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Fruits determine what abilities and boosts your character possesses. Therefore, the fruit you have has a major impact on how powerful you are in the game.

Because of this, it’s important that you get a good fruit if you wish to become as strong as you can be.

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With so many unique fruits in the game, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to aim for and keep.

This Blox Fruits tier list ranks all fruits in the game based on how good they are for grinding and PvP to help you decide which one to get.

Be sure to claim all current Blox Fruits codes, as they can help you get more powerful in the game, making it easier to obtain fruits.

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Blox Fruits Tier List

There are many unique fruits in the game to collect and use in Blox Fruits, and getting the best ones is no easy task.

Fruits give you new skills and boosts, making them one of the most important factors in determining how strong your character is.

If you’re looking for rankings of all swords in Blox Fruits, then check out our Blox Fruits Swords Tier List.

The following tier list ranks all fruits in Blox Fruits based on how powerful they are in the game. We will continuously update this tier list as new fruits are released and changes are made to the game.

IconFruitRankTypeMoney CostRobux Cost
Kitsune Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxKitsune


Dough Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxDough


Spirit Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxSpirit


Venom Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxVenom


Dragon Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxDragon


Rumble Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxRumble


Buddha Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxBuddha


T-Rex Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxT-Rex


Leopard Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxLeopard


Magma Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxMagma


Love Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxLove


Blizzard Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxBlizzard


Sound Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxSound


Dark Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxDark


Ice Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxIce


Portal Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxPortal


Ghost Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxGhost


Flame Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxFlame


Light Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxLight


Shadow Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxShadow


Mammoth Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxMammoth


Spider Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxSpider


Phoenix Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxPhoenix


Control Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxControl


Sand Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxSand


Quake Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxQuake


Rubber Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxRubber


Gravity Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxGravity


Chop Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxChop


Pain Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxPain


Smoke Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxSmoke


Bomb Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxBomb


Spike Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxSpike


Diamond Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxDiamond


Spring Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxSpring


Rocket Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxRocket


Bird Falcon Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxFalcon


Barrier Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxBarrier


Spin Devil Fruit Icon Blox Fruits RobloxSpin



The current tier list is based on tier lists and rankings by Blox Fruits YouTubers, as well as input from our readers and the Blox Fruits community.

All fruits have been given a rank between S and F, with S being the highest and F being the lowest.

Getting a good fruit in Blox Fruits is the best way to increase your damage output. Therefore, you want to have one of the best fruits in the game if you want to compete with the top players.

In the tier list above, you can see the type of each fruit, its icon, as well as the cost to purchase them from the stock using either in-game money or Robux.

Only the non-awakened version of the fruits is listed in the following tier list, but their awakened power is taken into consideration in the base fruit ranking.

Fruits can be obtained by finding them randomly spawning around the world, by purchasing them from the stock, and some can be obtained by dealing a lot of damage in raids.

If you use a fruit, no matter what fruit it is, your character will take significant damage when in water.

You get access to a fruit’s abilities upon using it, and you can unlock each of its abilities when you meet the mastery required for each one.

Some fruits are much harder than others to obtain because of low spawn and stock probabilities, and these are usually the better ones.

Furthermore, the rarer fruits that have lower probabilities of spawning and appearing in Stock are also more expensive and have higher mastery requirements for each ability.

You can change the fruit that you are currently using by speaking to the Fruit Remover in the Prison, so just go ahead and use any fruit you find if you don’t have one, as you can upgrade to a better one later.

Fruit Rarities

There are three overall types of fruits in the game:

  • Natural (Paramecia)
  • Elemental (Logia)
  • Beast (Zoan)

The type of a fruit determines what overall boosts you get when using that fruit.

Natural fruits don’t give you any special overall boosts, but some natural fruits do have boosts that are similar to the two other types.

Elemental fruits make all normal attacks pass right through you as your character’s body becomes the element of the fruit.

Attacks only pass through you if you are higher level than the attacker.

Beast fruits allow your character to transform into the beast or creature of the fruit.

What Makes a Fruit Good?

In Blox Fruits, you can only use one fruit at a time, meaning you can only get fruit abilities from one fruit at a time. Because of this, it’s important to use a strong fruit.

What determines how good a fruit is are its abilities. The stronger the abilities a fruit gives, the better the fruit is.

Boosts and overall buffs that some fruits give are also something to consider, but the abilities are what matter the most.

You do not only get abilities from your fruit, as your sword, for example, also gives you abilities.

There are different factors that determine how good a fruit’s abilities are. How much damage output and the size of AoE of the abilities, of course, play a factor, but crowd control, utility, and mobility are also very important to consider.

Some fruits may be good at grinding, as they can easily clear out large areas or deal high single-target damage to enemies with high health while giving you the mobility to move around quickly.

Other fruits may be strong in PvP, as they deal tons of damage while having great crowd control.

If you are trying to determine whether a fruit is good or not at something in Blox Fruits, consider what setup will do well in the given situation and compare it to what the fruit offers, and, of course, if there are fruits that do the same better.

What Is Fruit Awakening?

Fruit awakening is a way to make a fruit more powerful. When you awaken a fruit, you unlock entirely new, more powerful abilities for that fruit.

How you awaken a specific fruit depends on the fruit, but the process usually involves collecting items and bringing them to an NPC.

Not all fruits in Blox Fruits can be awakened, but the developers are continuously adding awakenings to more and more fruits.

That’s the tier list on the best fruits are in Blox Fruits in Roblox!

If you want to help us improve this tier list, leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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  1. DEZ

    venom should be a elamentale

  2. Roblox_GamerGodPower

    Broooooooo i rolled kitsune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 1st sea!

  3. Siva

    BRO WHY IS LIGHT RANKED IN B?? it should be ranked A or S because of its elemental ability and sit does a lot dmg

  4. Doggy

    Isn’t dough elemental??????????

  5. YT Johnny game tv

    i am 1900 lv should i eat dough

  6. KnownBloxfruit

    Best fruit is Budda (Awk) Dough (awk) Magma (awk)

  7. Kshitij Ghart

    I had magma and I ate spike thinking it was better.

  8. magma user

    can someone say me how the easyest way to get first see some blox fruits i have magma equipt ,in my inventory i have magma (stored) smoke rubber spin and kilo in on the marines island with the towers im mastery (onn magma) 86 the next attack is onn mastery 95 and i can kill the marrineoficer easy how i can vl the fastest way to second sea ? I wanna can trade
    my username is 33lucky333

  9. 33lucky333

    what i schould eat i ate ice and have magma spring kilo rubber nd spin im lvl 97 on ice villige and mastery on 92 my stat on blox fruit is on 80 and im noob

    my username is 33lucky333 to add me BD

  10. JohnnyGaming

    i am using magma now i am 934 level, should i use portal

  11. JohnnyGaming

    I am 930 level now should i eat venom fruit gravity fruit quake fruit paw fruit or sprit fruit….

    1. Kaishi Landham

      venom fruit


    in ice village i got the buddha but i thought it was bad so i replaced it with kilo

  13. hukeddd1234

    magma is the best fruit in the game i ate magma but i have dough leo phoeinix dragon buddha and shadow.This fruits is so good.And who like dough and magma?My level is 1872 and my friend want i eat venom or leoprad and i need to eat buddha or good fruit for grinding.

  14. JohnnyGaming

    I am at second sea should I eat portal or rumble or blizzard or shadow

    1. SomeGoofyAhhDude

      i prefer blizz bcuz its good for grinding especially its F move but if u want to go to places faster than ur dad coming back to ur house portal is the best option, the rest is only when ur skilled enough, or max

  15. JohnnyGaming

    I am 348 lvl should I eat quake or smoke or dark or love revive or spin?

    1. B fruits expert

      I’d rather quake or love or dark since they do op damage but dark the way

      1. avery

        I am only level 52, and i have a ghost fruit. Is it good for my level?

  16. A person

    Bro why is venom higher than Buddha and dough, and why does it say that dough is natural it is elemental/logia.

    1. Bing

      Maybe bc its not a logia??? thought you kids knew everything abt OP.

  17. Help

    I have quake fruit stored I use magma should I eat quake?

    1. B fruits expert

      MAGMA IS GOD WHEN AWAKENED so go magma ?

      1. DZAKY_V2KING

        I think dough is good

  18. Ssussyboy11

    I have dark and light what should o do,light is too common

  19. I’m lvl 200 like shanks

    I have ice fruit I have falcon flame dark and sand which one should I eat?

    1. WolfyZ

      Dark fruit for grinding

  20. Steven cheese

    i ate venom and got instant regret

    1. icedragon10267

      ice is better

  21. Amirawasnothere

    If someone rolls a fruit and got dark fruit and like has kilo smoke love light rubber then eat the dark fruit no joke

    1. Love user

      Love is good

    2. NotDoger

      should i swap dark with sand?

      1. destroyer


    3. icedragon10267

      if you get venom can i have it btw my username is icdragon10267

  22. Nothin’to seehere

    I just bought Human:Buddha fruit for 1,200,000 mil at fruit dealer shop.The only problem for the Buddha fruit is that you can’t see too much of the ground when you are big.This could cause a disadvantage for gaining lvls/pvp

  23. Steven cheese

    hello am level 1525 am a buddha user should i switch fruits i should stick with buddha

  24. Bilon

    What better dragon or dough for max level

    1. Dragon

      Honestly idk I am max and use dough a lot but recently I have been using dragon in a 1v1 dragon beats dough so I would say dragon. (Dragon only beats dough with transformation).

  25. Maxleveldoughuser

    Bro I grinded my bro to second sea and bought him perm buddha and he messed up all his stats by mixing them into everything and eating fruits in stead of just grinding with buddha

  26. Hellothere

    Is venom a natural fruit or beast fruit?

    1. Maxleveldoughuser


  27. jamerson

    nah grav way better than barrier

  28. Rip_Luffy

    Thanks Blox Fruits for giving me Luck on Present Event and also you Forgot blizzard

  29. fred

    the devs fixed unstoring fruits in first sea. not that it matters tho bc all fruits in first sea r bad
    and while i was commenting i saw somone say light was better than dragon but have you ever 1v1 a dragon user with light? if u did bet u lost. but js ye bye

    1. The venom god

      He was taking grinding into account not just PvP. Light is the best grinding fruit for first sea and awakened light is really good for second

  30. IlikeTrains

    how do i get rubber 2nd transformation? i cant find anything on how to get it. i wonder if im just dumb and its obvious or is it like getting race v4. and why is shadow so low on the list it has true combos

    1. XoloFire

      you eat the rubber fruit? then get mastery 225. I don’t see the problem

  31. Ethan

    I just got to second sea also
    And I am LVL 712
    I’m using ice fruit
    I trade light fruit to barrier and love fruit

  32. ismeal4ever

    my dream fruit is rubber

    1. Brownie

      that isnt a very good dream fruit

      1. destroyer

        i know

  33. dan_the_destructive

    I want to flex, I have both String and Dough perm fruits and my bounty is 10mil with max lvl

  34. Sadlostlight

    I had light fruit and ate dark DaRk SuCkS

    1. FeNiX_NoraIZ

      I’m level 120. I am using dark right now. I have light stored. What should I do?

      1. Brownie


      2. HazelNutz

        Eat it,no regret

    2. Regret

      I had light to and ate dark and got instant regret

    3. My.GOOFY.ahh.UNCLE

      Dark is not bad because if you doing a law raid you either gonna want someone.With ice or dark to stun him so it’s easier to fight him.

  35. hi there

    ok so im level seventeen hundred something and imma just say. get a stat refund if posisibbld then put all stats in mellee, a bit in defense then get. fighting style with fast m1s (water kung fu) then get buddha and yiur good to go until max level. you might wanna switch for pvp thoguh spnot necassary

  36. Magma

    I have magma should I use venom or keep magma

    1. BloxFruits1234

      keep magma

    2. Brownie

      venom bro

  37. MRmeme47

    guys rubber got m1 clicks so op get rubber rn its like better than control. rubber and bomb are the most underrated fruits in the game bro please moce bomb up on the list bomb fr one shots like does 20000 damage with fully charged v move. btw does anyone have experience with awakened dough? was gonna ask if the m1 clicks were good for grinding i heard they had 1s endlag tho.

    1. FusionFruity

      bruh thats so true bomb tho is actually crazily op depending on ow good u are with it

  38. Dessy

    I have flame fruit and a rubber im level 85 which should i use

  39. MRmeme47

    so this list is pretty accurate before 17.3 i think a 8/10 but there should be like 5 lists.
    grinding: buddha light ice magma leopard dough flame smoke dark bomb sand(not even counting natral fruits they have no power yes bomb op plus in new wrld logia is dumb grind) pvp/bounty hunting: [dough venom Buddha shadow leo] [phoenix light ice bomb dark dragon paw control] i did groups bc i cant really rate them in order. ye dragon kinda low too. spamability/trolling: dough smoke bomb light ice|>bomb< rumble quake spike kilo control(cannon z move is hilarious btw) paw. first group spammability second group trolling extras: OVERRATED FRUIT OF ALL TIME: gravity UNDERRATED: bomb (fr fully charged v move one shots max lvl) BEST TROLLING: meme meme no mi/admin fruit
    (for more info look it up on the wiki) ty for reading. btw i did the two comments below

  40. Rip_n0oBbAc0n

    I have ice what fruit should I eat next I can’t understand

    1. MRmeme47

      if u first sea eatlight or buddha r secons sea eat buddha leopard dragon or bomb venom soul dough anything like magma or rumble and awk and ur good

  41. MRmeme47

    look people, for first sea light is best for grinding. if you somehow get a decent fruit like dragon or venom or soul, shadow, store it. dont complain about how you cant unstore, you can in second sea. if u manage to get buddha at a very low lvl like 500 or whatever eat it, and whatever you do dont be like my friend who got buddha and was a fruit main, got 50 other fruits and scrambled his stats in a weird way, dont do that. save your awsome pvp fruits like doug or venom for the betterish lvls like 2000. if you have buddha 30-40% stats in defence the rest in melee. for ice and light, fruit main. for all else, get a logia if you dont have it allready and be a sword main. (note: this is only for grinding, for first sea, not pvp.) (another note: mods please dont delete my comment because it is too long. it will make me sad ::::…:::::…:::::::::::…::…:::: :-(:……:::::::…::::::::…:::)

  42. dough.m1.grind

    i got to third sea im a dough user i was wondering if awk m1 is good for grinding? (btw my friend said he was max lvl when i checked he was 150 lol)

    1. irini

      oh thats good level im level 206 i think

  43. ReoBros

    im level 363 should i eat revive i have smoke i have blox fruits statistics 1000

    1. Light

      Don’t eat revive u will regret it if u eat revive

  44. Perm dough

    Do you guys think that I should buy perm dough most of the people I see in game say no.

    1. unknown user

      maybe depends on what you want or wish i mean if you want to spend money alr go ahead you will get a PERMANENT FOR LIFE FRUIT SO YOU GET IT YOU CAN CHANGE TO THIS FRUIT ON ANYTIME YOU WANT

    2. Bounty hunter

      If u wanna be a pay to win player then buy it,or else don’t

  45. Blox fruit grinder

    Iam level 256 and I have light should I change it or keep till I awaken it

  46. someoen

    dark is pretty great but, BUT it sucks for grinding due to the fact that it’s knock back range is very far

  47. someoen

    I just got dough noooo capp but at lvl 400 it’s kinda hard to upgrade mastery, so I wanna say that dough is for users who are experienced (lvl 600-2400 as of update 17 part 3)

  48. Hop

    Should I get venom or Dough

    1. DeathEater

      dough coz of the new awk and magma v2 is better than venom

      1. Venom_User

        Magma v2 is only better for grinding

  49. Marshbowlow

    I have Buddha cause of beautiful pirate heheheheheh.

  50. callen

    should i change spring to falcon or change spring to chop

  51. Hello

    What is the best fruit in the game?

  52. Juuul

    I have rn dark shall i eat love?

  53. Rumble>Dark

    Shadow is ranked way too low. All it takes is a little skill.

    1. EclawShadow


    2. Galaxy Breaker

      i am a dark user (i was around level 300-400) me with my friends (a light user not awake, level 500+), (buddha awake with 2mill bounty), awakened magma user with 2.5 mill bounty)
      we all got solo by a shadow user with 3.8 mil bounty called “aceching”

  54. ViperX

    Bruh, I got dragon and stored it now i cant unstore, sad.

    1. youyou

      you can unstore in new world

      1. uglyfrogg

        new world? what is that?

    2. Sam

      It’s because you’re in 1st sea

  55. Billy

    Soul is better but awakened Phoenix I better

  56. ShouldIChange

    I have venom, should i change to Buddha

    1. ~rafae


    2. Bloxfruitpro

      What’s your lvl if your lvl 1500 or higher then I would recommend venom , Buddha is very op for grinding raid and pvp but if you want to be a fruit main then choose venom but if you have something like e claw super human death step then you should use Buddha

  57. The Undefeated One

    I have quake and it is op

    1. Cooldude

      I got control really good when maxed out

  58. movelook

    I have magma should i eat rubber or flame? as of update 17 Part 3?

    1. Bounty hunter

      I got light,should I change to ice.

  59. ERROR

    Should I use Kilo or Spin
    I just started playing so I’m noob

    1. Straw Hat

      Kilo is good as it can be used to knock enemies back using its aoe attacks, making it easier to grind with to gain levels and such.

  60. someoen

    i have dark, but i need a flight fruit, should i switch to fire or doors, or stay with dark. Or should i switch to revive?

    1. Johnathan

      If I were you I would go with fire because once you max it out it’s OP

    2. abdulalim

      choose fire its so op or try and get light

    3. Kastara


    4. Bloxfruitpro

      prob flame idk I search up in internet it said flame op for starter (about lvl 100-700)

  61. drienne

    i got venom rn in my 2nd spin nooooo cappppp and the rest are trash lol

    a question is venom a good fruit or not for PVP/grinding cuz I currently have it rn yay

    1. someoen

      it is one of the best pvp fruits

  62. M4T3U2Z

    I am lvl 92 btw

  63. M4T3U2Z

    I don’t know i switch rubber for ice and I don’t know if it’s good or not

  64. Venom is LEGEND

    I have venom is it better than soul also my bro is asking is magma better than flame XD

    1. drienne

      venom is better lol

  65. Yes...


  66. N

    i have magma and i want to awaken it ,should i switch to venom or keep magma

    1. Bounty hunter


  67. sach

    I am at max level 2300 and am a budha user what fruit do u recommend for raids and bosses etc.(also for fun)

    1. wwe3911

      just aqake your budha it is op lol no one can hit you

  68. Modern_daan

    I bought it with robux so i can switch back

  69. UserName

    im about lvl 920 and i use flame for grinding but im not sure if my build is good or my fruit either since, my defense, melee and fruit stat are the same as my level and it goes up for each level tell me what i should change since i have a stat reset code or two left and also tell me what fruit i should use

    1. Eli

      honestly flame is a good fruit but for 920 and above i suggest buddha and then honestly reset your stats max your melee out and whatever you have on your defense and just a little bit on blox its mad op you can solo any raids and defeat any boss

  70. Kai

    Just stay with venom
    You’ll regret it later if you switch

  71. yeet

    change to a logia venom is bad for early players

  72. Dragon

    I’m using dragon, should I switch to phoenix awakened, many people told me that’s a good choise-

    1. rainbow123vnc


  73. RIP_Kaito

    good thing Human Buddah is in S bc he is the last one on the list of S, but staying with venom makes you feel bored, and its hard to level up the masteries of it.

  74. Yashiro Atymara

    bro wdym soul is better than dragon i beat 2 soul user in a 2v1 using dragon and they both ran away with low health while i still remain half health, not all dragon users spam, there are some that actually uses skill and actually do combos, like me. and dragon can easily beat sky campers not like soul. its combo are needed to be on ground cuz the “Souls” are useless if there are a sky camper you’re fighting, but dragon, it can easily defeat sky camper if ur just good at it. and dough is nothing better, dragon could easily combo dough after THEY combo dragon its that simple. for phoenix, yes it is good but only if u awaken it, and its hard. but also dragon can still beat it. just cuz it can sky camp does not mean the dragon transform cant defeat it, example: if theres a runner using any fruit, just use dragon transform dude its that easy and if there is a sky camper just use the transform its there for a reason.

  75. HostMutedYou

    they should add jiki jiki no mi or magnet fruit in Blox Fruit i think it would be a great new fruit

  76. SALman687786

    i have venom i unlocked all skills but gamer noom said magma v2 is op so should i get magma or not and i am lv 1175

    1. utakata

      sim pegue a magma ela e muito mais melhor
      ela e mais rapida no vôo e tambem te protege

    2. Evie

      no! venom is so much better than magma!!! keep your venom!

  77. Bruhman

    i have light at level 219 and i defeated a flame user that is level 230 and a dark user that is level 256 by spamming V and C and Z

    1. Chaba

      I am level 1263. Should I use awakened light or start using magma, as of update 17 part 2?
      I know magma covers better area effect and does extreme damage when awakened. It also stuns (only awakened) and is average for pvp when unakened but better awakened. It is also good for bounty hunters. Also has puddles and can walk on lava and water taking energy.
      Light has also got high damage and got the second furthest range. It is very good for pvp, but you need the best timing and aim. It is also ranked one of the best for grinding. It is also useful for bounty hunting due to it being the fastest flight in the game.
      Both of these fruits are also really fun to use, particularly when awakened. What should I choose.

      1. wwe3911


      2. Venom is better than Dragon

        I am at level 628 and i have venom. Should I change it for soul or shadow?


    Is vemon better then soul and dragon?

    1. sir king


    2. CHUBBY

      Should I keep dough for the next Update and awk it or just eat magma and awk?


    cuz rumble can’t damage rubber-


    idk why you got rid of vemon…. IT IS OP ngl

    1. Me


  81. Mr new

    Hello i have control should i get soul???

    1. mr noob



      yup, soul is so much better then control

      1. Mr new

        Thanks for the answer i was rally stuck

      2. Adam

        I am level 1263. Should I use awakened light or start using magma, as of update 17 part 2?

  82. Xcore 150

    ya honestly i think awk. magma is best for farming.

    1. Astro

      Mostly it’s damage, when it has max stats it can do 38100 deg and with 600 mastery

    2. Dexter

      yes sirr

  83. The shadow user that sucks at using shadow

    Light sucks on pvp in unawakened version all the moves are useless if you air camp z is useless x c and V are useless I don’t recommend light for PvP at all except Buddha you might have a chance to fight a Buddha user but the others man say good bye because they will evaporate u the chop and bomb and spike and smoke is rarely seen so you have no chance to kill those players.

    1. bacon

      is chop better than bomb should i keep it

  84. Ace

    Bro light so is bad in pvp bc I be trying to hit them they dodge right through it it’s irrating and I think it at lease needs to be a tier

    1. yomama

      well its mainly used to grind not pvp

  85. Beast

    Is flame better than light? I have flame fruit on my lv 216 but i made a new account so should i get light or stick with flame.

    1. Micah

      light is better

  86. venom

    Idk i have bird falcon honestly i think its good but i dont know what its rank means so a couple days ago i rolled a random fruit and got magma with such luck but i was generous and gave it to some one who didnt have a fruit 🙂

    1. Inigo

      Good job, falcon is a reasonably good fruit magma is better but to give it to a new person should make you feel better.

  87. notkelvin

    venom is better for grinding and pvp

  88. bancanmango123

    i got barrier and then i wanted to give someone a fruit at fruit dealer but when i got it IT WAS ATEN AND MY BARRIER FRUIT WAS GONE but i’ve gotten better and i have light fruit

  89. Random

    i have light and i ate soul damn! And now its so hard to grind

  90. Logan

    Dragon makes sense I have had almost all fruits the only one I haven’t had is venom


    Dark is better for pvp because most of darks attacks are stun

  92. MIK

    IDK if dough is great cause I’d rather light?

    1. Ray

      no don”t switch bro dough is very good

  93. SenseiFeng

    nah magma better than love (imo)

  94. john

    you should make a awaken version

  95. KyleLuis

    Flame is better when it’s awaken

    1. TheFlame

      yes i good when flame is awaken

  96. thatdude

    idk feel like dough isn’t talked about much but a lot of people use it i love dough personally but the first time i got it i accidentally ate spike second time i got it i ate control because my friend told me to (ate bomb on purpose because control kinda trash) now I’ve been trying to get it for four months now lol

  97. JOE

    Ikr but waiting dark to be on stock bc it’s really good for grinding

  98. senkaibg

    ice is so good the light for a reason like why light its just a logia and same as ice but ice is logia and got for stuns and sword main so ice is good then light.

    1. Mohi

      Lol ice cannot fly. Running on water takes energy. light also has sword. Ice is has less moves than light.

  99. LIGHTMAN78

    light is a super overRATED fruit….
    everyone wants light
    light is no where near underrated….
    MAGMA on the other hand is super underated

  100. TheShadow

    I honestly think that Light is better than Dragon as Light has more S tier moves than dragon and it is better at PvP, grinding, terms of damage and skill.

  101. BloxFruitsGrinderboi

    man light is way to low on dis list its like s rank cus it does so a lot of dmg is logia its rlly good for grinding and its flying abilty is rlly fast

    1. Walalahi213456

      Uhhhhh I have light rn, my goal fruits are Dark/dragon/dough. Should I add or remove anything in this list? Or should I just awaken my light fruit?

      1. Logan

        venom is wut ur lookin for its rlly good for grinding and pvp 😉

    2. ycaroXZK

      “lot of damage” lol yeah sure…


      vemon is much better then awaken budha trust me… i have experience…

  102. OweMyrCombo

    Is flame better then quike?

  103. jerren

    is phoenix good??

    1. thatdude

      imho ya phoenix is good it has god healing for u and other players amazing support fruit not the best for grinding tho overall phoenix underrated deserves high A

  104. Bruh

    flame or dark?

  105. Markuz

    When i got it i was like o my god i got a rank A one then i friend him then they was in sand i was like that guys are soooooooooooooo good

  106. clownxd

    gravity more dame than barrier . gravity in b rank b is wrong

  107. XxsadXx

    are u sure barrier is better than gravity? i had gravity and ate barrier

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