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In Anime Fighters Simulator, you can see a new selection of fighters that you can unlock from the star every time you unlock a new world.

There is, however, one fighter that you can pull from each star in each world that does not show up in the star, known as a secret character.

Secret characters are stronger than both mythical and crafted fighters, making them the second-strongest characters in Anime Fighters Simulator, only beaten by divine characters.

Given their strength and the fact that they are hidden inside the summoning stars, it makes sense that they have an extremely low probability of being summoned, even making many players wonder how you obtain secret characters.

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In this guide, we give you all the information you need on secret characters in Anime Fighters Simulator, including how to get them, tips on obtaining them faster, who each world’s secret character is, and more.

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What are secret characters?

Secret characters in Anime Fighters Simulator are, as their name suggests, characters that are secret, as they do not show up in the list of characters that you can get from stars.

Even though they do not show up in the character list in stars, they can still be obtained from them but at very low probabilities.

They are so rare that many players wonder how to get secrets in the game.

Secret is a rarity above crafted, meaning that secret characters are two rarities above mythical characters.

As secret is the second-highest rarity in the game, secret characters are the second-strongest in the game, and you’ll often find that secret characters from earlier worlds outperform mythical and sometimes even crafted characters from later ones.

Secret characters have a black border around their icon to indicate their rarity. Unless they are shiny, then their border is golden like any other shiny character.

Every single world in Anime Fighters Simulator has its own secret character.

How to get secret characters

As secret characters are not displayed anywhere in the game before you obtain them, many wonder how you obtain them.

The main way to get secret characters in Anime Fighters Simulator is by randomly pulling them when opening stars.

Therefore, all you have to do to get a secret in the game is to keep opening stars, a ton of them, often hundreds of thousands of stars.

The alternative way to get secret characters in the game is by purchasing them from the Merchant with Robux.

At any time, the Merchant is present in a random world and usually sells secret characters, for a bunch of Robux, though.

Even though secret characters do not show up in the list of characters a star can give, secret characters can still be obtained from them.

It’s a deliberate choice by the developer to hide secret characters from the list of characters from stars to maintain the secrecy and rarity element of them.

Every star in each world features one secret character unique to that world.

As secret characters are not displayed inside the character list in stars, you cannot see the probability of obtaining the secret of the world that you’re in.

The chance of obtaining a secret is so low that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll obtain any secret in the game before you’ve unlocked many upgrades and boosts related to opening stars.

Fastest way to get a secret character

As most players do not want to spend the amount of Robux that it costs to purchase a secret character directly from the Merchant, obtaining them from stars is the preferred method for most.

Getting secret characters from stars requires you to open a ton of stars, as explained above.

If you haven’t progressed far into the game yet, we don’t recommend farming for secrets, as you’ll probably end up opening stars for several days, if not weeks in a row, before getting one.

Luckily, there are a couple of things that you can do to significantly increase your chances of getting secrets from stars.

Here is everything that can help you get a secret character faster in Anime Fighters Simulator:

  • Auto-purchase and auto-sell feature
  • Star and luck upgrades
  • Luck boosts
  • Robux boosts
  • Max open feature

Auto-purchase and auto-sell feature

Before you start opening hundreds of thousands of stars to get a secret, you need to use both the auto-purchase and auto-sell features.

The auto-purchase feature is enabled by pressing ‘Q’ when next to a star or by clicking the button with a ‘Q’ on it and the text ‘AUTO’ under it.

When activated, you will automatically keep on opening stars until you run out of character inventory space or Yen.

This is where the auto-sell feature comes in.

The auto-sell feature allows you to automatically sell characters of specific rarity, which means that you can keep on opening stars without having your inventory fill up.

Selling characters automatically also gives back some of the Yen you spent, which means that you can keep on opening stars for longer without having to farm more Yen.

To enable auto-sell, click the settings icon button on the left side of the screen, scroll down to Auto-sell, and click the cogwheel next to it.

In the auto-sell settings page, you can choose what rarities you want to auto-sell, as well as whether you want to auto-sell the shiny version of each rarity too.

If you are at the point in the game where you are farming for secret characters, then you probably want to auto-sell everything but shiny mythical characters and maybe regular mythicals if you need the EXP, if even any of those.

Star and luck upgrades

There are several upgrades in Anime Fighters Simulator that will significantly increase your chances of getting a secret character.

Firstly, you need to unlock the ‘Extra Star’ upgrades that increase the number of characters that you can summon at once by one per ‘Extra Star’ upgrade.

With all five ‘Extra Star’ upgrades unlocked, you can open 8 stars (characters) per summon at a star, if you also have the Extra Two Stars Robux gamepass.

You unlock ‘Extra Star’ upgrades by reaching rooms 24, 48, 72, 100, and 140 in Time Trials.

Even if you cannot reach these rooms by yourself, you can be lucky that someone will boost you. Having someone else reach the rooms above while you are in the same Time Trial counts towards unlocking the upgrades for you.

Secondly, you should unlock as many Luck upgrades as possible, as these increase the probability of you getting a secret character from a star opening.

Luck upgrades are obtained by playing the game for a specific number of hours.

Therefore, there is not much you can do to speed up the rate at which you unlock these besides afking in the game without disconnecting.

Lastly, you should unlock the ‘Star Boost’ upgrade for the specific star that you are trying to get a secret character, as it will speed up the star opening time for that star.

You unlock the ‘Star Boost’ upgrade by opening 50,000 stars from that star.

Luck boosts

Besides the increased luck that you can obtain from upgrades, there is more luck for you to unlock by purchasing boosts.

You can purchase luck boosts from the Time Trial Shop, the Robux shop or get them from events, the daily spin, and promo codes.

The more luck boosts that you have and use, the higher the probability that you get a secret character from a star opening.

Super luck boosts especially will increase your probability of getting a secret a lot, but they cost many more shards than regular boosts.

We recommend getting as many of these luck boosts as possible before you start opening stars for secrets.

Robux boosts

As in any Roblox game, you can speed up your progression rate, in this case, your chance of getting a secret character, by spending Robux.

There are several boosts that you can purchase with Robux to decrease the expected time that it takes to get a secret, including an extra star, bringing your total to 6 with all ‘Extra Star’ upgrades unlocked.

You can see all the Robux boosts that you can purchase by clicking the shopping cart icon on the left side of the screen.

Many players who try to get secrets purchase the luck boosts in the shop, at least.

You can, of course, obtain secrets without spending Robux, but it will take much longer.

Max open feature

The max open feature is a fantastic way to drastically speed up the rate at which you obtain secret characters.

With the max open feature, you can instantly open stars equal to the number character slots left in your inventory.

Using such a feature is not free, of course. You need max open tokens, which can be obtained from the defense mode in the game.

Be sure to use any boosts, like super luck boost, before you use the max open feature to increase your chances of getting a secret.

A tip to further optimize your resources if you have a lot of max open tokens is to head to the Time Trials entrance after using your max open to avoid your time-based boosts from running out, as they will not lose their duration here.

All secret characters in Anime Fighters Simulator

Even though you cannot see secret characters in the character list or star of each world before you get them, each world has its own unique secret character.

Here is a complete overview of what secret character each world in Anime Fighters Simulator has to offer.

Secret characterWorld
PinkieSuper Island
AsukaNinja Village
TokioCrazy Town
DobonitoFruits Island
Eagle EyedHero University
Big BenWalled City
SunSlayer Army
Two EyedGhoul Town
Far AwayChimera Jungle
SlicetteVirtual Castle
EikoEmpty Dimension
Sigma CurseCursed High
Emperor AlienXYZ Metropolis
Dark One9 Crimes Island
Jane d' BateauDestiny Island
King of MagesLucky Kingdom
The AnswerLand of Alchemy
DestroyerSlimey Island
SoarFlame City
ZeusDivine Colosseum
Greatest EvilKingdom of Four
Prodigious KnightIcy Wastes

Chance of getting a secret character

Unlike characters of Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical rarity, you cannot see the probability of getting the secret character from a specific star.

It is, however, no secret that getting a secret character is quite unlikely – we’re talking 1 out of several hundred thousand for many of the later secrets.

Some players who have progressed far into late-game and gotten a bunch of secret characters have tried to estimate the probability of getting each secret in the game.

One of them is Anime Fighters YouTuber, Kenn, who has estimated the chance of getting each secret character as follows:

Secret characterProbabilityPercentage chance
Big Ben1:550,0000.00018%
Two Eyed1:720,0000.00014%
Far Away1:760,0000.00013%
Sigma Curse1:970,0000.00010%
Emperor Alien1:1,000,0000.0001%
Dark One1:1,020,0000.000098%
Jane d' Bateau1:1,070,0000.000093%
King of Mages1:1,100,0000.000091%
The Answer1:1,190,0000.000084%
Greatest Evil1:1,450,0000.000069%
Prodigious Knight1:1,500,0000.000067%

Do note that the actual probability for you will be different, as these are the base probabilities.

The more luck you have, the higher the probability that you get a secret from a star.

However, as you can probably tell, even with all luck boosts in the game, you’re still looking at tens if not hundreds of thousands of stars before you get a secret on average.

Is there a secret pity in Anime Fighters?

No, there is no secret pity in Anime Fighters Simulator, which means that you are left to the actual probabilities of getting a secret from a star.

Both legendary and mythical pities are in the game that guarantees that you get the legendary or mythical character from the specific star that you are opening after a certain number of stars.

At first, you will have the legendary pity, and upon getting a legendary character from that star, either from a random pull or from the pity, you move onto the mythical pity.

When you then get the mythical character from that star, either from a random pull or the mythical pity, you go back to the legendary pity, and so on.

It does not go onto a secret pity after the mythical pity, as this does not exist in the game.

That’s everything you need to know about secret characters in Anime Fighters Simulator!

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