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Meteors and fruits were added to Anime Fighters Simulator with the release of update 17.

You can get fruits from destroying meteors that spawn randomly throughout the various worlds or from the fruits merchant.

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Fruits can be used to make a non-shiny fighter shiny in the shiny machine, but it comes with a high risk, so use it with caution.

Only regular characters can be put into the shiny machine, which means you cannot make characters bought with Robux shiny with it.

In this guide, we give you all the information that you need on meteors and fruits in Anime Fighters Simulator.

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What are meteors?

A new feature that has been added to Anime Fighters Simulator in update 17 is meteors.

Meteors are large rocks that appear on the ground, and if you destroy them, you get the contents of them, which are fruits.

At random times, around every 20-30 minutes, though, a meteor will spawn in a random world at a random location.

If you find and destroy the meteor before anyone else, you get the reward inside.

Meteors drop fruits that you can use in the shiny machine upon being destroyed.

How much health a meteor has depends on in which world it appears. The later the world, the more health it has.

Meteors are shared across the server, which means that you have to find it and destroy it before anyone else does to get the rewards.

After someone destroys it, it’s gone, and you’ll have to wait till a new one appears in another world.

What are fruits?

Fruits are items that you can use in the shiny machine in Anime Fighters Simulator to make non-shiny fighters shiny.

Like meteors, fruits were added to the game in update 17.

There are five types of fruits in the game, each of which corresponds to a rarity.

Here are all the different fruits that you can get in Anime Fighters Simulator:

  • Epic Fruit
  • Legendary Fruit
  • Mythical Fruit
  • Secret Fruit
  • Divine Fruit

Epic fruits can be used to convert non-shiny epic fighters to shiny, secret fruits can be used to convert non-shiny secret fighters to shiny, and so on.

How to find meteors

Meteors are great to farm, as the rewards from them can result in a major damage boost to your team.

They are, however, not the easiest thing to farm in Anime Fighters Simulator.

Meteors spawn in a random world at a random location at a random time.

Unlike time trials and raids, meteors do not follow a specific time pattern in terms of when they appear.

When a meteor spawns in a world, a message that says, “A meteor has landed in X world”, appears on the screen and in the chat. As soon as this message appears, the meteor is on the ground somewhere in that world.

Though meteors do not follow any specific time pattern, we have found that they appear around every 20-30 minutes.

When we farmed for some, they appeared at 45, 8, and 27 minutes past the hour.

Instead of just one meteor falling down somewhere, there is also a chance that a meteor shower will occur. When a meteor shower occurs, meteors fall in several worlds within a minute.

When meteors fall during a meteor shower, the same message, as usual, will be displayed letting you know what world they’ve fallen down in. There will just be many meteor messages right after each other.

As the location of a meteor in a world also is random, you have to just quickly look around the world a meteor has just landed in.

Meteors have a health bar just like regular enemies, which can help you find it easier. You can see what the meteor itself looks like in the image at the top of this guide.

As mentioned earlier, meteors are shared across the server. Therefore, you need to be quick to go to the world when you get the message that a meteor has fallen, find it, and destroy it before someone else does.

Meteors disappear after a while if you don’t destroy them. You do, however, have plenty of time to destroy them if you go to them when you get the message that one has appeared.

Having a high movement speed and damage will help you get to and destroy the meteor before someone else does.

You can also use a private server where there are fewer people to compete with. You can find our list of AFS private servers here.

How to get fruits

You need fruits to use the shiny machine, making them very valuable items.

To get fruits in Anime Fighters Simulator, you need to find and destroy meteors. Meteors can drop all of the different fruits in the game when destroyed.

The higher the rarity of a fruit, the rarer it is for a meteor to drop it. For example, you’ll get way more Epic Fruits than Divine Fruits when farming meteors.

You can also get fruits in the game by spending Robux at the Fruit Merchant located in Chimera Jungle.

What fruits you get from a roll at the Fruit Merchant is random. The number of fruits depends on your roll. One roll costs 149 Robux.

Here is the rewards breakdown for rolls at the Fruits Merchant:

  • 3 different fruits = 2 of each fruit
  • 2 of the same fruit + 1 other fruit = 5 of the fruit you rolled twice + 2 of the other fruit.
  • 3 of the same fruit = 10 of the fruit

These are the odds of rolling the different fruits at the Fruit Merchant:

  • Epic Fruit = 46%
  • Legendary Fruit = 32%
  • Mythical Fruit = 14%
  • Secret Fruit = 4.6%
  • Divine Fruit = 1.4%

With these odds, you have a 0.0002744% chance of rolling three divine fruits in one roll.

As getting fruits from the Fruit Merchant can be expensive, most players will have to farm fruits from meteors instead.

To get fruits from a meteor, you have to deal the majority of damage to it. If someone else deals more damage than you do, they get all the fruits from it.

There are usually players on your server that can instantly defeat the meteor in almost every world, which means that you need both damage and speed to get the drops from a meteor.

Because of this, it is recommended that you try to find a server with no or only a few people in it when farming meteors or use a private server.

Fruit fusion

When you’re farming meteors, you’ll quickly end up with a lot of fruits, but mostly the lower-tiered fruits.

A new device, the Fruit Fusion machine, was added to Anime Fighters Simulator in update 18 that allows you to fuse lower-tiered fruits into higher-tiered ones.

The Fruit Fusion machine is located in the spawn area of Empty Dimension.

In the Fruit Fusion machine, you can fuse 10 of one rarity of fruit into one fruit of the next rarity.

Here is the complete overview of fruit fusing in Anime Fighters Simulator:

  • 10 Epic Fruits -> 1 Legendary Fruit
  • 10 Legendary Fruits -> 1 Mythical Fruit
  • 10 Mythical Fruits -> 1 Secret Fruit
  • 10 Secret Fruits -> 1 Divine Fruit

Using the Fruit Fusion machine is a great way to get value out of your lowered-tiered fruits, in case you don’t need them.

How to use fruits

You can use fruits to upgrade a non-shiny fighter to shiny in Anime Fighters Simulator.

There is an exception, though. Fighters purchased with Robux cannot be upgraded to shiny with fruits.

Fruits are used in the shiny machine, which is located in Chimera Jungle.

To use fruits in the shiny machine, walk up to it and open it, select the fighter that you wish to make shiny, and then type in the number of fruits that you wish to use in the ‘?’ box next to the ‘X’.

The fruit corresponding to the rarity of the fighter that you’ve chosen will automatically be chosen upon you selecting a fighter.

Fighters of common and rare rarity cannot be upgraded to shiny in the shiny machine.

The more fruits that you choose to use in the machine, the higher the probability that the selected fighter will become shiny. You can see the probability of the fighter becoming shiny in green text when you’ve typed in the number of fruits that you wish to use.

The probability in red text is the chance that the conversion will fail and the fighter being destroyed. As fighters are destroyed, which means deleted, upon failure, you should use the shiny machine with caution.

You can use up to 99 fruits at a time in the shiny machine, at which point the probability of successful conversion is around 99%.

That’s everything that you need to know about meteors and fruits in Anime Fighters Simulator!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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