You are currently viewing Shindo Life (Roblox) – Best Bloodlines Tier List (December 2021)

Shindo Life (Roblox) – Best Bloodlines Tier List (December 2021)

The bloodline of your character in Shindo Life is a major determent in how powerful you are.

Bloodlines give you access to abilities, which means you need to be of a specific bloodline to use certain abilities.

With so many bloodlines in the game, it can be difficult to know what bloodlines you should roll for.

Therefore, we’ve created this tier list that ranks bloodlines, so you can find the best bloodline to roll for in Shindo Life.

You need lots of spins to roll for the best bloodlines, so check out our Shindo Life Codes List for active codes that give you spins!

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Best bloodlines tier list

Getting a high-tier bloodline in Shindo Life will give you access to some of the most powerful spells in the game, increasing your power significantly.

Furthermore, having one of the best bloodlines will be of great help when testing your skills against other players in the game.

By default, you can only have two bloodlines, but you can unlock two more, raising your number of bloodlines to four if you spend Robux.

The following tier list ranks all bloodlines in Shindo Life based on how powerful they and thereby their abilities are in the game.

You can also see the probability of rolling each of the bloodlines in the tier list.

As some of the bloodlines, usually the best ones, have a much lower probability than others to be rolled, you might want to settle for a less powerful bloodline for some time before you acquire a bunch of rolls.

Every bloodline has been given a rank from S to F, with S being the highest and F being the lowest rank.

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Some bloodlines will have a + in their rank. This means that they are even more powerful than their assigned rank.

We will keep updating this tier list as more bloodlines are released, changes are implemented, the meta evolves, etc.

Shindai-Rengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxShindai-RengokuS+Eye Bloodline4%2
Shindai-Rengoku-Yang Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxShindai-Rengoku-YangS+Eye Bloodline0.33%2
Ryuji-Kenichi Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRyuji-KenichiS+Clan Bloodline0.5%2
Minakaze-Azure Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxMinakaze-AzureS+Clan Bloodline0.33%1
Minakaze Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxMinakazeS+Clan Bloodline0.4%1
Borumaki Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxBorumakiS+Clan Bloodline0.5%2
Borumaki-Gold Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxBorumaki-GoldS+Clan Bloodline0.33%2
Kamaki Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKamakiS+Clan Bloodline0.59%2
Kamaki-Amethyst Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKamaki-AmethystS+Clan Bloodline0.33%2
Narumaki Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxNarumakiS+Clan Bloodline0.5%2
Narumaki-Ruby Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxNarumaki-RubyS+Clan Bloodline0.33%2
Yang-Narumaki Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxYang-NarumakiS+Clan Bloodline0.33%2
Bankai-Inferno Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxBankai-InfernoS+Eye Bloodline0.4%1
Riser-Inferno Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRiser-InfernoS+Eye Bloodline0.33%1
Satori-Rengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSatori-RengokuS+Eye Bloodline0.33%1
Satori-Gold Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSatori-GoldS+Eye Bloodline0.25%1
Doku-Tengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxDoku-TengokuS+Eye Bloodline0.4%1
Doku-Scorpion Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxDoku-ScorpionS+Eye Bloodline0.33%1
Dark-Jokei Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxDark-JokeiS+Eye Bloodline0.5%3
Light-Jokei Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxLight-JokeiS+Eye Bloodline0.5%3
Ghost-Korashi Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxGhost-KorashiS+Clan Bloodline0.5%1
Inferno-Korashi Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxInferno-KorashiS+Clan Bloodline0.33%1
Xeno-Dokei Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxXeno-DokeiS+Eye Bloodline0.59%2
Forged-Rengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxForged-RengokuS+Eye Bloodline7.69%1
Forged-Sengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxForged-SengokuS+Eye Bloodline0.4%1
Raion-Rengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRaion-RengokuS+Eye Bloodline0.5%2
Raion-Sengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRaion-SengokuS+Eye Bloodline0.33%2
Raion-Azure Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRaion-AzureS+Eye Bloodline0.33%2
Sarachia-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSarachia-AkumaSEye Bloodline0.5%4
Sarachia-Gold Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSarachia-GoldSEye Bloodline0.33%4
Jayramaki Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxJayramakiSClan Bloodline0.59%1
Jayramaki-Azure Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxJayramaki-AzureSClan Bloodline0.5%1
Sengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSengokuSEye Bloodline0.5%2
Shindai-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxShindai-AkumaSEye Bloodline0.5%4
Eastwood-Korashi Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxEastwood-KorashiSClan Bloodline0.4%1
Arahaki-Jokei Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxArahaki-JokeiSEye Bloodline0.5%3
Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life Roblox NewAkumaSEye Bloodline1.33%7
Bankai-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxBankai-AkumaSEye Bloodline1.00%4
Dio-Senko Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxDio-SenkoSClan Bloodline0.67%1
Dio-Azure Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxDio-AzureSClan Bloodline0.4%1
Rengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRengokuSEye Bloodline1.00%5
Riser-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRiser-AkumaSEye Bloodline0.71%4
Satori-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSatori-AkumaSEye Bloodline1.00%4
Tengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxTengokuSEye Bloodline0.67%1
Vine Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxVineSElemental Bloodline0.63%1
Blood Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxBloodSElemental Bloodline1.25%0
Deva-Sengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxDeva-SengokuA+Eye Bloodline0.5%1
Deva-Rengoku Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxDeva-RengokuA+Eye Bloodline1.67%1
Eternal Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxEternalA+Clan Bloodline1.11%1
Renshiki-Gold Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRenshiki-GoldA+Eye Bloodline0.4%1
Renshiki Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRenshikiA+Eye Bloodline0.67%1
Ashen-Storm Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxAshen-StormAElemental Bloodline0.67%1
Cobra Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxCobraAClan Bloodline0.59%1
Giovanni-Shizen Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxGiovanni-ShizenAClan Bloodline0.625%2
Hair Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxHairAClan Bloodline0.71%1
Kabu-Cobra Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKabu-CobraAClan Bloodline0.5%1
Kerada Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKeradaAClan Bloodline1.43%1
Mecha-Spirit Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxMecha-SpiritAClan Bloodline0.5%2
Odin-Saberu Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxOdin-SaberuAClan Bloodline0.59%1
Raion-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRaion-AkumaAEye Bloodline0.83%4
Rykan-Shizen Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxRykan-ShizenAClan Bloodline0.67%2
Shiver-Akuma Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxShiver AkumaAEye Bloodline1.00%4
Jokei Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxJokeiAEye Bloodline1.00%3
Apollo-Sand Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxApollo-SandBElemental Bloodline2.00%1
Azarashi Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxAzarashiBClan Bloodline1.82%2
Azim-Senko Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxAzim-SenkoBClan Bloodline0.77%1
Bubble Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxBubbleBElemental Bloodline1.67%1
Glacier Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxGlacierBClan Bloodline2.5%1
Inferno Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxInfernoBElemental Bloodline1.25%0
Jotaro-Shizen Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxJotaro-ShizenBClan Bloodline0.5%2
Kenichi Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKenichiBClan Bloodline0.67%2
Koncho Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKonchoBClan Bloodline1.43%1
Okami Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxOkamiBClan Bloodline1.43%1
Paper Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxPaperBElemental Bloodline2.00%1
Shizen Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxShizenBClan Bloodline1.00%2
Typhoon Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxTyphoonBElemental Bloodline0.95%0
Smoke Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSmokeBElemental Bloodline1.43%0
Pika-Senko Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxPika-SenkoBClan Bloodline0.56%1
Black Shock Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxBlack ShockCElemental Bloodline2.00%1
Bolt Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxBoltCElemental Bloodline2.5%0
Dangan Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxDanganCClan Bloodline0.91%1
Dokei Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxDokeiCEye Bloodline2.86%2
Emerald Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxEmeraldCElemental Bloodline1.43%0
Ink Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxInkCElemental Bloodline0.83%1
Kaijin Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKaijinCClan Bloodline2.22%1
Nectar Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxNectarCClan Bloodline1.33%1
Saberu Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSaberuCClan Bloodline0.71%1
Seishin Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSeishinCClan Bloodline0.77%1
Senko Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSenkoCClan Bloodline2.22%1
Sound Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSoundCElemental Bloodline2.00%0
Wanziame Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxWanziameCClan Bloodline2.5%1
Variety-Mud Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxVariety-MudCElemental Bloodline1.11%0
Tsunami Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxTsunamiCElemental Bloodline1.25%0
Clay Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxClayDElemental Bloodline1.33%1
Atomic Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxAtomicDElemental Bloodline2.5%0
Storm Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxStormDElemental Bloodline3.33%1
Minakami Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxMinakamiDClan Bloodline2.22%1
Kokotsu Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxKokotsuDClan Bloodline2.86%1
Shado Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxShadoDClan Bloodline3.33%1
Lava Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxLavaEElemental Bloodline2.5%0
Explosion Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxExplosionEElemental Bloodline16.67%0
Ice Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxIceEElemental Bloodline16.67%0
Frost Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxFrostEElemental Bloodline1.43%0
Gold-Sand Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxGold-SandFElemental Bloodline1.67%0
Sand Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSandFElemental Bloodline2.86%1
Scorch Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxScorchFElemental Bloodline3.13%0
Steam Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxSteamFElemental Bloodline16.67%0
Mud Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxMudFElemental Bloodline16.67%0
Nature Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxNatureFElemental Bloodline16.67%0
Crystal Bloodline Icon Shindo Life RobloxCrystalF-Elemental Bloodline16.67%0

This current tier list is based on the tier lists created by Shindo Life YouTubers, VarietyJay, Red Weeb, & SomBiscuit, as well input from Shindo Life Subreddit members, readers of our site, our YouTube viewers, and the Shindo Life community.

That’s the tier list on the best bloodlines in Shindo Life!

If you have any input for this tier list, let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Cxreless

    For my 80 full rarity spin i got Shado, a D Rank Bloodline. I cannot explain pissed of i am rn.

  2. fabianmiedzybrodzki

    I got xeno on my 2nd try some how
    but is is on my alt but now it is my shindo life

  3. Bungo

    Idk if I should spin kamaki and I have around 1000 spin left

  4. mike

    what paires well with gai tailed spirit gen 2

  5. GrayCloak

    What pairs well with xeno dokei?

    1. LelMoCo

      Ten tails

      1. woldwarrior_89

        what goes good with bankai akuma? or tengoku or light joki

    2. del

      anything that stuns for a long time like dio senko time stop

  6. Bungo

    Should I spin forged sengoku btw I have 500 spins left

    1. LelMoCo

      Do it you will be able to equip it again even if you dont have bloodline bag

      1. Bungo

        U sure?

    2. Shivenn

      if u spin on a limited bloodline u can equip it whenever u want by pressing on mastery and searching for it. even if u dont own bloodline bag

      1. Bungo

        Ok tysm helps me out a lot

      2. ZKLhs

        Wait what really?

  7. Okis

    Just got Ryuji plat and kabu cobra and gold renshiki

    1. LelMoCo


  8. adrian

    eastwood korashi is better with inferno ou ghost korashi ,_,

  9. kevin

    umm u do know kabu cobra is stronger than normal cobra right

  10. SiCat

    it took me 36 minutes to get Narumaki bloodline and im so happy1!!!111


    i got giovani in 4 spins and got kamaki in1 spin

    1. Mid

      i got Satori-Akuma on my 27th try

    2. Naruto

      My god I didn’t get anything Good

  12. eje_eddins

    what is better riser-akuma or akuma? I spun both but I would like another bloodline for a clan or elemental bloodline

  13. robii203

    i got shindai-akuma and light jokei and i dont have a bloodline bag i get shindai in like 3 days and light jokei in 2 days

    1. Pablo

      noice i got borumaki at 6 spins.. no cap and narumaki 300 to 400:(

  14. ryyryy

    i got borumaki and ashen-storm without even spending 100 spins lol

  15. immad

    i got jokei in 80 spins and i got combustion in 100 it took me 4 hours just to get both of it should i spin jokei?

    1. qxnzy

      yes jokei is just bayugun

  16. Unknow

    i got Ryuji Kenichi with 3 spins but isn’t in the list, what grade would the list give?

  17. Peterson

    I got Tengoku and Shindai-Akuma in 90 spins

  18. Shadow

    I got narumaki on my 100 th spin and two days after i got raion rengoku on my seventh spin

  19. MrJoker315

    I got tengoku and sengoku

  20. Geovanni Dowe

    i got kamaki and barumaki back to back but a 13 spin apart

    1. Connor

      that no i got kamaki in 100 spins

  21. Adan

    I got sengoku for my first bloodline am i lucky

    1. ScaredDegnan

      you are lucky cause you usually always get steam, ice, nature and stuff like that. but you’re unlucky at the same time cause sengoku/rengoku are both pretty meh

  22. Pedro

    No, its bad


    i got blood bloodline, is it good?

    1. Ryu

      Not as your main source of dmg but it is

  24. Blu

    Hi I have sengoku (I got it on my 10th spin ever) and I more recently got forged sengoku how good is forged sengoku because I’ve maxed it out and I really want to know. Thanks!

    1. Pedro

      Sengoku is better

  25. God

    I just got shindai akuma is it good???

    1. ImNotLucky

      i got it too lol in only 40+ spinss

    2. YEET


  26. Yes

    I got explosion 15 times in q row omfg

    1. Zacxz

      I got it 48, idk how but i was about to hit my screen till i broke it

  27. Erk

    200 spins and 75% of them is crystal and i didnt get a singel a,s,s+ or s++

  28. NuttyBoi

    alright shiver is awesome

  29. Dmm

    Da fuck,bubble is A tier,u literally can’t move out that

  30. Fall

    I have Renshiki Gold :O

  31. Sean

    i just got gold renshiki. is it any good?
    and i dont see it up here so it must be new right?

    1. forg

      it looks like it is most likely just a skin of renshiki, which most likely means you are be able to use it as if you had bloodline bag, meaning you can equip it whenever you want without having to spin for it again

  32. Sean

    i got sound and koncho back to back

  33. Itachi

    Why Jotaro Shizen is tier A and Giovanni Shizen is tier S?

    1. Maximilien

      cuz giorno have a dream (and a piano)

  34. Ad1ngr

    I have shiver akuma and its not up here is it good?

  35. Dane Thomas

    I got Shiver-Akuma in tthe first 22 spins and light jokie in 13 spins

  36. robux$

    i got sen goku and shindai , and i get bored on shindai so im still rolling it LOL!

    1. king

      bro shindai is one of the best bloodlines in the game lol

  37. Joe

    Frost fire is balls

  38. Meh

    I got sengoku and rengoku raion rengoku light jokei shiver akuma and kabu cobra

    1. chris

      i got light jokei on my first day and shindai when i was lvl 300

      1. chris

        no cap

  39. amadeokiller

    i do 3spin and i got riser akuma -_-

  40. chew_jq

    I got nothing good in 80 spin…. Probably because I have no kg bag

    1. Lead Saroski

      U never get anything good on the first 80th spin probably just shado I spin 10 times got riser akuma and 5 spins eternal

  41. Pro

    i got a deva-rengoku with 1 spin and deva-sengoku with 5 spin.How it possible

    1. gamer

      you literally cant spin for deva-rengoku u have to defeat boss liar

    2. ReInEr11234

      lol deva-rengoku is a boss drop

    3. games


  42. Katana

    Bruh why is Pika Senko so low???

    1. Ryu

      underated it

  43. aasda

    what good element for sengoku

  44. teddy

    I got light jokei in 1 spin

    1. deadman

      I got deva sengoku with 3 spin

      1. aa

        man i got jokei in 80 spin i wasted 2 hours to get it

  45. idk

    i got dio senko in 1 spin

  46. Jlxve

    i got tengoku in 1 try and got Raion-Rengoku in 56 tries am i lucky or what?

    1. Nobody

      No luck, I got shindai in 1, and deva sengoku in 5, and raion ren in 17

      1. Yes

        Cool I got yang narumaki on my 4 spin when it was available

  47. IRDINA

    I got sengoku and raion akuma

  48. Smile

    Forget it,i did get Renshiki now

  49. Smile

    Damn,i did spin over than 1k times (ik that the max its 500) and my guy, i didn’t even get a S bloodline or Element

    1. Norton

      lol i spinned Dio-Senko for any other bloodline bcs i got bored of it

    2. idrk

      same i spun 500 times and i didn’t even get an s or S+ or S++. And then when i got another 500 spins i kept getting stupid crystal, mud, nature, and steam. The luck in this game.. my god..

  50. Ayoi

    I’ve spun well over 100 times to end up with one s bloodline. Lowkey mad

  51. LaggerWifi

    I rolled shindai and arahaki jokei and now I have riser akuma and tengoku not the worst trade but ok.

  52. ihatemud

    if i had a dollar for everytime i got mud id have enough money to buy 1000000 spins

    1. Ayoi


  53. clown

    I got Rengoku and Riser akuma in 30 spins

  54. Naruto

    I got sengoku on 2 try playing the game i got raion rengoku and i have shindai and arahaki jokei how u may ask cause i have 4 bloodline slots

  55. klasaporpalala

    i got arahaki jokei and tengoku with 500 spins

    1. klasaporpalala

      I got forged akuma on my first spin but rolled it away cus i didnt know that i was good ( it thought it was the worst bloodline )

  56. IDKKKK

    I got Raion Rengoku 500 spin,and i got Shindai Akuma 2 days ago last 11 Spin

  57. Mecool

    That happened to me with satori akuma which made me so mad but know im happy cus i got renshiki and banki akuma

  58. Houki

    is every s+ the same?

  59. Steve Yaquv

    lol muds easily sss+++++++

    1. ben


  60. sad face

    i have used nearly 200 spins and the best i have gotten is glacial how mann

  61. Human

    what about mecha ?
    is it S+

  62. finn

    i got sengoku on first day of playing in 3 spins

  63. Ronny

    where would you place frost fire?

  64. NOICE

    well me i have satori and rengoku i got both in my 5 th spin

  65. garnetrulz

    Is Ink or vine going to be on the tier list soon?

  66. person

    i got shindai and vine :]

  67. Sussy Baca

    I got Sengoku and Bubble

  68. Maddox

    Where would you place vine?

    1. person

      s+ for sure

  69. Halker

    i got sengoku and renshiki 😀

    1. zy

      i got borumaki in my 50th spin raion rengoku in my 3 and xeno doke in my 80th

  70. DaBaby

    I got tengoku in 39 spins

  71. nani

    I got the new mecha spirit

  72. Jason


    1. Da Man

      thats tough buddy cause I got bloodline bag

    2. Trav.IX

      Yea sorry you can’t get that back unless u respin it (good luck it has 1/200 chance to get rolled) or u can just get the bloodline bag which is like $5 in robux.

  73. sans the god of shindo

    ok so, some of these are agreeable, however, a lot of them are not, for example, kerada, even though its placed at s tier, its maybe a b, this is mainly because it is just melee attacks on steroids, and the attacks are very easy to get out of, ive been jumped by a few nerds using it so I know from experience. And While the Rengoku moves do okay damage, they take too much chi and have too high a cooldown to be much good, and shindai, it no longer blockbreaks and the biggest damage move only does I am fairly certain, 60k damage total, however it is very easy to counter the bloodline now since none of the moves block break. I am sorry but a lot of the bloodline tiers that you made just quite frankly do not make sense

    1. person

      the move with the most dmg does more than 100k if you at 5400 chi

      1. person

        with shindai

    2. Yes

      “Megalovania intensifies”

  74. lucas

    how about Raion-Rengoku?

    1. Chase

      Raion rengoku is s++ their and is very good it pulls people and does good damage

    2. DiscordGod

      Raion ren is very versatile

  75. Yuzzi

    where is the frost fire?

  76. Eric

    can I send a message to the owner of shindo life

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