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The max open feature in Anime Fighters Simulator allows you to instantly open stars equal to the number of slots left in your character inventory.

Using the max open feature can significantly decrease the expected time that it takes for you to acquire a secret character in the game, as you can open tons of stars quickly.

To perform a max open, you need both Yen and multi-open tokens.

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To get multi-open tokens in Anime Fighters Simulator, you need to defeat enemies in the defense mode of the game. The more damage you deal to an enemy before they are defeated, the more multi-open tokens you get.

You can find the defense mode in both Crazy Town, Walled City, Cursed High, Lucky Kingdom, and Divine Colosseum.

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How to get multi-open tokens

Max open allows you to instantly summon characters, also known as open stars, equal to the number of slots left in your inventory.

For example, if you have 250 slots available in your character inventory, a max open would instantly give you 250 characters from that star.

You need multi-open tokens as well as Yen to perform max open in the game.

Multi-open tokens are obtained in Anime Fighters Simulator by defeating enemies in the defense mode.

The number of multi-open tokens an enemy drops for you depends on the amount of damage you’ve dealt it before it was defeated.

The later the world in which you are doing defense mode, the more HP the enemies have, and thus the more multi-open tokens you can get from them.

Yen boosts, including events, affect how many defense tokens you get from defense mode. Be sure to use any yen boosts that you have if you are looking to farm a lot of multi-open tokens quickly.

When farming for a divine fighter in the game, having multi-open tokens is essential, as using the max open strategy Is the best way to acquire one.

If you end up losing the defense mode before clearing all 10 waves, then you might have been better off doing the defense mode of an earlier world where you could defeat all enemies.

However, this totally depends on how much damage you can deal in total to enemies that you defeat before you lose.

In some cases, you might get more multi-open tokens by doing the defense mode of a later world and only surviving a couple of waves rather than clearing all 10 in an earlier world.

Here is an overview of all the worlds in the game that feature the defense mode, ordered from earliest to latest worlds (weakest to strongest).

  • Crazy Town
  • Walled City
  • Cursed High
  • Lucky Kingdom
  • Divine Colosseum

Other players on your server will get a notification if you start the defense mode in a world, and they can join it without any cost to them.

As drops are individual and based on the damage that you deal to enemies, you might end up getting almost no multi-open tokens if other much stronger players join your defense mode and quickly defeat the enemies before you have time to deal damage.

Using a private server can help with this issue, as these usually have far fewer people on them, and none at all if it’s your own one.

The max open feature can help you get the rarest characters in the game faster, as you’ll be opening tons of stars instantly.

The price of a max open depends on how many slots you have left in your inventory and the price of stars in the world that you are in.

That’s how to get multi-open tokens in Anime Fighters Simulator!

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