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Leveling is essential in Shindo Life if you wish to become stronger.

By leveling up, you unlock new abilities and gain points to increase your stats.

There are several ways to level up in the game, some of which are faster than others.

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In this guide, we give you the fastest way to level in Shindo Life so you can unlock better abilities, upgrade your stats, and become strong enough to fight bosses.

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General leveling tips

There are a couple of things we recommend you do to level up as fast as possible in Shindo Life.

Firstly, you should join the RELL World and RELL GAMES groups on Roblox, which are two groups made by the developer of Shindo Life.

By joining these two groups, you get both 2x daily rewards and 2x XP in Shindo Life, which makes you level up a whole lot faster.

Secondly, what setup of elements and bloodlines you have in Shindo Life makes a big difference in how powerful you are in the game, and the more powerful you are, the faster you can level up.

Acquiring elements or bloodline abilities that increase your movement speed and utility will also boost the rate at which you level up, as you can get to objectives faster.

Lastly, joining a squad of players, preferably players that are stronger than you, allows you to progress at a faster pace as well. When members of your squad complete objectives, you also get XP, and if the squad member who starts the quest is of higher level, you get even more XP.

By splitting up and delegating tasks, your group can complete objectives faster together than if you were to do it alone.

Leveling up alone can, however, also easily be done, and you will still level up fast training by yourself.

Fastest way to level up in Shindo Life

At the beginning of Shindo Life, the best way to level up is by hitting training logs, which are the wooden pillars located in cities.

You will quickly get a bunch of levels by hitting these. As you level up, be sure to spend your stat points.

To level up at a quicker pace from training logs, be sure to put some points into Tai, as it will make your regular attacks deal more damage – making you earn more XP.

When you reach level 50+, hitting wooden logs is no longer the fastest way to level up in Shindo Life. At this point, you should start doing the green scroll quests in the Ember Village, which is the main city of the game.

All green scroll quests and story quests revolve around finding enemies outside the village and defeating them.

The reason why you want to do these quests in the Leaf Village is that there is the shortest distance between enemies and quests.

You can only have one active quest at a time, and upon defeating the required number of the specific type of enemy, the quest will automatically be completed, and you will receive the XP. When you are defeating enemies for quests, you get XP as well from just dealing damage to them.

As you are now doing quests and facing enemies, you want to start putting stat points into both Chi, Nin, and Health. The reason why you want to start putting points in these is that you need more health to sustain enemies, and after reaching level 50, you should be able to unlock abilities from either your bloodline or element.

To unlock these, you need to have enough Chi, and for your abilities to deal more damage, you need Nin. Having a powerful bloodline or element will also help you a lot in defeating enemies.

Upon completing a quest, you can use the teleport feature in the menu to get back to the city quickly so you can grab another quest. If you have a bloodline or element with great mobility, then it might be faster to travel.

When you accept a quest from an NPC, you can see where the enemies you need to defeat are by looking at the red icon that appears on your screen. Just turn around 360 degrees until you see the icon, and then follow it.

As described in the previous paragraph, if you can find other players to train with by forming a squad, you can increase the number of missions you can complete per hour by splitting up and covering different parts of the city.

If you have a strong character that has ranked up a couple of times and has strong farming bloodlines for bossing, you can level up even faster by defeating bosses in Shikai Forest and, after level 800, Shindai Valley.

You can only use this bossing level strategy when you get a stronger character, though, not right when you start playing the game.

What is max level in Shindo Life

The maximum level in Shindo Life is level 1000.

After you reach level 1000 in the game, you can rank up your character to further increase its power.

Ranking up

Once you’ve reached level 1000 in Shindo Life, you can use the ranking system to become stronger.

When you rank up, your level is reset back to level one, but you will now get extra stats when leveling up if you reached a new prestige level.

To reach the full potential of your character, you need to rank up a lot of times, which means you need to level up to level 1000 just as many times.

You will be able to level up faster the more times you rank up, though, as you get stat boosts and get to keep all your bloodlines, elements, weapons, etc.

Alternative leveling methods

The method explained above is the fastest way to level up in Shindo Life, but there are other great leveling methods as well if you get tired of grinding the same quests.

AFK farming is another popular way to level up in Shindo Life. You are not going to level up that quickly if you are high level from this method, as it’s simply hitting training logs with auto-clicker software. You can also sit on an XP pond in Shikai Forest to passively get XP.

However, if you aren’t playing the game, are sleeping, etc., you can gain a lot of XP easily by keeping the game running with auto-clicker software.

While you are away, your character will just keep hitting the training log in front of him and gain XP while you are away.

That’s the fastest way to level up in Shindo Life!

If you have any input for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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    For me and my friends we do this simple thing when we’re teamed up and you only need two people to do this just simply have one person who is a lvl let’s say one or one hundrend getting the green Quest and have a stronger more leveled up player complete the quest

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    Any tips for leveling up from 600 to 1000 fast?

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    If you do the Escort Mission in Shindo World map you can get levels really fast. At level 900 you’ll still be getting around 20 levels per quest. I think you need a certain level to do it though.

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    You can also get a lot of XP by doing conquest. This is what I did, you just need to be level 500+. So a combination of this plus quests, wars, and auto farming would get you to level 1000 fast.

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