Legends Re:Written Tier List (August 2022) – Best Blessings

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Blessings are very important to your character’s power in Legends Re:Written, as it gives your character abilities and stat boosts.

Like in many other RPG-type Roblox games, there are quite a few different blessings you can get in Legends Re:Written.

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To help you get an overview of what blessings are the best ones, we’ve created this tier list, which ranks all blessings in Legends Re:Written based on how powerful and useful they are.

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Legends Re Written blessings tier list

A lot of your character’s power in Legends Re:Written is determined by what blessing you have.

Because your blessing is so important, you want to try and get your hands on one of the best ones.

In the following tier list, all blessings in Legends Re Written are ranked so you can get an overview of which ones are the best.

God SpeedS

The current tier list is based on the rankings by YouTuber Taklaman and input from the community.

All blessings are ranked in tiers from S+ to D, with S being the best and D the worst. There is no particular order within a tier.

To get a new blessing in Legends Re:Written, open the character window by pressing the ‘M’ key on your keyboard, go to the Magic tab, and click Roll under Blessing.

Rolling gives you a new random blessing at the cost of one roll. You can get rolls by redeeming codes or by purchasing them with Robux.

Sometimes, the roll takes a bit to process, so be patient and don’t click the button over and over. Otherwise, you might unintentionally spend multiple rolls.

That’s the tier list on what blessings are the best to use in Legends Re:Written!

Want to help us improve the rankings of this tier list? Please leave your input in the comment section below.

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