A One Piece Game Tier List – Best Devil Fruits (August 2022)

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In the Roblox game, A One Piece Game by Boss Studio, the strength of your character is greatly determined by what devil fruit you have and use.

Your devil fruit is what gives you additional abilities that you can use in battle beside the base skills, like Punch, Armament Haki, Observation Haki, and so on.

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To help you decide what devil fruit you should go for and use, we’ve created this A One Piece Game (AOPG) tier list, which ranks all devil fruits in the game based on how strong they are.

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Best devil fruits tier list

There are many devil fruits that you can find and use in A One Piece Game, and all of them give you unique skills.

As devil fruits play such a major role in how strong you are in the game, you can greatly increase the power of your character by acquiring one of the best in the game.

Here is a full tier list ranking all the different devil fruits in A One Piece Game, also known as AOPG, based on how powerful and useful they are.

Devil FruitRankSkillsTypeRarity
Rubber (Gear Fifth)S+8ParameciaMythical
MagmaS+4 (5)LogiaLegendary
StringS+4 (5)ParameciaMythical
QuakeS4 (5)ParameciaLegendary
PhoenixS4 (5)ZoanMythical
Rubber (Base, Gear Second & Fourth)S6, 4, 5ParameciaMythical
FireS4 (7)LogiaLegendary
LightA4 (5)LogiaLegendary

The current tier list is based on the rankings of popular A One Piece Game YouTuber VisionSensei and members of the community.

All fruits are ranked from S+ to F, with S+ being the best and F the worst. The order within a tier doesn’t matter.

Devil fruits that have two or more numbers in their skills tab are fruits that have an awakening or multiple modes that offer different skills.

We don’t rank devil fruits that can be awakened separately. We rank them based on their power and utility when in their awakened form.

Devil fruits rarities and types

All devil fruits in A One Piece Game belong to one of four rarities and one of three types.

The four different rarities that devil fruits can be are:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

Devil fruits of higher rarities are harder to obtain and cost more to purchase.

The three different types that devil fruits can be are:

  • Paramecia
  • Logia
  • Zoan

A devil fruit’s type is an overall categorization that describes the nature of the devil fruit’s abilities.

Paramecia-type devil fruits are those with special abilities that don’t fall into the category of Logia or Zoan. A paramecia fruit’s abilities can be anything.

Logia-type devil fruits are those that transform the user’s body into an element.

Zoan-type devil fruits are those that allow the user to transform into a creature or animal.

Some devil fruits can be awakened to make them stronger and to unlock new abilities.

How to get devil fruits

There are a couple of different ways to obtain devil fruits in A One Piece Game:

  • Obtain from chests
  • Find in random locations around the world
  • Purchase from Store or Logue Town
  • Complete raids

Every time you search a chest, there is a 0.1% chance of getting a devil fruit from it, which means that you, on average, have to open 1,000 chests before you get a devil fruit from chests.

Devil fruits spawn in random locations around the world every 30 minutes, after which they will stay there for 10 minutes before despawning if no one finds them before that.

You can purchase devil fruits from the Shop or from the merchant in Logue Town. In the Shop, devil fruits are sold for Robux, and in Logue Town, they are sold for the in-game currency Beli.

All raids in A One Piece Game can also drop devil fruits as a reward upon completion.

That’s the tier list on the best devil fruits in A One Piece Game, as well as a bit of information on them and how to get them.

Want to help us improve the rankings in this tier list? Please give us your input in the comment section below.

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