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There are tons of unique characters, known as fighters, from different animes that you can use in Anime Fighters Simulator.

The characters that you equip in the game follow your characters and attack enemies using various abilities upon being commanded to do so by you.

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Characters account for most of the damage your character deals, making it important that you use the best ones.

Given the vast number of characters, it can be difficult to figure out what characters are worth aiming for, upgrading, and using.

To help you decide what characters are the best for you to use, we’ve created this tier list ranking all Divine, Demonic, and Heavenly fighters from Anime Fighters Simulator in tiers based on how powerful they are in the game.

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Anime Fighters Simulator Tier List

Collecting new characters and upgrading them is what you’ll be spending the most time doing in Anime Fighters Simulator.

Your team of fighters is what determines how much DPS you can sling out and, thus, how fast you can defeat enemies. Each world in the game offers a new selection of fighters in different rarities, as well as secret and raid fighters.

Divine fighters don’t belong to a specific world like all other characters. They can be obtained in several different worlds. Heavenly and Demonic fighters are also not regular units that you can see in the pool of fighters in a specific world, but they belong to a specific world.

In the following tier list, all obtainable Divine, Demonic, and Heavenly fighters are ranked based on how powerful they are. The tiers given are relative to the other fighters listed, not all fighters in the game.

Immortal King


HeavenlyViking Saga
Worst Spirit


DivinePrimal Island
(Final Form) Sung Jon


DemonicSolo Isles
Cursed Dragon King


DivineEgo Zone and above
Flying Shadow


DivineDemon Isekai and above
King of Vampires


DivineHaunted Battleground and above
Dark Gaku


DivineMagic Continent – Haunted Battleground
Demon Prince


DemonicThe Underworld


DivineSorceres World – Paranormal Liberation


DivineThousand Year War – Steel Ball Island


DivineLand of Wanzo – Martial World


DivineFalse Paradise – Slayers Forest
Chief Maid


DivineSoul Academy – False Paradise
Sensitive Slayer


DivineLand of Guts – The Abyss


DivineOrca Road Prison – Sorcerer Empire
True Golden King


DivineThe Hole – Fashion Empire
Flaming Hero


DivineIcy Wastes – Time Travel Tokyo
Red Bat


DivineFlame City – Psychic City
Engineered Alien


DivineLucky Kingdom – Kingdom of Four


DivineEmpty Dimension – Slimey Island
Great Ninja


DivineWalled City – Destiny Island


DivineSuper Island – Virtual Castle

These are the different rarities fighters in the world can be:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
  • Crafted
  • Secret
  • Divine
  • Demonic
  • Heavenly

Heavenly and Demonc are the strongest in the game, followed by Divine and Secret fighters but are also by far the hardest to obtain, with the chance to obtain being much lower the higher the rarity.

When you start out, using fighters of legendary or lower rarity is fine, but you’ll want to start using mythical and above exclusively after some time. Once you’ve played for a while, you’ll start only using secret units and above.

Further into the game, you want to start looking into the shiny version of mythical or higher characters, as these have significantly higher damage.

As you progress through the game, you’ll have an easier time farming Yen and will have more upgrades unlocked, which will help you summon characters faster and at higher luck.

Getting the best characters in the game will require you to summon a ton of characters from the star, and in some cases, also spend a bunch of time farming items for crafting.

Therefore, we recommend that you don’t focus on getting the best characters at the start of the game, as lower-rarity characters are just fine for a long time when it comes to progressing.

When you’ve played the game for a while and have many upgrades, etc., then you should start going for mythical, crafted, secret, and divine characters.

As the tier list only takes damage output into account, you might want to consider other factors like the expected cost to obtain and upgrade when deciding whether or not to aim for and bring a new fighter onto your team.

If you wish to help us improve this tier list, you can leave your input in the comment section below.

That’s the tier list on the best characters in Anime Fighters Simulator!

Have any suggestions for this guide? Let us know below.

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