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When you play Anime Fighters Simulator, you play on one out of thousands of servers, each of which hosts up to 12 players.

The server system ensures that the game doesn’t become too crowded and unplayable as mobs are shared amongst all players.

Starting the game puts you into a random server, and that’s fine unless you want to play with a specific group of players, such as your friends.

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That’s where a private server comes in handy, as players aren’t put into those without specifically joining them themselves.

In this guide, we give you links to a couple of private servers that we’ve purchased for you to use, as well as all the information you need on private servers.

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Private servers can only be accessed by players using the link generated for a specific private server.

Therefore, private servers are great if you wish to play with a specific group of people and cannot find a free server in the public list.

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You can configure private servers to only be accessible by specific players, but ours are for everyone.

As long as they aren’t full, you can join them.

The following private servers for Anime Fighters Simulator have all been purchased and generated by us,

Private serverLink

You can use any of them completely for free for any purpose.

You are not allowed to share these private server links on any of your platforms, including websites, social media, and discord, without the proper credit attribution, which has to include a link back to this post.

Here are all our Anime Fighters Simulator private servers in list format:

Depending on how many players use our private servers, we will add more over time.

What are private servers?

Private servers in Anime Fighters Simulator are, like their name suggests, servers that are private – not open to the public.

When you open Anime Fighters from the Roblox website or app, you are randomly put into one of thousands of public servers.

Players who start the game through the play button on the website or app will never be put into a private server created by someone.

In other words, a private server is a server that only the person who has purchased it and the people they’ve shared it with can join.

A private server can be useful for many things, including having solo access to specific content in the game or having the ability to play with a specific group of people.

How to make a private server

Anyone can make a private server for Anime Fighters Simulator. However, not for free.

Creating a private server costs 150 Robux per month.

It will automatically renew after a month unless you disable auto-renewal or if you don’t have enough Robux in your account at the time of renewal.

If your private server expires because you disabled auto-renewal or didn’t have the required Robux at the time of renewal, the private server will be shut down until you reactivate it.

To make your own Anime Fighters Simulator private server, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Anime Fighters Simulator game page.
  2. Select the ‘Servers’ tab under the green play button.
  3. Click the ‘Create Private Server’ button under the ‘Refresh’ button.
  4. Type in the name of your server in the blank field.
  5. Click ‘Buy Now’, and you’ve created a private server.

To get the link for your private server, go to the configure tab of your server, accessible through the three dots on the right side of your server in the servers list.

Scroll down to Private Server Link and click Generate.

Share this link with anyone you wish to join your private server.

In the configure tab of your server, you can choose different settings, including adding names of players if you only want the server to be accessible by specific people, disabling auto-renewal, and allowing players from your friend list to join.

How to join a private server

To join a private server in Anime Fighters Simulator, click the link associated with a specific private server.

In the private server list above, we’ve listed the link associated with each of our private servers.

Click the link for any of the private servers to join it.

You can also copy the link and paste it into a browser yourself.

Upon clicking the link or pasting the link into a browser, Anime Fighters Simulator will automatically open on the account that you’re currently logged in to, and you’ll spawn on the private server that you used.

Those are all our private servers for Anime Fighters Simulator, as well as all the information you need regarding them!

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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