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What passive a character has in Anime Fighters Simulator can have a significant impact on how powerful that fighter is.

Passives are permanent boosts that a character can randomly have upon being opened from a star or by you rerolling a passive onto it manually.

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There are tons of passives in the game, all giving an increase in some stats and some of them also a decrease in other stats.

Even though some passives give a decrease in some stats, they are still incredibly powerful, as the overall boost greatly improves the fighter.

Given the number of passives in the game, it can be difficult to know what passive to go for and keep on a fighter, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you decide the best passive for you.

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Best passives in Anime Fighters Simulator

Characters in Anime Fighters Simulator can have passives, which are permanent boosts that change their stats.

Almost all passives in the game make fighters stronger, while a couple makes them weaker.

If you manage to get one of the best passives on a fighter, its damage output will increase significantly.

In the following tier list, all passives in Anime Fighters Simulator have been ranked based on how useful they are.

GodS++Secret+120% Damage, +80% Ultimate DMG, +50% Attack Speed, 1.1X Size, - 2 Hits to charge ultimate, 3X Movement Speed
AceS+Mythical+100% Critical Rate
Lucky IIIS+Mythical+0.5 Luck
MonsterS+Secret+200% Damage, 1.25X Attack Speed, 1.5X Size, 1.5X Movement Speed
TIme LordS+Secret+0.25 Time, +5 Hits to charge ultimate, +50% DMG, 3X Attack Speed, 10X Movement Speed
MercenaryS+Mythical+65% DMG, +40% Boss DMG, +20% Ability Damage, 1.2X Attack Speed, -1 Drop, -2 Yen
GhostlySMythical+50% DMG, 50% Attack Speed, 10X Movement Speed
Genius IIISLegendary+60% EXP
Tactical IIISLegendary+100% Boss DMG
BlessingSMythical+75% DMG, 2.5X Movement Speed
Sorcerer IIISMythical-4 Hits to charge ultimate, 20% DMG, +80% Ultimate DMG
ProdigySMythical+90% EXP
Diligent IIISMythicalMax unit level +5
TankA+Legendary+65% DMG, -50% Movement Speed
Solid GoldAMythical+75% DMG, 40% Yen, -20% Attack Speed, -25% Movement Speed
Lucky IIALegendary+0.25 Luck
GiantALegendary+50% DMG, -20% Movement Speed
Collector IIIALegendary30% Drop Chance increase
Leader IIIAMythical+25% Team Damage
Genius IIARare+30% EXP
Tactical IIAEpic+50% Boss DMG
Sorcerer IIALegendary-2 Hits to charge ultimate, 10% DMG, +30% Ultimate DMG
Diligent IIA+LegendaryMax unit level +3
Strong IIIBEpic50% DMG
TinyBLegendary+20% DMG, 50% Attack Speed, 5X Movement Speed
Rich IIIBEpic+30% Yen
Lucky IBCommon+0.1 Luck
Genius IBCommon+15% EXP
Tactical IBCommon+25% Boss DMG
Strong IIBRare+25% DMG
Leader IIBEpic+12% Team Damage
Collector IIBEpic20% Drop Chance increase
DraconicBMythical+75% DMG, '+20% Yen, 40% Drop Chance Increase
Diligent IBRareMax unit level +1
Rich IICRare+20% Yen
SpeedyCEpic+30% Attack Speed, 3X Movement Speed
Sorcerer ICEpic-1 Hit to charge ultimate
Strong ICCommon+10% DMG
Leader ICRare+5% Team Damage
Rich IDCommon+10% Yen
Collector IDRare10% Drop Chance increase
DumbFPoorLess EXP
SlowFPoorLess Movement Speed
WeakFPoor-20% DMG

The current tier list is based on the rankings by Anime Fighters Simulator YouTuber oTradeMark and NeelsTV.

Each passive is assigned a rank between S and F, with S being the highest and F being to lowest.

S-tier passives are incredibly strong but also much harder to obtain than any other passive.

You should not use any F-tier passives, as they’ll make your fighter weaker than if they had no passive at all.

We will keep updating this tier list as new passives are released or old ones are reworked.

There is a small chance that a fighter has a passive when you open it from a star.

If a character doesn’t have a passive and you use it on your team, you might want to consider giving it a passive.

You can do this by visiting the passive reroll machine located in the Hero’s University world.

Here you can both reroll the passive of a character who already has one or give a character who doesn’t have a passive one, both of which cost either raid shards or Robux.

In Anime Fighters Simulator, there are different rarities of passive:

  • Poor
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
  • Secret

Generally, the higher the rarity a passive is, the better it is.

All passives of poor rarity make the character weaker, so you should not keep any passives of this rarity if you are looking to use the fighter.

There is, however, one aspect that you should consider when deciding what passive is best for a character – its ultimate charge time.

The ultimate charge time is how quickly they can charge their ultimate – how many regular attacks they have to perform before their ultimate bar is fully filled.

Fighters with a high ultimate charge time benefit more DPS-wise from passives that also give an attack speed boost, while fighters who have a short ultimate charge time benefit more from DMG multipliers.

As rerolling passives is expensive, we recommend only doing it to characters that you know that you’ll be using in the end game.

Passives only affect the stats of the character with the passive, except for Yen-boosting and Drop-boosting passives which affect your account.

If you manage to obtain any characters with the Solid Gold passive, we recommend that you keep them, no matter how weak they are.

With Solid Gold characters, you can drastically increase how many Yen you earn. Learn more in our Yen farming guide.

Characters with the Collector III passive are also great to keep, as you can use them to farm Time Trial shards faster.

Because some passives have such a massive effect on the damage output of a fighter, we recommend checking how well a fighter that you get with a good passive scales in terms of DMG per level.

In some cases, fighters of lesser rarity will perform better than those with higher rarities from later worlds.

That’s the best passives in Anime Fighters Simulator!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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