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There are tons of unique characters, known as fighters, from different animes that you can use in Anime Fighters Simulator.

The characters that you equip in the game follow your characters and attack enemies using various abilities upon being commanded to do so by you.

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Characters account for most of the damage your character deals, making it important that you use the best ones.

Given the vast number of characters, it can be difficult to figure out what characters are worth aiming for, upgrading, and using.

To help you decide what characters are the best for you to use, we’ve created this tier list ranking all mythical, crafted, secret, and divine fighters from Anime Fighters Simulator in tiers based on how powerful they are in the game.

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Anime Fighters Simulator tier list

Collecting new characters and upgrading them is what you’ll be spending the most time doing in Anime Fighters Simulator.

Your team of fighters is what determines how much DPS you can sling out, and thus how fast you can defeat enemies.

Each world in the game offers a new selection of fighters in different rarities, as well as secret and raid fighters.

Divine fighters don’t belong to a specific world like all other characters. They can be obtained in several different worlds.

These are the different rarities fighters in the world can be:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
  • Crafted
  • Secret
  • Divine

Divine and Secret fighters are among the strongest in the game but are also by far the hardest to obtain, harder to obtain than mythical and crafted fighters.

In this tier list, we only list mythical, crafted, also known as raid, secret, and divine, as these are the ones that you’ll be focusing on later on in the game.

When you start out, using fighters of legendary or lower rarity is fine, but you’ll want to start using mythical and above exclusively after some time.

Even further into the game, you want to start looking into the shiny version of mythical or higher characters, as these have significantly higher damage.

As you progress through the game, you’ll have an easier time farming Yen and will have more upgrades unlocked, which will help you summon characters faster and at higher luck.

Getting the best characters in the game will require you to summon a ton of characters from the star, and in some cases, also spend a bunch of time farming items for crafting.

Therefore, we recommend that you don’t focus on getting the best characters at the start of the game, as lower-rarity characters are just fine for a long time when it comes to progressing.

When you’ve played the game for a while and have many upgrades, etc., then you should start going for mythical, crafted, secret, and divine characters.

The ranking of each character listed below is determined by how much damage they deal in the game.

They are assigned a rank between S and D, with S being the highest and D the lowest.

Note that this rank is relative to the other characters in the list, not relative to all characters in the game.

D-rank characters in this list are much stronger than any common character in the game, for example.

We update this tier list periodically to keep up with updates and changes to the game.

Chief MaidS++DivineSoul Academy and later worlds
Sensitive SlayerS++DivineLand of Guts and later worlds
Reaper Sr.S+SecretSoul Academy
Dragon-kingS+DivineOrca Road Prison and later worlds
True Golden KingS+DivineThe Hole and later worlds
BloodshedS+SecretSorcerer Empire
CeramicS+SecretHero Village
Skele-KingSSecretLand of Guts
Makato (Hunter)SCraftedSoul Academy
Father DestroyerSSecretFashion Empire
MomoSCraftedSorcerer Empire
Yuka (Shadow)SSecretWorld of Games
Guardian-Hero (Enraged)SCraftedHero Village
JimmySSecretOrca Road Prison
Flaming HeroSDivineIcy Wastes and later worlds
Clang (Enraged)SCraftedLand of Guts
BetrayerSSecretTime Travel Tokyo
Scissor Girl (Uniformed)SCraftedFashion Empire
Famu (Atomic)SSecretNinja City
Red BatSDivineFlame City and later worlds
Caleb (Final Duel)SCraftedWorld of Games
AbbySSecretThe Hole
Engineered AlienA+DivineLucky Kingdom and up
Heavy RainA+CraftedOrca Road Prison
Esper-KingA+SecretPsychic City
Nick (Future)A+CraftedTime Travel Tokyo
Control MonsterA+SecretThe Underworld
HernandoA+DivineEmpty Dimension and up
Burrito (Older)A+CraftedNinja City
Prodigious KnightA+SecretIcy Wastes
Living WeaponA+MythicalSoul Academy
Avocado (Devil)A+CraftedThe Hole
Greatest EvilA+SecretKingdom of Four
Great NinjaADivineWalled City and up
Lich LordAMythicalSorcerer Empire
Crowd (Enraged)ACraftedPsychic City
ZeusASecretDivine Colosseum
Guardian-HeroAMythicalHero Village
Chainsaw DemonACraftedThe Underworld
SoarBSecretFlame City
ClangBMythicalLand of Guts
Great WitchBCraftedIcy Wastes
DestroyerBSecretSlimey Island
Scissor GirlBMythicalFashion Empire
Salamander (Dragon)BCraftedKingdom of Four
The AnswerCSecretLand of Alchemy
CalebCMythicalWorld of Games
Father (Angelic)CCraftedDivine Colosseum
King of MagesCSecretLucky Kingdom
VegetableCDivineAny world
RainCMythicalOrca Road Prison
Indra (Burst)CCraftedFlame City
Jane d' BateauCSecretDestiny Island
NickCMythicalTime Travel Tokyo
Demon SlimeCCraftedSlimey Island
Dark OneCSecret9 Crimes Island
Sassy (Father)DMythicalNinja City
PapaDCraftedLand of Alchemy
Emperor AlienDSecretXYZ Metropolis
KamaDMythicalThe Hole
Bravery (Dark)DCraftedLucky Kingdom
Sigma CurseDSecretCursed High
CrowdDMythicalPsychic City
Clarent (Dark)DCraftedDestiny Island
EikoDSecretEmpty Dimension
SawyerDMythicalThe Underworld
Demon WrathiosDCrafted9 Crimes Island
SlicetteDSecretVirtual Castle
Frost-himeDMythicalIcy Wastes
Bald HeroDCraftedXYZ Metropolis
Far AwayDSecretChimera Jungle
SalamanderFMythicalKingdom of Four
Ohne BlindfoldFCraftedCursed High
Two EyedFSecretGhoul Town
FatherFMythicalDivine Colosseum
Black SliceFCraftedEmpty Dimension
SunFSecretSlayer Army
Sakura CaptainFMythicalFlame City
Shenkai MaxFCraftedVirtual Castle
Big BenFSecretWalled City
Friendly SlimeFMythicalSlimey Island
Full SpeedFCraftedChimera Jungle
Eagle EyedFSecretHero University
Flamin HotFMythicalLand of Alchemy
Edge GodFCraftedGhoul Town
DobonitoFSecretFruits Island
Spirit WarriorFMythicalLucky Kingdom
SleepingFCraftedSlayer Army
TokioFSecretCrazy Town
Gilded KingFMythicalDestiny Island
Omega HunterFCraftedWalled City
AsukaFSecretNinja Village
WrathiosFMythical9 Crimes Island
100% DeckFCraftedHero University
PinkieFSecretSuper Island
Bald ManFMythicalXYZ Metropolis
Taffy LongmanFCraftedFruits Island
Mit BlindfoldFMythicalCursed High
Coco RequiemFCraftedCrazy Town
FalconFMythicalEmpty Dimension
Mega SassyFCraftedNinja Village
LandmineFMythicalVirtual Castle
Super HekaFCraftedSuper Island
BuddhaFMythicalChimera Jungle
White ReaperFMythicalGhoul Town
Flame KnightFMythicalSlayer Army
SpinnerFMythicalWalled City
Shining HeroFMythicalHero University
MikeFMythicalFruits Island
Dr DolphinFMythicalCrazy Town
MusashiFMythicalNinja Village
Penny The OneFMythicalSuper Island

The calculation of each fighter’s rank is based on earlier DPS rankings estimated by oTradeMark and his community as well as in-game damage values.

As the tier list only takes damage output into account, you might want to consider other factors like the expected cost to obtain and upgrade when deciding whether or not to aim for and bring a new fighter onto your team.

If you wish to help us improve this tier list, you can leave your input in the comment section below.

That’s the tier list on the best characters in Anime Fighters Simulator!

Have any suggestions for this guide? Let us know below.

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