Blox Fruits – Best Swords Tier List (August 2022)

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You don’t only get abilities and power from the fruits you use in Blox Fruits. Weapons also give you various abilities and attacks.

One of the weapon types that are important to many aspects of the game is swords, which is an essential part of any build.

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There are many swords to collect and use in Blox Fruits, so to help you get an overview of which ones are the best, we’ve created this tier list ranking all swords in the game based on how powerful and useful they are.

If you’re looking for what the best fruits to use in Blox Fruits are, check out our Blox Fruits Fruit Tier List.

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Blox Fruits best swords tier list

When you equip and use a sword in Blox Fruits, you not only get to use its powerful basic attack, but you also unlock its abilities, just like with fruits.

Because of this, what sword you use is an important part of your build later on in Blox Fruits.

But with so many swords in the game, which ones should you go for and use? In the following tier list, all swords in Blox Fruits are ranked based on how powerful and useful they are to help give you an overview of their strength.

Dark BladeS+Mythical
Pole (2nd Form)S+Legendary
Spikey TridentSLegendary
Buddy SwordSLegendary
Hallow ScytheAMythical
True Triple KatanaAMythical
Dark DaggerALegendary
Midnight BladeALegendary
Dragon TridentARare
Soul CaneARare
Twin HooksBUncommon
Gravity CaneCRare
Pole (1st form)DLegendary
Dual-Headed BladeDRare
Warden's SwordDRare
Shark SawDUncommon
Iron MaceDUncommon
Triple KatanaDUncommon
Dual KatanaFCommon

The current tier list is based on the rankings of Blox Fruits YouTubers Eeechan & JCWK, as well as input from the community.

All swords are ranked in tiers between S+ and F, with S+ being the best and F the worst. The order within a tier is random.

When you start getting access to most items and weapons in Blox Fruits, swords also become an important part of the combo that you are building towards, which is why they shouldn’t be overlooked.

All swords in Blox Fruits are one of five rarities:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

The higher the rarity of a sword, the more difficult it is to obtain it and the stronger they usually are.

There are exceptions, of course, where lower-rarity swords are stronger than those with a higher rarity.

How to obtain a sword varies a lot and depends on the individual sword.

Most lower-rarity swords can be purchased directly from an NPC on an island, but most of the later swords can only be obtained through grinding, defeating a boss, etc.

That’s the tier list on what the best swords are in Blox Fruits!

Want to help us improve the rankings of this tier list? Please leave your input in the comment section below.

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