Anime Fighters Simulator (Roblox) – Beginner’s Guide: Tips for a Great Start!

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Anime Fighters Simulator is one of the most popular games on Roblox currently, with tens of thousands of concurrent players at any time.

The concept of the game is simple, you collect fighters and fight enemies to progress through worlds.

As you progress through the game, enemies become stronger, more characters become available to you, and more content is unlocked.

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If you haven’t played similar games before, Anime Fighters Simulator might be a bit overwhelming at first.

Therefore, we’ve created this beginner’s guide that covers everything you need to know about the game to get a fantastic start!

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Basics of the game

When you start the game for the first time, you’ll be asked to choose between one of two fighters, each of which is equally powerful, so it doesn’t matter who you select.

With your first character, known as a fighter, you’re ready to fight enemies!

To attack an enemy, simply click it with your mouse if you’re on PC or tap it if you’re playing on a phone or tablet.

Your currently equipped characters will be commanded to attack that enemy upon you clicking or tapping it, and they will keep attacking until it’s defeated, until you click the enemy again to retreat or attack another enemy, or if you move too far away from the enemy.

To deal additional damage to the enemy, you can click the icon at the middle of the screen at the bottom to manually deal with each click or tap.

When your characters attack enemies, they use basic attacks until the bar over their head fills up, at which point they’ll automatically use their special attack, which is far more powerful than their regular attacks.

These are the basics of the game. Your job is now to explore the worlds, defeat enemies, collect new fighters, unlock upgrades for your account, upgrade your fighters, complete quests, and more!

Complete quests to progress faster

In each of the worlds in Anime Fighters Simulator, you’ll find an NPC with a question mark over its head, located in the spawn area, who has a series of quests for you.

These quests ask you to defeat a specific number of the different enemies in that world, ending with the final boss of the world.

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Completing them is a great way to ensure that you are progressing through the game, and the best part of quests is the rewards that you receive after completing the last quest in a world.

Upon completing the last quest in the series of quests in a specific world, you get the badge of that world as well as a mount.

Every time you collect a new badge in the game, you unlock a new Yen boost upgrade in the upgrades tab on the right side of the screen, which will permanently increase the Yen you earn.

Having multiple Yen boosts will enable you to progress much faster through the game.

Obtaining Yen

The in-game currency of Anime Fighters Simulator is Yen.

You need Yen to acquire new characters, making it the single most important resource in the game until you reach the end game.

Through your progression in the game, the rate at which you can acquire Yen directly translates to how quickly you progress in the game.

You obtain Yen in Anime Fighters Simulator by defeating enemies around the world.

The higher the world that you are defeating enemies in, the more Yen you obtain from enemies relative to their health, generally.

If you are looking to farm a lot of Yen quickly, then check out our Yen farming guide.

The same concept applies to enemies in the Time Trial. The more HP they have, the more Yen they drop relative to their total HP.

To progress as fast as possible, you should spend your Yen optimally.

We’ve found that prioritizing unlocking new worlds and only opening stars till you have a solid team around the level of characters that you get from the star of the world you’ve made it to works the best.

First, acquire a couple of epics and maybe a legendary character from the world that you’ve made it to or fuse older characters that scale better, like mythicals and shiny legendaries, to around the level of characters from the star.

Then, once you’ve upgraded your team’s power to that of your current world, which is usually quite a power jump from the previous one, you should start saving towards unlocking the next world.

Getting characters

Anime Fighters Simulator revolves around opening characters, as you both need them for your team to defeat enemies, but also for upgrading the power of other characters.

You can get characters in the game by spending Yen at the star located in each world.

Each world’s star has a new index of characters that you can get from the star, including a secret character that is not visible in the list.

Learn more about secret characters in Anime Fighters Simulator here, the second rarest and second strongest fighters.

Besides the hidden secret characters, there are also hidden divine characters, which are the strongest and hardest to obtain in the game.

They can be obtained from several different stars. Check out our guide on How to Get Divine Characters for more information.

Here are all the different rarities characters can be:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
  • Crafted
  • Secret
  • Divine

The higher the rarity of a character, the stronger it is – common being the weakest and divine being the highest.

You can get characters of all rarities from the star, except crafted characters, also known as raid characters, that you have to craft to obtain.

Though characters of higher rarity are better than those of lesser rarity are better within the same world, characters from later worlds might still be better.

For example, the mythical character, Spirit Warrior, from Lucky Kingdom is much stronger than the secret character, Pinkie, from Super Island at the same level.

Check out our Anime Fighters Simulator fighters tier list to learn more about the power of fighters in the game.

Unlocking new worlds

When you start playing Anime Fighters Simulator, you should always work towards unlocking new worlds.

Unlocking a new world gives you access to a new index of stronger fighters that are of higher level when you open them from stars, more powerful enemies, new quests, and sometimes new content.

Having access to characters of higher levels when you open them from stars allows you to build a stronger team faster.

Not only can you add the higher-leveled characters directly to your team, but they also give much more EXP when used for fusing, which means that you can upgrade your current fighters faster.

To unlock a new world in the game, you need to have the required number of Yen.

You can see how much Yen you need to unlock the next world on the entrance to the next world itself, which is usually located in the spawn area.

Once you have enough Yen, go to the entrance to the next world and click ‘Yes’ to the purchase notification. You have then unlocked the world.

Besides new enemies, characters, and quests in each world, some of them also feature new content, such as the passive reroll machine, incubator, and defense mode.

Time Trial, Defense Mode, and Raids

Besides fighting enemies around the various worlds in Anime Fighters Simulator, you’ll also be spending time doing other activities in the game.

The main features that you should take advantage of in the game are Time Trial, Defense Mode, and Raids.

Time Trial is a series of rooms, each with stronger enemies than the last.

Your job is to make it as far as possible without the time running out.

Based on your performance, you’ll receive a lot of Yen and Time Trial Shards that you can spend in the Time Trial Shop.

In Defense Mode, you have to defend a star against waves of enemies.

The more damage you deal to enemies when they are defeated, and the higher the world in which you are doing Defense Mode is, the more drops you’ll get.

Raids are battles against massive bosses with tons of HP compared to the regular enemies in the same world.

Completing a raid gives you shards that you need to craft powerful characters.

Can you trade in Anime Fighters Simulator?

As Anime Fighters Simulator is a game all about collecting characters to increase your team’s power, many players want to trade with each other.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to trade with other players in Anime Fighters Simulator.

If you want a specific character in the game, you have to obtain it yourself.

Other players can help you with many activities that will ultimately get you specific characters faster, like boosting you in Time Trials or raids.

At the moment, it does not seem like the developers have any plans to add a trade feature. We will update this post if they decide to change that.

That’s everything you need to know about Anime Fighters Simulator as a beginner!

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, let us know below.

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