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Yen is the most important resource in Anime Fighters Simulator for most of the game. Only in the end game, other resources like shards and multi-open tokens are more important.

It is the in-game currency that you need to open stars, which gives you new characters that you can either use on your team or use to upgrade your current ones.

The rate at which you can obtain Yen will directly determine how quickly you can progress through the game.

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You can only obtain Yen by defeating enemies, but there are specific strategies that you can use to earn Yen faster than simply defeating random enemies.

The fastest way to earn Yen in Anime Fighters Simulator is to run Time Trials runs with as many Yen upgrades and boosts as possible, including Solid Gold characters, and with other strong players so that you can make it later rooms.

Find more information on how to get Yen fast in the game below.

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How to get Yen fast

You earn Yen in Anime Fighters Simulator by defeating enemies in the various worlds, but not all enemies give the same Yen per health.

Enemies of the same rank from later worlds give more Yen than those of previous ones, but not only because they have more HP.

Enemies from later worlds give more Yen per HP than those from earlier worlds. This means that you would earn more Yen by dealing the same amount of damage in a later world rather than an earlier one – in other words, more Yen per minute.

In the Time Trials, enemies in later rooms also give more Yen per health than those in previous rooms.

The fastest way to get and farm Yen in Anime Fighters Simulator is to do Time Trials with as high a Yen multiplier from upgrades and Solid Gold characters as possible. The farther into the Time Trials you can make it and still defeat enemies within the time limit, the more Yen you’ll earn.

You want to make it as far as you can in the Time Trials as the enemies give more and more Yen per HP they have. This is the reason why you want to do it with a couple of other strong players if it means that you can reach a later section of rooms.

If you can make it to a later section of rooms in the Time Trials, all players who participate will earn more Yen than were they alone.

Enemies in the Time Trials already give more HP than regular enemies in the various worlds, making this method the best to farm a lot of Yen quickly.

To further optimize how much Yen you earn from a Time Trials run, you should use your strongest characters to bring bosses and high-HP enemies down to little health and then switch your team to as many Solid Gold characters as you have.

The number of Yen you get from an enemy is based on how much it gives per HP and how much you’ve dealt it times your Yen multiplier.

This amount is first calculated when the enemy is defeated, which means that the Yen boost from Solid Gold characters will be applied to all the damage you’ve dealt. In other words, all the Yen you’ve earned from dealing damage to an enemy.

By using this tactic, you can progress farther into the Time Trials as you’ll be using your strong damaging team but still enjoying the Yen boost from your Solid Gold characters and thus getting the full Yen boost as if you were using them the whole time.

Yen upgrades and multipliers

To maximize the number of Yen that you get from the Time Trials, you should get as many Yen upgrades as possible.

Yen boosts like the ones that you can purchase from the Time Trials shop do not work in Time Trials. Only upgrades, events, and the Solid Gold passive affect your Yen multiplier in Time Trials.

These are the Yen upgrades and boosts that will increase your Yen earnings in the Time Trials.

  • Yen upgrades from completing questlines
  • Solid Gold characters
  • Events
  • Robux 2x Yen gamepass
  • Twitter verification

You can further boost how quickly you farm Yen by increasing the damage output of your team.

It is, of course, a bit of a paradox, as the main reason for farming Yen is to acquire new characters and upgrade current ones to increase your team’s damage output.

Nevertheless, the greater damage your team has, the faster you can farm Yen in the game.

How to get Yen upgrades and multipliers

As shown above, there are a few different things you can do and obtain to increase your Yen multiplier in the Time Trials.

Firstly, you can get Yen upgrades that permanently increase your Yen earnings by 10% each by completing questlines.

Every single world in Anime Fighters Simulator features its own questline in which you are asked to defeat various enemies in that world.

Upon completing the last quest in a questline, you get both a mount and a badge.

By collecting a badge from a world, you unlock another Yen upgrade. You can see all upgrades on the right side of the screen through the up-arrow icon.

Solid Gold characters have extra damage and a bit lower attack speed and movement speed, but most importantly, they give +40% Yen when equipped.

For a character to be Solid Gold, it needs to have the Solid Gold passive, which is one of the rarest in the game.

By having a couple of Solid Gold characters equipped at once, you can significantly increase your Yen earnings.

You get the Solid Gold passive on characters randomly when opening them from a star or by rerolling their passive.

As the Solid Gold passive is so rare, we recommend keeping any character that you get with the passive, even if it’s a weak common fighter.

Later on, you can switch out your weak Solid Gold fighters with stronger ones if you get your hands on some stronger ones.

There are often events in Anime Fighters Simulator that give 2x Yen. Make sure to take advantage of those when they are active.

If you want to spend Robux on the game, you can purchase a 2x permanent Yen boost in the shop located on the left side of the screen.

Lastly, you can get a Yen boost by following the developers on Twitter and verifying your account in the game.

You can verify your account in the spawn area in Super Island.

That’s how to get Yen fast in Anime Fighters Simulator!

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