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King Legacy, formerly known as King Piece, is a game in Roblox where you fight against enemies, upgrade your character, and most importantly, find and use legacy fruits.

What fruit your character uses determines what abilities you can use, which is a major factor in how strong you are.

Therefore, it’s important that you find and use one of the best legacy fruits in the game if you wish to stand a chance against the best players and toughest enemies.

There are a lot of fruits in the game, though, so it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to go for.

Because of this, we’ve created this tier list that ranks all fruits in King Legacy based on how powerful they are.

Redeeming all active King Legacy codes will help you progress faster so you can get your hands on a legacy fruit.

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King Legacy Tier List

In King Legacy, you get access to a wide range of new and powerful abilities when you find and use a fruit. Each of the abilities a fruit gives is unlocked at specific levels.

Being one of the main factors in how powerful your character is in the game, having one of the best legacy fruits should be a high priority for you.

In the following tier list, all legacy fruits in King Legacy are ranked based on how powerful they are. It will be updated when new fruits are released, or changes are made to the game.

IconLegacy FruitRankTypeRarityPermanent Price
Dragon Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxDragon


ZoanLegendary3,250 Robux
Dark Fruit Icon King LegacyDark


LogiaRare975 Robux
Light Fruit Icon King LegacyLight


LogiaEpic1,200 Robux
Magma Fruit Icon King LegacyMagma


LogiaEpic975 Robux
Rumble Fruit Icon King LegacyRumble


LogiaEpic1,500 Robux
Toy Fruit Icon King LegacyToy


ParameciaLegendary2,350 Robux
Venom Fruit Icon King LegacyVenom


ParameciaRare975 Robux
Dough Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxDough


ParameciaLegendary2,850 Robux
Quake Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxQuake


ParameciaEpic1,800 Robux
Snow Fruit Icon King LegacySnow


LogiaRare1,350 Robux
Gold Devil Fruit Icon King Legacy RobloxGold


ParameciaEpic2,000 Robux
Gravity Fruit Icon King LegacyGravity


ParameciaRare1,400 Robux
Spirit Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxSpirit


ParameciaEpic2,250 Robux
Magnet Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxMagnet


ParameciaEpic2,650 Robux
Phoenix Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxPhoenix


ZoanLegendary2,250 Robux
Ice Fruit Icon King LegacyIce


LogiaEpic600 Robux
Flame Fruit Icon King LegacyFlame


LogiaEpic1,150 Robux
String Fruit Icon King LegacyString


ParameciaUncommon1,200 Robux
Gas Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxGas


LogiaRare1,250 Robux
Sand Fruit Icon King LegacySand


LogiaRare750 Robux
Smoke Devil Fruit Icon King Legacy RobloxSmoke


LogiaUncommon1,200 Robux
Gate Fruit Icon King LegacyGate


ParameciaLegendary3,000 Robux
Gum Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxGum


ParameciaUncommon725 Robux
Love Fruit Icon King LegacyLove


ParameciaUncommon825 Robux
Mammoth Devil Fruit Icon King Legacy RobloxMammoth


ZoanRare1,850 Robux
Op Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxOp


ParameciaRare1,750 Robux
Paw Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxPaw


ParameciaUncommon300 Robux
Spike Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxSpike


ParameciaUncommon650 Robux
Spino Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxSpino


ZoanRare2,500 Robux
Allo Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxAllosaurus


ZoanRare1,400 Robux
Shadow Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxShadow


ParameciaUncommon1,000 Robux
Barrier Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxBarrier


ParameciaUncommon675 Robux
Brachio Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxBrachio


ZoanRare1,500 Robux
Buddha Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxBuddha


ZoanRare975 Robux
Bomb Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxBomb


ParameciaCommon125 Robux
Human Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxHuman


ZoanCommon425 Robux
Giraffe Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxGiraffe


ZoanCommon550 Robux
Wolf Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxWolf


ZoanCommon750 Robux
Leopard Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxLeopard


ZoanCommon750 Robux
Spin Devil Fruit Icon King Piece RobloxSpin


ParameciaCommon75 Robux

The ranking of the fruits that have an awakening has had their awakened form taken into consideration. In the tier list, you can also see the type, icon, rarity, and permanent price.

The current tier list is based on rankings by the King Legacy community.

All fruits have been given a rank from S to F, with S being the highest and F being the lowest.

If you don’t have one of the best fruits in King Legacy, it’s difficult to compete with the best players and take on powerful enemies later in the game.

All legacy fruits in King Legacy are one of three types:

  • Paramecia
  • Logia
  • Zoan

The type of a fruit determines its kind of abilities as well as the overall boosts your character receives while using the fruit.

In short, Paramecia fruits are general fruits that can give any kind of abilities and boosts, Logia fruits make your character into an element, making them immune to regular attacks that aren’t boosted with Haki, and Zoan fruits are linked to a beast or creature that your character can transform into.

Besides the type of a fruit, each one of them is also one of four rarities:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Usually, the higher the rarity of a fruit, the better it is, and the harder it is to obtain as well.

When you use a fruit, you lose the ability to swim, which means you have to use a boat or flight to travel around.

There are a couple of ways to get legacy fruits in King Legacy – buying from the black market, using the gacha system, or finding it from a random world spawn.

Not all fruits are for sale on the black market at all times – they have a chance to be for sale, just like they have a chance to spawn in the world or be rolled in gacha.

Here are the probabilities of rolling the different rarities of fruits in the gacha:

  • Common = 60%
  • Uncommon = 30%
  • Rare = 8.95%
  • Epic = 1.0%
  • Legendary = 0.05%

Here are the probabilities of different rarities of fruits appearing on the black market (approximately):

  • Common = 33.8%
  • Uncommon = 31.7%
  • Rare = 34.3%
  • Legendary = 0.2%

That’s the tier list on the best fruits in King Legacy!

If you want to help us improve this tier list, leave your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.

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  1. Kiyotaka

    Where Is Gold? Isnt Gold Good Too?

    1. kobrawllowner

      yeah gold is good

    2. kobrawllowner

      but gold is S because of slow brillian shot and one million punch is soo strong and gold city too

  2. Magmaman

    RN I have Magma is it good overall or are things better that arnt dragon or dough because i dont want to base my ranks on only 2 peoples opinions

    1. zman

      Rubber fruit with g4 (which is a quest line and you need to be lvl 1000 with 1mil) is really good it has fast attack and high damaging attack to

  3. Jim_BOB22

    quake 100% best fruit high damage it should be low or high s tier and ohnestly dragon got buffed so it should be the best fruit in game

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    Can you add the new spike fruit, as well as include descriptions on why it’s at the rank it’s at, and what it’s good for?

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    I think gas should get a revamp and + has is not bad it should be low S tier and venom is not that good without awakening most people eat it to awaken

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    I have an ope ope no mi and a Phoenix fruit which Im currently using.. My question is what’s better overall??

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      For me its Ope Ope No Mi but some people prefer phoenix for his healing ability and overall movement. If i were you i would choose Ope.



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      well kinda since has a healing while dragon you need someone to defeat to get full health

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    I have used op, dark and most recently gravity and none of them compare to the damage of the gomu-gomu no mi gear 4th snake man so i think it should be highest A or low S comparable or better than the magma fruit

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