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Leveling up your characters in All Star Tower Defense is essential to keep progressing through the game.

But leveling characters to their maximum level, which is level 80, can take some time and a lot of copies.

Therefore, we’ve created this guide that helps you level up characters fast.

The fastest way to level up characters in All Star Tower Defense is by playing the Infinite Mode – more information below.

Make sure to claim all currently active All Star Tower Defense codes, as they will help you get a stronger team, which enables you to earn EXP faster.

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How to level up characters fast

To level up characters in All Star Tower Defense, you need to use copies as fodder.

You can learn more about how to level up and upgrade characters in our character guide.

The maximum level of characters is 80, and getting them to this level requires a lot of copies.

Luckily, there is a special character specifically created to be used as fodder – the EXP character.

The EXP character does deal damage if placed in battles, but it is not meant for battling, so it deals very little damage.

Furthermore, the EXP character cannot be leveled up – further proving its purpose.

The fastest way to level up characters in All Star Tower Defense is to farm a lot of EXP characters and use them as fodder to feed the character you wish to level up.

There are three EXP characters, EXP I (3-star), EXP II (4-star), and EXP III 5-star).

The higher the star level of the EXP character, the more EXP it gives when used as fodder.

Higher-stared EXP characters give more EXP than the costs of evolving them to their star-level.

In other words, if you can evolve an EXP I into an EXP II, you should do it as the total EXP gained will be greater.

Here are the requirements to evolve each EXP character in the game.

  • EXP I -> EXP II (2x EXP I)
  • EXP II -> EXP III (2x EXP II)

You can get EXP I and EXP II by doing the Infinite Mode.

Every ten stages you complete in the Infinite Mode, you get either an EXP I or an EXP II.

These are the chances of getting the two after every ten stages:

  • EXP I = 90%
  • EXP II = 10%

As you can tell, you’ll most often get the EXP I one, but don’t use it instantly.

Instead, you should wait until you can at least evolve to an EXP II.

In some situations, it could be better not to evolve to an EXP III, as you would have to wait to level up your characters.

However, later in the game, waiting till you can evolve to an EXP III is definitely worth it.

To get the EXP character reward from the Infinite Mode, you have to complete ten stages in one go.

If you make it to wave five in one go and then wave five again next round, it doesn’t count toward the reward – it has to be in the same run.

Given that the fastest way to level up characters in the game is by using EXP characters as fodder, you need to make a great team for the Infinite Mode if you wish to increase the rate at which you can level up characters.

One of the ways to become stronger so you can progress further in the Infinite Mode is to optimize your team by rolling for the best characters in the game.

That’s the fastest way to level up characters in All Star Tower Defense!

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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