs, but the more powerful and higher level the characters you get are.

Characters that you get from opening stars can be of any rarity except crafted, as those can only be obtained from the crafting machine.

You can also purchase characters directly with Robux from the Merchant, who appears randomly in one of the worlds in the game, the shop, or the special star.

When you open stars (summon characters), you can see the probability of getting each character in that world, except the secret one and divines.

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The probability of getting each character depends on the rarity of it, what world you are in, and the number of luck boosts that you have.

The higher the rarity of a character, the smaller the probability that you get it from a star.

You are, however, guaranteed to get a legendary character and later a mythical character from opening stars because of the pity system.

If you open a certain number of stars without getting a legendary character, you will be guaranteed to get it on your next open.

After getting a legendary character, whether it’s from the legendary pity of a regular open, you unlock the mythical pity.

The mythical pity, like the legendary pity, guarantees that you get a mythical character after a certain number of opens.

Pities are specific to each star, and you can see how many more opens that you need to do before you get the pity at a star above the list of its characters when next to it.

There is no secret pity nor any divine pity in the game, which means that you are never guaranteed to get a secret or a divine, no matter how many stars you open.

The number of opens required for each pity in the game is equal to the number of opens that you theoretically have to do on average to get that character.

Using the multi-open feature does not count towards the pity counter.

How to get mythical characters

Mythical is the third-highest rarity characters can be in the game.

To get mythical characters in Anime Fighters Simulator, you need to open a lot of stars.

The probability of getting a mythical character is one in a couple of thousand and in later worlds one in more than ten thousand.

Luckily, there is a mythical pity in the game, which means that you are guaranteed to get the mythical character of the star that you are opening after a certain number of stars.

The number of opens that you need to get the mythical pity is usually a couple of thousand, and more than ten thousand in later worlds – around the theoretical number of opens needed to get the mythical character on average.

You unlock the mythical pity of a star once you obtain a legendary character from it, either from a regular open or from the legendary pity.

Sometimes, you can also purchase mythical characters from the Merchant and Shop.

How to get crafted characters

Crafted is the second-highest rarity in the game.

Crafted characters are also known as raid characters because of the way you obtain them.

You get crafted characters in Anime Fighters Simulator by crafting them in the crafting machine located in each world.

Each world has its own unique crafted character that, like any other character in the game, can also be shiny.

To craft the crafted character of a world, you need to collect the required materials first.

  • The regular version of a crafted character costs 3 copies of the regular version of the mythical character of that world + 5 raid shards from that world.
  • The shiny version of a crafted character costs 5 copies of the shiny version of the mythical character of that world + 20 raid shards from that world.

You get raid shards by completing raids or defeating the regular boss in any world. Each world has its own raid and its own raid shards.

The raid in each world opens at random times and costs one raid ticket to enter.

You can see in the announcement message “something is rumbling in X world” when a raid opens and in which world.

After you’ve gathered the required materials to craft a world’s crafted character, head to the crafting machine in that world and click craft.

Note that you need to unlock the mythical characters that you want to use for crafting in your character inventory before they will show up in the crafting machine.

How to level up characters

Once you’ve gathered fighters for your team, it’s time to upgrade your best ones to increase your damage output.

To level up characters in Anime Fighters Simulator, open your character inventory, click the character you wish to level up, click fuse, select the characters you wish to sacrifice to give XP to the character you wish to level up, and click ‘Fuse Selected’.

Upon clicking ‘Fuse Selected’, you can see the amount of XP the selected characters will give to the character that you are upgrading if you choose to fuse them.

The higher the level and the higher the rarity of a character that you are using for fusion, the more XP it will give to the character that you are leveling up.

Leveling up characters increases their damage stat and thus helps you progress faster.

Later in this guide, we go over when we believe you should level up characters that you already have versus acquiring and using new ones on your team.

How to equip more characters at once

Being able to equip more fighters at a time will dramatically increase your total damage output.

At the beginning of the game, you can only equip three characters at a time.

To equip more characters at once in Anime Fighters Simulator, you need to unlock the ‘Extra Equip’ upgrades.

There are two ‘Extra Equip’ upgrades in the game. This is how you unlock them:

  • Extra Equip I = Reach room 60 in Time Trials
  • Extra Equip II = Reach room 120 in Time Trials

If you’ve just started playing the game, it’ll be a while before you can make it to room 60 and a long time till you can reach 120 on your own.

You do not, however, need to reach these rooms on your own to get the upgrades.

If someone much stronger than you happens to do Time Trials at the same time as you, all you have to do is follow them, and you’ll get the upgrades if you reach the rooms listed above.

Each of the ‘Extra Equip’ upgrades increases the number of fighters that you can equip at once by one.

When you’ve unlocked both of the ‘Extra Equip’ upgrades in the game, you can equip a total of 5 characters.

If you purchase the Extra Equip Robux gamepass on top of the upgrades, you can equip a total of 7 characters.

You can see the upgrades as well as activate them if you’ve reached room 60 or room 120 in Time Trials through the up-arrow icon on the right side of the screen, where you’ll find all other upgrades as well.

How to summon multiple characters at once

At the start of the game, you can only summon one character at a time, also known as opening a star.

With upgrades, you can open up to 8 stars at a time, which significantly increases the number of stars that you can open per hour, which is very useful when farming for mythical, secret, and divine characters.

To increase the number of characters that you can summon at a time, you need to unlock the ‘Extra Star’ upgrades.

There are four of these upgrades, unlocked by reaching the following rooms in Time Trials:

  • Extra Star I = Reach room 24 in the Time Trials
  • Extra Star II = Reach room 48 in the Time Trials
  • Extra Star III = Reach room 72 in the Time Trials
  • Extra Star IV = Reach room 100 in the Time Trials
  • Extra Star V = Reach room 140 in the Time Trials

Each of these upgrades increases the number of stars that you can open at a time by one.

On top of the ‘Extra Star’ upgrades, there is a Robux upgrade that you can purchase in the shop that increases the number of stars that you open at a time by two, bringing the total number to 8.

Like with any other upgrade that requires you to reach a specific room in the Time Trials, you do not need to reach it on your own.

If you do Time Trials with other players that are much stronger than you and they can reach any of the rooms listed above, all you have to do is follow them, and you’ll unlock the upgrades.

Many players do Time Trials often, so chances are that you’ll randomly end up being in Time Trials with other strong players that will carry you to the rooms listed above.

You can see all upgrades in the game, including the ‘Extra Star’ ones, through the up-arrow icon on the right side of the screen.

What characters to focus on for progress

Every time you unlock a new world, you gain access to a new selection of fighters.

If you’re looking to progress as fast as possible, you shouldn’t aim to get all characters from each world just yet, though.

We’ve found that the best way to progress in terms of character focus is to aim for a team of epics from the world that you’ve made it to, then start saving your Yen for unlocking the next world.

If you have a mythical, legendary, crafted, secret, or divine from an earlier world, and especially if any of these are shiny, then chances are that they will scale better in terms of damage per level than the epics or legendary in your newest world.

You should, however, only fuse into one character at a time and then just use epics and legendaries if you happen to get any from your newest world.

We quickly progressed through most of the worlds in the game by focusing our Yen on acquiring three epics from our newest world and then leveling our best mythical character from an earlier world to around the level of the characters that you get from the star of our newest world.

At this point, we had four equip slots, so if we’d had only three, we would have aimed for two epics and used the rest of our opens to fuse the mythical character to the level of the newly opened epics.

If you happen to get either a legendary or mythical from your newest world before you move on to the next one, then you should, of course, use them instead of one of the epics.

All characters list

With each world featuring eight unique characters, there are quite a few characters in the entire game.

Here is a complete overview of all characters in Anime Fighters Simulator.

Sensei RammaCommonSuper Island
VergangCommonSuper Island
WillmaRareSuper Island
SugchaEpicSuper Island
Goldar IIILegendarySuper Island
Penny The OneMythicalSuper Island
Ultimate HekaCraftedSuper Island
PinkieSecretSuper Island
SassyCommonNinja Village
FamuCommonNinja Village
EkRareNinja Village
PraEpicNinja Village
KingLegendaryNinja Village
MusashiMythicalNinja Village
Master SassyCraftedNinja Village
AsukaSecretNinja Village
BootheadCommonCrazy Town
BigheadCommonCrazy Town
JoeRareCrazy Town
KillerEpicCrazy Town
Fate ApprenticeLegendaryCrazy Town
Dr DolphinMythicalCrazy Town
WendyCraftedCrazy Town
TokioSecretCrazy Town
TaffyCommonFruits Island
SayumaCommonFruits Island
ZenyaRareFruits Island
LipEpicFruits Island
ToothLegendaryFruits Island
MikeMythicalFruits Island
Taffy LongmanCraftedFruits Island
DobonitoSecretFruits Island
Gravity GirlCommonHero University
Our HeroCommonHero University
FroggoRareHero University
BoomerEpicHero University
Luke WarmLegendaryHero University
Shining HeroMythicalHero University
Maximum HeroCraftedHero University
Eagle EyedSecretHero University
Kevin KCommonWalled City
HunterCommonWalled City
SarahRareWalled City
CommanderEpicWalled City
MonkLegendaryWalled City
SpinnerMythicalWalled City
Omega HunterCraftedWalled City
Big BenSecretWalled City
SisterCommonSlayer Army
BeastmanCommonSlayer Army
FirewaterRareSlayer Army
SleepyEpicSlayer Army
WaveLegendarySlayer Army
Flame KnightMythicalSlayer Army
SleepingCraftedSlayer Army
SunSecretSlayer Army
EdgelordCommonGhoul Town
RabbitCommonGhoul Town
JasonRareGhoul Town
RamuyaEpicGhoul Town
KenkoLegendaryGhoul Town
White ReaperMythicalGhoul Town
Edge GodCraftedGhoul Town
Two EyedSecretGhoul Town
BrotherCommonChimera Jungle
AwayCommonChimera Jungle
KurataRareChimera Jungle
ChaineeEpicChimera Jungle
ClownLegendaryChimera Jungle
BuddhaMythicalChimera Jungle
Full SpeedCraftedChimera Jungle
Far AwaySecretChimera Jungle
Support MageCommonVirtual Castle
GirlfriendCommonVirtual Castle
ShenkaiRareVirtual Castle
SniperEpicVirtual Castle
GordonLegendaryVirtual Castle
LandmineMythicalVirtual Castle
Shenkai MaxCraftedVirtual Castle
SlicetteSecretVirtual Castle
QuirkyCommonEmpty Dimension
PurpCommonEmpty Dimension
NuggetRareEmpty Dimension
B-A-DEpicEmpty Dimension
Living EmptyLegendaryEmpty Dimension
FalconMythicalEmpty Dimension
Black SliceCraftedEmpty Dimension
EikoSecretEmpty Dimension
KurisuCommonCursed High
TamiCommonCursed High
BoltRareCursed High
KiraEpicCursed High
YoshihiroLegendaryCursed High
Mit BlindfoldMythicalCursed High
Ohne BlindfoldCraftedCursed High
Sigma CurseSecretCursed High
PopsCommonXYZ Metropolis
Lightning SpeedCommonXYZ Metropolis
Cyborg WarriorRareXYZ Metropolis
WerewolfEpicXYZ Metropolis
ThunderLegendaryXYZ Metropolis
Bald ManMythicalXYZ Metropolis
Bald HeroCraftedXYZ Metropolis
Emperor AlienSecretXYZ Metropolis
Purple WitchCommon9 Crimes Island
TaijoCommon9 Crimes Island
PrincessRare9 Crimes Island
AnikiEpic9 Crimes Island
Shining StarLegendary9 Crimes Island
WrathiosMythical9 Crimes Island
Demon WrathiosCrafted9 Crimes Island
Dark OneSecret9 Crimes Island
BladeCommonDestiny Island
Gem WizardCommonDestiny Island
Schil'oRareDestiny Island
PinkyEpicDestiny Island
ClarentLegendaryDestiny Island
Gilded KingMythicalDestiny Island
Clarent (Dark)CraftedDestiny Island
Jane d' BateauSecretDestiny Island
ShellCommonLucky Kingdom
BraveryCommonLucky Kingdom
CartusRareLucky Kingdom
HopeEpicLucky Kingdom
DarknessLegendaryLucky Kingdom
Spirit WarriorMythicalLucky Kingdom
Bravery (Dark)CraftedLucky Kingdom
King of MagesSecretLucky Kingdom
AlfredCommonLand of Alchemy
ScottCommonLand of Alchemy
ImmortalRareLand of Alchemy
LouiseEpicLand of Alchemy
Silver GunmanLegendaryLand of Alchemy
Flamin HotMythicalLand of Alchemy
PapaCraftedLand of Alchemy
The AnswerSecretLand of Alchemy
GoburugaCommonSlimey Island
King WakuCommonSlimey Island
SecretaryRareSlimey Island
General HikkiEpicSlimey Island
ArumanfiLegendarySlimey Island
Friendly SlimeMythicalSlimey Island
Demon SlimeCraftedSlimey Island
DestroyerSecretSlimey Island
RollCommonFlame City
JewelCommonFlame City
Traditional CaptainRareFlame City
Blue KnightEpicFlame City
IndraLegendaryFlame City
Sakura CaptainMythicalFlame City
Indra (Burst)CraftedFlame City
SoarSecretFlame City
General Lu BuCommonDivine Colosseum
ThorCommonDivine Colosseum
ValkyrieRareDivine Colosseum
Loser SwordsmanEpicDivine Colosseum
Enlightened OneLegendaryDivine Colosseum
FatherMythicalDivine Colosseum
Father (Angelic)CraftedDivine Colosseum
ZeusSecretDivine Colosseum
Metal DragonCommonKingdom of Four
LucciCommonKingdom of Four
SkyRareKingdom of Four
Ice-ColdEpicKingdom of Four
Scarlet WarriorLegendaryKingdom of Four
SalamanderMythicalKingdom of Four
Salamander (Dragon)CraftedKingdom of Four
Greatest EvilSecretKingdom of Four
Blue MaidCommonIcy Wastes
Pink MaidCommonIcy Wastes
Immortal NiisanRareIcy Wastes
Cat-knightEpicIcy Wastes
Loud LionLegendaryIcy Wastes
Frost-himeMythicalIcy Wastes
Great WitchCraftedIcy Wastes
Prodigious KnightSecretIcy Wastes
VegetableDivineAny world
Great NinjaDivineWalled City and up
HernandoDivineEmpty Dimension and up
Engineered AlienDivineLucky Kingdom and up
Red BatDivineFlame City and up
Flaming HeroDivineIcy Wastes and up

Divine characters can be obtained in more than one world. Learn more in our Anime Fighters Divine Characters Guide.

New characters are added in every major update.

The names of some characters have been changed from when they were released.

That’s everything you need to know about characters in Anime Fighters Simulator!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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