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Fighters, also known as characters, have a small chance to be shiny in Anime Fighters Simulator.

Shiny fighters’ appearance is different than the non-shiny version of the fighter, and they are stronger.

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In this guide, we give you all the information that you need on shiny fighters in Anime Fighters Simulator!

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What are shinies?

A shiny fighter in Anime Fighters Simulator is a special rare version of a regular fighter.

Shiny characters, or shinies, have a different appearance than their regular counterpart.

Characters that are shiny are much stronger than the regular version of the same character but are hard to obtain.

You can see if a character is shiny by the text that appears next to it when pulling it from a star, its appearance when equipped, and its golden frame in your character inventory.

All regular characters in the game, meaning characters that can be obtained from stars, can be shiny.

How to get shiny characters

As shiny characters are stronger than regular ones, you always want the shiny version over the regular version whenever you can.

To get shiny characters in Anime Fighters Simulator, you simply have to open stars to get characters. Each time you open a star, there is a small chance that the fighter that you pull is shiny.

If you are farming specifically for shiny characters from stars, then you should definitely use the following in-game features:

  • Auto-purchase
  • Auto-sell
  • Max open
  • Shiny boost and upgrades
  • Luck boost and upgrade

With these features enabled, you can keep opening stars to get characters without having to manually click and without having your bag filled up with characters that you don’t need.

Make sure to also use the max open feature every time it’s off cooldown, if possible, to maximize the number of stars that you open. You need multi-open tokens from the defense mode to do max opens.

As crafted characters are not opened from stars, you need to craft the shiny version instead of the regular one if you wish to get a shiny crafted fighter.

You can craft a shiny crafted character instead of the regular one by clicking the ‘Shiny’ button next to ‘Craft’ inside any crafting machine in the game. Crafting a shiny crafted fighter instead of a regular one costs 5 shiny copies of the mythic fighter from the same world.

Using a shiny boost and having shiny chance upgrades will significantly increase your chances of getting a shiny from a star – more information on both later in this guide.

The luck stat in the game also affects your rate of getting a shiny character, which means that it’ll be easier to obtain them later in the game once you’ve unlocked luck upgrades. Luck boosts also increase your shiny chance.

If you don’t have any luck or shiny chance upgrades or boosts, you can expect to get a shiny fighter from any star every 200 open.

You can also upgrade non-shiny fighters to shiny by using the shiny machine located in Chimera Jungle.

In the shiny machine, you can put any regular fighter of epic rarity or higher and choose the number of fruits that you wish to use.

The fruit that you use has to correspond to the rarity of the selected fighter. So, if you want to upgrade a mythical fighter to shiny in the shiny machine, you need to use the mythical fruits.

The fruit will automatically be selected in the shiny machine when you select a fighter.

Upgrading a fighter to shiny in the shiny machine is not guaranteed, and if the conversion fails, the character is deleted. So use it with caution.

The more fruits that you choose to use, the higher the chance that the fighter will become shiny. You can see the chance of successful conversion by looking at the green percentage under the selected fighter in the shiny machine.

What is the chance of getting a shiny?

Getting a shiny character might seem rare, especially if you’ve just started playing the game.

The chance of getting a shiny fighter from a star in Anime Fighters Simulator is 0.5% if you have no shiny or luck boosts and upgrades.

A shiny chance of 0.5% means that you, on average, will get a shiny character every 200 stars that you open.

As you are much less likely to get characters of higher rarities like epic, legendary, and mythical, you would need to open a ton of stars, on average, to get one of those in shiny.

For example, if a legendary character has a 0.2% chance to be opened at a star, you would have to open 100,000 stars, on average, to get that legendary character in shiny.

Though a number like that seems very high, you can quite easily obtain shiny characters of higher rarities later on in the game with boosts and upgrades, as well as boosts and upgrades to stars and by using max opens.

When you don’t have any shiny boosts or upgrades in the game, you cannot see your shiny chance in the bottom-right corner, where you can see other stats like yen multiplier and luck.

At this point, your shiny chance is around the base value of 0.5%, depending on your luck stat.

As soon as you unlock your first shiny chance upgrade, you can see your current shiny chance in the bottom-right corner alongside your other stats.

Are shiny fighters stronger than regular ones?

Yes, shiny fighters are stronger than regular ones in Anime Fighters Simulator.

When a character is shiny, their damage is quite a lot higher than their regular counterparts, often making the shiny version of a lower-rarity character better than a non-shiny of higher rarity.

The crafted character from Walled City, Omega Hunter, for example, has a damage value of 1.1T at level 210 when he isn’t shiny but a damage value of 2T at level 210 when he is shiny.

That’s almost twice as much damage when being shiny.

The enormous damage boost that characters get when they are shiny is the reason why you might find that a lower-rarity character is much stronger than a higher-rarity one.

Ways to increase shiny chance

If you are actively aiming to get a shiny character, we recommend that you increase your shiny chance, especially if you want a shiny high-rarity character.

There are three ways to increase your shiny chance in Anime Fighters Simulator. By unlocking shiny chance upgrades, by using shiny chance boosts, and by increasing your luck stat.

You can unlock shiny chance upgrades by purchasing them from the time trials shop.

There are two shiny chance upgrades to unlock in the time trials shop:

  • Shiny Chance I = 1.5K time trial shards
  • Shiny Chance II = 5K time trial shards

Shiny Chance I gives a +0.25% shiny chance boost, and Shiny Chance II gives a +0.5% shiny chance boost.

On top of your shiny chance upgrades, luck upgrades will further increase your shiny chance.

Once you’ve unlocked the various shiny chance and luck upgrades, the only option to increase your shiny chance is by using boosts.

You can purchase the shiny boost potion from the Merchant for 1,999 Robux, which will significantly increase your shiny chance for 2 minutes.

It is highly recommended that you use a luck boost, such as a super luck boost, when using your shiny boost potion, as they are so expensive.

The shiny boost potion will bring your shiny chance to around 50%, depending on your current upgrades and luck boosts.

That’s how to get shiny characters in Anime Fighters Simulator!

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