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Once you have reached the maximum level of 1,000 in Shindo Life, you can further increase the power of your character by ranking up.

The ranking system resets your level back to one but gives you stat boosts and other rewards, making you overall stronger when you level up to maximum level again.

In this guide, we give you all the information you need on the ranking system in Shindo Life.

Table of contents

What is the ranking system

The ranking system in Shindo Life is a system that allows you to rank up your character when you have reached the maximum level of 1,000, which resets it back to level one.

Ranking up your character brings it to the next rank.

Depending on what rank your character reaches upon ranking it, you get stat boosts in the form of extra points at level 1 and spins as a reward.

All ranks in the game are assigned into prestige groups, and it’s only when your character reaches a new prestige group through ranking up that you get a higher number of points to start with than your previous rank.

Spins are rewarded at every rank up.

When you rank up your character in Shindo Life, only its stats and XP are reset. You do not lose all the items, modes, bloodlines, elements, etc., that you have obtained.

To reach the full potential of your character, you should rank up in Shindo Life to reach the higher prestige levels.

This means that you have to level up to maximum level a lot of times – check out our Shindo Life leveling guide to see how to level up quickly in the game.

How to rank up

Before you can rank up, your character needs to be level 1,000, the maximum level of the game.

To rank up in Shindo Life, go and talk to an instructor in a city. You can find them by following the hand sign icon.

Currently, there is no instructor in the new version of the Ember village, so teleport to the old one to find an instructor.

Ranking up gets you to the next rank but doesn’t necessarily give you a greater stat boost than the previous rank, as you have to reach a new prestige level before the stat boost increases.

Every time you rank up in the game, you do get spins as a reward, though.

Prestige levels are groups of ranks. To reach the next prestige level, you need to reach the next letter-rank.

For example, if you are currently rank D2 and rank up, you reach rank D3, which is the same prestige level, so you don’t get a great stat boost than the previous rank.

However, if you rank up from D3, you reach rank C1, which is in a higher prestige level group, so your character gets stronger.

Complete ranking system overview

Here is a complete overview of all prestige groups in Shindo Life, as well as the stat boosts, max stats levels, and spin rewards in each of them.

RankPrestige levelStat boostMax stat levelSpins reward

The stat boost category is how many extra stat points you start with at level 1 at that rank.

That’s everything you need to know about the ranking system in Shindo Life!

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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